Yoga Breathing | Alternate Nostril Breathing

Our Pranayama Series continues with Nadi Shodhan pranayama (Alternate Nostril Breathing)! It only LOOKS like I’m picking my nose. This breath technique has so many benefits! It is a great way to calm the nervous system and relieve tension and anxiety. It is great for concentration, cleansing and is a fantastic headache cure! Alternate Nostril Breathing is a wonderful way to prepare the body for meditation for asana practice.


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Catherine Cao says:

Wonderfull !!! Thank you

Nisha Agarwal says:

Hi! Thank you for the video. I just wanted to ask if these hand mudras really matter in yoga?

awesomesauce666 says:

ah peace. thanks love

delight909 says:

I love your videos

Leon Kennedy says:

HOLY SHIT! I suffer from daily anxiety and tried breathing techniques before – they helped me a tiny bit BUT THIS calmed me down instantly! Thanks for sharing this technique! I will use it my whole life!

Catherine Valencia says:

Little nudge from Hilary got me onto this again – beautiful – thank you for posting this

Jana Fabijanic says:

You have such a wonderful voice! 🙂

googoo554 says:

Fantastic thank you so much

Chris Duff says:

Awesome x

Adam Anderson says:

This was great last night but tonight I have a stuffy nose

Indi Fernandez says:

Thanks, it is very soothing; I gather it normalises the 2 brain hemispheres. Really well taught and with enough guided praice time. Part of my daily coming here now, well done. Do you have any gentle, short yoga to help me with toxin elimation, and mu kundilini is blocked in my sacral chakrs…driving me nuts, i don’t know how to get it to go upwards.

Claudine Rodriguez says:

Thank you for this. I got instant relief. 🙂

Agnel Chan says:

For how long you should you the Pranayam? Xx

Larry Banks says:

Wow I love this I can’t wait to see more of your videos!

menaga palanisamy says:

What is the best time to do yoga?

pedsbabe says:

Please check that windowsil for lead. Esp if you have kids. And I liked your video. Do you have any for children? I think some kids would like the alternate breathing,

Mentored by Life says:

Namaste Adreine

Rima Guha Mallick says:

For how much time we need to repeat this?

catherine mary snell says:

Probably not the best thing to try and do with a half blocked nose, but definitely something I want to bring into my practice and this video is such a good walk through! Thank you Adriene!

Wayne Bongolan says:

Hi Adrienne, in your words how would you explain the mechanism behind how this technique works? It does seem to help me. I need to practice more. I found out about this from reading something about Hilary Clinton on the net. She does this technique to help cope with things. Thanks!!

Chris I says:

Thanks for the video. God bless.

Rochelle Foxx says:

Can this work if your nose is a little stuffed? Will this help with that?

Marisa Louw says:

Hi Adriene. I get a bit claustrophobic when doing this breathing exercise because I always have one nostril that is partially blocked, restricting my breathing. Sometimes I feel like passing out. Is it safe to continue doing the exercise? Marisa

Natalie Delgadillo says:

Could you make a video to help Muscle-building therapy in treatment of nasal valve collapse?

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