Yoga for Beginners – How To Do A Yoga Handstand Safely. Advanced & Complete Beginners Yoga

How To Beginners Yoga: How To Safely Do A Handstand With Yoga! Learn How To Safely Do A Handstand & The Important Yoga Poses That Help You Correctly Do Yoga Handstands in this, Easy to Follow Along, Instructional Yoga Video. Certified Yoga Instructor Lauren Bringle from Austin TX, leads this Yoga flow. This is a Beginners level instructional Yoga video.



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hey men this is Pramod reddy says:

thumbs up

Kanyanat Plitapan says:


bailey marrs says:

it would look better if you would point your toes as a gymnast and would help with coming down as well

KadenAadi says:

My donkey kicks are pretty bad, and so are my kick ups. Is it my arm strength? (or lack of.) If so, what sort of excersizes should I do to improve it.

Sylphadora says:

Very interesting. Thank you for the tips 😉

rahul tiwari says:

Its awesome viedo. I was practicing 4 sometime and somewhere lacking. Ur viedo helped me a lot do it in proper manner. thank u..

Syakira Ghani says:

you made it look so easy! not sure if i can do it or not haha but will definitely practice this!

mary safoora says:

cool video, Thanks

Jennifer Miller says:

how long did you do this until u felt comfortable doing it without a wall?

Wizard7321 Wizard says:

I clicked on this video to learn how to do a handstand but not against the wall. i learned that when I was 6 most people do in gym class or something but for yoga I expect it to be without a wall since I did a preparation for something I’m able to do without thinking

THE WADS says:

Uh I am trying this right meoooow

Leslie Gonzalez says:

Couldn’t do it the first time, but I won’t stop trying till I get it right!

Pickled Children says:

Hit my leg off a dresser,I’m fine but it was loud

Juan Salinas says:

very nice good video

The Jellytactics says:

I did all your steps and still couldn’t do it

Chardé's World says:

Our tubing coach told us to just kick up to it but I some time fall back down and yesterday I did it the wrong way and hurt my risk but it went away

odilia OG says:

perfect thx

Samira Perera says:

great vid

Yuki Lei says:

Good video with details! Thanks!

Airrial Tutton says:

My wrist always hurt during things that you do on your hands what is the proper way to put weight on your hands please help me

Matt says:

Namaste! Practicing now 🙂

Hiu Yi Kwok says:

But I am scared of my head hitting the floor…

Random Vlagg says:


Jude Almasri says:


bronte lyndsey says:

Yoga bag for free! Mine arrived yesterday
+ +
The mat bag is free, we just need to add delivery

Proscovia Tombe says:

How far apart should your arms be in an ideal handstand because im having problems with stability

Rohini Ghosh says:

This video was really helpful. I tried handstand for the first time and was able to do this with wall support as per your instructions. I hope soon I will be able to balance without support! Thank you!! 🙂

lele_77 Lele says:

I loved this video it’s so useful

monstervain says:

I had to use my elbows instead of my hands.. that was too intense for me lol

exiwan says:

Shall try this for my calisthenic handstand workout.

Mareyemi Onibawa says:

I usually never leave comments, but your technique rock in this video. This video was very helpful. Thanks!

Sharika Aranno says:


Alpha Gamer says:

I did this an broke my teeth

Blooming Ascension says:

I paused and practiced along with you and you make it look easy I can tell it takes its toll on you but personally I’m gonna practice until I can do it as fluid as you! thank you.

María Monsivais says:

its dangeours practice in a mirror 

Travis Kvaale says:

Excellent! Thanks for the tips

TheKymberly13 says:

I’d love to do handstand soo bad but I’m so afraid to .. break my neck or even my head hitting the floor

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