Morning Yoga for flexibility and strength, a guide with 14 poses and benefits explained

1. Let’s begin with the Sun Salutation (Surya Namaskar), repeat this 6 times. This is to warm up the whole body before continuing with asanas.
2. Leg Raises: These are also simple exercise that prepare for the asanas, and it strengthens the abdominal and lower back muscles.
3. The headstand: Sirshasana, it is one of the most powerful beneficial pose for both body and mind. I did some variations here. It is important to rest in child pose until body is fully relaxed both before and after this pose.
4. Shoulderstand : Sarvangasana, The plough: halasana, and the bridge : Sethu Bandhasana. They are very good for giving flexibility to the spine and the neck and arms while releasing tension.
5. The fish: Matsyasana, it is the counterpose to the shoulderstand and must always be practiced after it.
6. The forward bend: Paschimothanasana: This is good for trimming the waist, restoring elasticity to the spine, and stretching the hamstrings.
7. The inclined plane: This strengthens the entire body from head to toes.
8. The backbends: Cobra (Bhujangasana), it gives powerful stretches to the spine, and also strengthen the abdominals.
9. The half Spinal Twist ( Ardha Matsyendrasana): It tones the spinal nerves and improves digestion.
10. The splits (Anjaneyasana) : this pose brings a feelings of balance and symmetry.
11. The Crow variation (Kakasana) : It is a very powerful balancing pose.
12. The hands to feet pose (Pada Hastasana): this one has the same benefits as the forward bend. Come up slowly.
13. The Triangle (Trikonasana), it gives great stretch to the spine, and tones the spinal nerves.
14. Final Relaxation: The Corpse Pose( Savasana): relax deeply and let the body sink to the earth for at least 10 mintues. It helps to release the tension and receive the full benefit of what we have just practiced.

Had to cut the length a bit since youtube only allows 15 min max for each video.

Thanks for watching, if you have any questions, please feel free to ask me 🙂

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Ellis01234567890 says:

I have no interest in Yoga… But I really REALLY enjoyed this video.

Yara Zeitoun says:

Bach: Prelude No 1. from the Well Tempered Clavier

Kimberly Bermingham says:

She is doing the sun salutation it’s suppose to be that fast.

loesjuhb says:

I am so not flexible. 🙁 I’ve been practising yoga for quite a while now and I’m not seeing any results. I can’t even sit up straight when my legs are stretched out in front of me because my muscles are simply too short. Stretching doesn’t seem to have any effect. I can only dream of being able to do this.

Christine ExhaleRelax says:

Hi Lola, yes, yoga practice made me flexible. 🙂

Jasmine Hernandez says:

is there a routine that will help me get the hang of the crow pose? my arms are to weak

Chloe Osborne-Walsh says:

cool!! just started yoga, looks fun 

jevels says:

thats crazy fast..

Paula Pérez Hernández says:

You have a stunning balance and your control posture is  amazing. I’m sure it’s worth. I hope to reach this level one day. Meanwhile I keep on training and improving my skills and endurance. Thanks.
How much time do you work our per week?

i luv ya so much eiei says:

Sivananada style

Sam & Witch says:

I must say you’re choice of music is completely fitting

Abhishek Chatterjee says:

What you’re doing is demonstrating your yoga and doing a very good job at that but it’s too fast to be a guide video. One can’t possibly follow you so fast without prior knowledge of the aasanas.

lovecross1 says:

If you want to burn fat, you should google Fat Blast Furnace. They can guide you and help you get the body you deserve.

angela.i says:

Ahhh, I’m in the calming part of youtube…:)

Christine ExhaleRelax says:
Jayatissa Deweddana Gamage says:

It would be a shame if you did not shed fat quickly when other average people can so easily with Aston Fat Furnace (check it out on Google).

Christine ExhaleRelax says:

Hi, yoga is 99% of practice and 1% of theory, im sure it will come after more practice. Take care, Namaste. 🙂

vira e mexe says:

Oh man, I think that’s so great! I just started doing yoga and I’m a kind of lost, I don’t know where I should start from… I mean, what poses… can I choose whatever I want? If a good soul answers me I’ll be reeeally glad 😀

Li Richard says:

Hi! I am naturally flexible so many of these poses are not challenging except the headpose. I have been practicing on how to focus and I made it stand for just a few sec and then I fell. Any tips for me to improve and make a longer stand??? Thanks!

Sharra Kohm says:

That’s a bit fast for yoga.. not really getting the full stretch or slow control for strength.

Wendy Wildflowers Journey says:

The way she allow her knee to pass her foot is unsafe and could cause injury. Yoga is relaxing and most of the poses are challenging but be safe no your limit and make sure your alignment is accurate to avoid damages.

Stella Ellington says:

aww this video is so aweseome! I’ ll try this morning yoga tomorrow.

RachaG14 says:

yoga is supposed to be slow and graceful, you’re moving too quickly, seems like you have a lack of control over your movements.
Good practice, bad flow- sorry

Yully Mastuti says:


Rainey Lee says:

I am naturally flexible and is there water tuning in the background?

Việt Anh Trần says:

thanks for shared! You’re so cute 🙂

veruca salt says:

this is strictly for experts

Tiffany Ji says:

when you said hamstrings: that reminds me, im hungry ( RUSHES OFF TO GET FOOD)

Christine ExhaleRelax says:

Hi Michela, I usually practice with relaxing and meditating music. 🙂

Esin Onal says:

Hahahah you make the head pose look so easy! 🙂

hmolga1 says:

typing this with my left hand

Bluestar 06 says:

im just learning cheer leading and im practicing yoga to be honest yoga is hard

a reyes says:

tv is better than  internet  for any information  so Y?

emmanuel edmond appora-bequignon says:

joly joly zenland baby , steel be fair !!!!!!!!!!!

Esin Onal says:

Also, I have a question; approximately how long does this routine take? I’m looking for a quick stretch for maybe 15 mins that I can do before school. Thanks 🙂

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