TRUE – Day 5 – HIGH | Yoga With Adriene

Today we use yoga and pranayama to light it up.

Your Day 5 yoga practice is designed to gently stimulate and awaken. As the we continue to build our vocabulary, today we focus on synchronizing the breath with the movement. Circulate energy, or prana, and unlock some mojo you have been missing!

This practice sets the stage for you to begin to break up stagnant energy and patterns. Be true to your breath. Experiment. Explore. I will guide you! Just get on that mat.

Foundations Of Ujjayi Breath:

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I’m trying to catch the beat, uh
I’m trying to catch the beat
I’m trying to catch the beat, uh uh, uh
I’m trying to catch the beat


Katie McCrae says:

This felt AMAZING! I can see myself coming back to this again and again!

Rachel21Mac says:

Breathing is hard…who knew? Thanks for another great practice, Adriene!

UkuleleLauren says:

Waiting for the day when I can actually “step to the top of the mat” in one step, haha.
I am loving this series! I love that I feel my muscles working and heart pumping while at the same time relaxing my mind and breathing deeply. Truly a whole-body experience!

Jan O'Malley says:

Feeling the energy boost with day 5 completed! Found myself “catching the wave” in my yogabeat class earlier today…. awesome feeling!

Traci King says:

Holy Sh*t Babe Thank You<3

Sophie Landt says:

The best part of today’s practice for me was laughing at my attempts to do the breath of fire. A surprising happy feeling and satisfaction in practice, not perfection!

Kenny Baird says:

The series and breathing exercises today had me getting so hot I had to start stripping clothes in the middle of the poses. Guess I found the cure to being cold this winter! Thank you for the yoga high, Adriene, and Namaste!

Laura Crone says:

Practicing in the park in Los Angeles today! Two little guys just ran past me playing tag and yelled, “Happy yoga! Namaste!”

lass5202 says:

I can’t think of a better way to start the year, by doing yoga every day, and knowing that someone else on this beautiful earth is doing it alongside with me. Thank you, Adriene, for your contribution to this world, it is highly appreciated.

Lesley Cornelis says:

Day 5 and feeling great! I feel my body getting softer, smoother and stronger with every practice. This journey is wonderful and I’m totally hooked and so are my two kids who have been practicing with me the last few days. I used to feel like doing yoga with them didn’t work for me as I couldn’t focus enough but then I saw how you integrate Benji’s presence with so much love and grace and I’ve been trying to do the same thing. And it works. I don’t feel like my focus is the most important thing anymore but doing this together with them and enjoying it is.

Summer says:

i was having some seriously beautiful moments while doing this video. i feel so different, and i came to many realizations. thank you so much adriene. i’m so lucky to have a teacher like you

Sam Dobson says:

Connecting to my breath really helped deepen my practice today! 🙂

Julia Kurczynska says:

I do get high frequently, but never got to reach this HIGHEST! Dude you made me sweat. Thank you

Kami Preto says:

So so so so good. Definitely a sequence that my body was craving today. Can’t wait to keep going!

Marwah B says:

LOVED this one!!!!

Ana Cinematic says:

Thanks 😀 ! As someone working in the service industry cleaning dishes, I was (and kinda still am) scared I wouldn’t be able to follow every days but I kept going at it and I actually feel better (My body is sore all over but when I get on the mat and for once don’t try to push myself and actually breath ( 🙂 ) I feel good and proud of myself !). I also feel like I’m already stronger in my arms and get more things done when I thought I’d do less because I would be more tired !

Looking forward to the rest of the journey !

Yoga With Adriene says:

Get em HIGH! Today’s practice should leave you feeling like you got some of your mojo back.
Sit up on something if sitting on the ground feels uncomfortable!

Check in and let us know how it goes down below!

Tomorrow we get to the core of it all. Wink. Wink. DO NOT miss it. (You can! You can! You can!)

Lydia K says:

I fell over about five times in those lunges! My balance was not quite there today however those breathing techniques helped me to focus and concentrate.xx

Oana Simon says:

This was amazing!
At the end I couldn’t help but have a huge smile on my face <3
Thank you Adriene!

Roxane Devos says:

high five everyone 🙂 thanks adriene!

Laura Fay says:

Mindful breathing is definitely a challenge for me, I thoroughly enjoyed this practice. At first when I heard we are focusing on motion and breathing today, I was discouraged but then I remembered…. this is a PRACTICE, a study of myself. So I studied my breathing and practiced. Thank you so much for this ♡ namaste

Samantha Dluzak says:

in the email she said,”tomorrow’s practice… really gets to the core of it all.” HMMMM;) lol

mary zoub says:

Adriene this was awesome. Really HIGH!!!!! Namaste

shannon gross says:

This has been a lovely way to start off the new year, thank you Adrienne! I was wondering if you had any suggestions of yoga practices for artists, specifically something healing for the hands and that promotes the creative juices. Thank you so much for sharing your practice

juste namiejunaite says:

Feeling like a oxygen goddess after this

ColorfullyEnthused* says:

Favorite, favorite, FAVORITE so far!!!! That was SO cool! The sensation that occurred when my movement and breathing were linked!! And I love that I used* to dread the warrior poses, but now actually enjoy them!!! Thank you Adriene! – Ashlee *

AnnaMirror says:

until now this was the most beautiful practice of the journey with you! thank you adriene for giving me this time for myself <3 motivated my little sister today to practice with me and it was quite amazing to show her the power of yoga 🙂

Ria Tingin says:

on vacation, family went skiing, so i rolled out of bed at noon! OMG, had to do day 5 with Adriene, so freaking glad i did. I think I have energy for a quick run and FOOOD! capabali breath?!!!

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