Yoga step by step for beginners. Kriya yoga guide – start workout at home.

How many different movements you make during a day? a week? a year? It might be a big surprise that we do very limited different physical activities in our daily activities. What to do?

Practice Kriya yoga!!! Learn new movements and practice them on regular basis. Full up the lack of movements your body needs every day to feel good!

Extended puppy pose looks like a cat trying to get under a fence 🙂 At least for me it does! How does it look to you?

This pose is a part of a very practice sequence to work on the spine muscles and many other parts of the body. It is great recharge for entire body letting you feel great during the day.

YOGA STEP BY STEP – Kriya number 15
This kriya is intended to bring energy from lower part of the back to the head.
The ancient Tantra Kriya Treatise explains it as follows:
Get on your knees, touch the ground with your forehead. Arch your back. Make Her (the energy) flow like a water stream.

TIME for kriya yoga pose practice
Practice this kriya for about 75 seconds (in one turn or in several turns). There should be no discomfort. find a position comfortable for you. Practice Kriya yoga step by step. Practice it on regular basis (at least 3 times a week or combine with other activities you do)

Is this all? No! There are many kriyas you can learn.

Full Kriya Yoga workout

Full yoga studies are available on the site
Yoga BOOK: What is Yoga?


Alexander Rogers says:

Maybe cats have kriya yoga inside of them. We all have kriyas living inside of us. We just do not know it. …. Yet

International Open Yoga University says:

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