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Yoga For Weight Loss, Healthy Energy Flow guides you to the mat to cultivate the healthy flow of energy you need to explore your body and create a sustainable practice. Trim, tone and build lean muscle mass with attention on alignment, action and sensation.
Want to feel your best this Spring and Summer?
Commit to this practice and you will want to return to the mat again and again.
Keep returning to the mat and you will feel and see results.

Let me know how it goes down below!


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Ritika Sharma says:

Love your Yoga videos Adriene.. Thanks for posting!! Is that a taali you are wearing on your neck ? 😉

Molly D says:

I am sweating a lot and I don’t know why.

Carrie Welter says:

Thank you Adriene for this amazing flow practice! This was exactly what I needed to start my day. Very grateful for the reminders to surrender to what is out of my control and connect with my breath as an extension of my spirit. <3

Shikha Bhattacharyya says:

Thank you!!

Afra Gulener says:

I have started following you sweet Adriene 3 months ago. The change I’ve witnessed in my soul and in my body is major. I had terrible back pain before the practice. I owe you a lot ❤
Love from Turkey

Cassie Donald says:

Thank you! <3

adrian woodbine says:

great video Adriene,, i’m new to yoga,, feel great and got a big smile ,,, hope you get as much out of this as i’m sure all your viewers do,,, many thanks for sharing.

carolyn watt says:

Lovely thank you ❤️✌️

Kristi Epp says:

I just started doing yoga. Thank you for these videos. I appreciate you humor very much!

chacharocks Design says:

Lovely practice, thank you

Renaud Petit says:

A thousand times thank you Adriene.

Jess Rose says:

thank you so much. i started with the movement medicine calming practice then lit a little fire with this practice. i was committed for a long time to doing your 30 days of yoga and yoga camp and lost sight of my intentions and completely lost contact with my physical body as well. i’m so tight and have gotten weaker, and things could use healing energy wise as well- but this is my new beginning. i cried at the end of this practice, a little cleanse. i can’t wait to reconnect with myself in so many ways. sending love.

Thoughtful Gipsy says:

i love Benji and Adriene’s energy! thank youuuuuu

Nate Bednarz says:

Love the channel! Quick question though, why do you have to blow through all the positions so fast? I don’t feel like I get the most out of it when I’m struggling to keep pace rather than focusing on finding all the ways I can improve and support each posture/ working from the right place. It’s like this is supposed to be an hour sequence that you’re doing as fast as you can (while narrating anyway). I love and appreciate what your doing, I just can’t stop thinking that if there was half as many poses that lasted twice as long it would be a better quality exercise and prevent injury from lifting/ moving from the wrong pace because you’re 4 postures behind and you worrying about forgetting part of the sequence. Thanks for doing what you do!

Jaclyn Maher says:

This is a very mellow flow. If you expect something energizing look else where. This would be good for a mellow flow with lots of breathing and talking

tiarney a says:

Thankyou Adriene!

Sarah Morgan says:


Kasia M says:

Amazing <3

Lourdes Perez Borrero says:

Hello Adriene. I like your videos and I would like that they were translated in Spanish, would be a bit easier for my. Thank you for doing videos of yoga, they are the most complete thing and it is for all kinds of person and for any occasion 🙂

Hakyung Chang says:


FrenchyFireDance says:

Thank you so so very much Adriene! Thanks to your inspiration and wonderful teaching. I have committed to a regular, mostly daily home yoga practise for over two years and its thanks to you and your programmes. I have noticed a difference physically for sure (i was rocking the core today, something that i used to dread and hate but now do with a smile on my face!) but for me its been about connecting with my spirit and my breath (so this practise was spot on!) and how its carried off my mat into my consciousness, the way i treat others, deal with my emotions and being able to observe my actions and reactions on a daily basis. I thank you in my ‘gratitude practise’ i have at the end of every session in shavasana / meditation; you are in a star studded line up of the tools of yoga, the Universe and Spirit 😀 So so much love to you and gratitude, keep up the amazing work sis*star, you inspire so so many people. Arohanui (lots of love and community) from Aotearoa! (New Zealand) Please come visit here someday! I live in the paradise world of Wanaka and you would be a welcome guest anytime 🙂 xxx

Brenda Faz says:

Just finished Yoga Revolution and am now on to a new set of videos. Although I’m not necessarily looking to lose weight, I like the intensity of this series! I’m hooked on yoga and especially Yoga with Adriene. Any other videos I should check out in another series. I have an arm injury (reconstructed UCL) so am looking to strengthen my arms but be gentle with the left one. I also love the balancing practices… As I was doing this video, I noticed my neck hurt during the last part of the video (abs), notably right under my chin. What was I doing wrong?

So many questions. Sorry!

<3 Brenda

FREDA Hall says:

I love your yoga workouts. I do them as often as I can.

Vishakha Bhela says:

so much love for you Adrienne

Erin S. says:

not sure what energy i have locked inside of me but i was crying throughout the entire video lol

sameeksha bhattarai says:

The best thing about you is that you don’t treat us like some yoga experts. That’s what makes me want to come back to you and only you. Taking everything slow and steady;you are brilliant. lots of love <3

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