Prenatal Yoga – Xiaxue’s Guide To Life: EP134

A very pregnant Xiaxue tries out prenatal yoga and gets in some awkward positions!

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Colbyschnauzer says:

Oh gee. Thx for making this video. It will be useful for my aunt

TheHomeOfSwaggers 09 says:

Did anyone else notice that the yoga instructor pointed his middle finger with his left hand??? Or I am the only one???

zainul ariffin says:

She looks like a midget and she sucks. You guys sucks for liking her

Sheryl Sing says:

Xiaxue looks so cute xD

san77338 says:

Xiaxue armpit so black or is it armpit hair?0.o

Ju Eun Son says:

hahaha omg mike cried?! hahaah

laze grace says:

You r still gorgeous when u are having a baby

Ong hui min says:

If you hate her just get out of here

saraeverafter says:

This guy seemed so weird, lol.

SuperKblast says:…CUTE!!

xxuenii says:

People…………….. when you are pregnant, your armpits will darken due to hormones change….. -_______-

Yanna Mari says:

the darkening of her armpits was actually caused by pregnancy, as far as i know from my mom that darkening was cause by the hormonal imbalance or something like that. 🙂 her armpits was originality lighter than that. 🙂

Dion Koh says:

So cute. no food go and cry haha.

TheHomeOfSwaggers 09 says:
Shannon Wang says:


Jezza Tay says:

she has her baby already watch pn now you know (5 april)

Emily Jones says:

I remember those days, except it was over chocolate ice cream!

pastel foam says:

Her pits are damn freaking black

Jaclyn says:

pregnant xiaxue’s attitude is so cute haha

fabvxbes says:


Krist. says:

Why are u saying that??? o.0 what did she done??

valentina lim says:

one of my favourite episodes!!!! shes so cute <3

pinkdomingoes78 says:

i laughed like crazy

hungrie annie says:

Shes so cute while doing the yoga, her expressions was like, ohgosh I wanna laugh xD

Lipton Tea says:

couldnt stop laughing at the anal exercise hahahhahaha xiaxue’s face lol

Got7Jacky says:

look at wendys face when he was doing the buterfly move lol

fabvxbes says:

It’s not cause me pregnacy.

HiLoGuurl says:

omg….. LOLing SO hard at the hulk part.

Baoying Walao says:

3:58 INDIA GUY POINTING middle finger well played!!!

shannen lim says:

Xiaxue looked so cute doing Yoga ^~^

Happy Joy Ong says:

from 4.00-4.03 the idian guy ponit middle finger

Jezza Tay says:

She has to take a vid mike will help off course taking a vid of her baby and born

Mahesh Singh says:

Hindi move palat chat

Aizatul Amelia says:

Xiaxue look so cute doing yoga!!!!!! Awwwwwwww

Ashley Lopez says:

To KJ ROSE: women body’s change when their pregnant, not only her pits are black, maybe her nipples and some more parts, cause its natural to pregnant women… why so impressed? ._. 

Happy Joy Ong says:

from 4.00-4.03 the indian guy point middle finger

Rachel Loo says:


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