Meditation for Anxiety – Yoga With Adriene

15 Minute Meditation For Anxiety guides you through a simple at home meditation to provide relief from anxiety, stress and energetic imbalance. Find a comfortable seat, tune into your breath and soften. Return to this practice regularly for preventative care. Great for beginners!

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Kimberly Sims says:

I love this! Thank you so much!

Liz Beardmore says:

Thank you Adriene for this short but very powerful practice xx

MPdoesArtsyStuff says:

Oh my god, you have no idea how much this helped me. I get super bad anxiety on weekends before I have to go back to school. (For no reason at all. It’s just my brain trying to break me) I don’t usually get anxiety attacks for it but this time I could sure tell that I was getting to that point. Not only did the breathing exercises help but your voice just makes it sound like everything is going to be alright. I’ve calmed down so much from this video that I’m about to cry. I just love your videos. Thank you so much!

Lu z says:

hi, i tried meditating today and i couldn’t overcome the fear. i don’t exactly what i’m afraid of but i just feel unsafe like something’s gonna hurt me somehow

Akash Jauhari says:

A generous and kind soul…
Having peace with adriene

Mellotronster says:

Thanks for the anxiety release.

Jennifer Fissette says:

Picked this up today and headed over to Yoga for Bad Mood now. Not feeling my greatest on this Monday morning and glad to have this and that practice to focus on myself before trying to start my day. Thankful. 🙂

Kwan Laux says:

Thank you so much Adriene! I can really feel the difference after a daily practise with your guidance, and it is so much more relaxing than going to a studio.

Lord-JP says:

Welcome to Lee Carvello’s Putting Challenge. I am, Carvello.

hannah pogue says:

I needed this today! I have a job interview in an hour and I was freaked. Now I am calm and ready for it! Thank you Adriene! Namaste

Hannah says:

Thank you!

Sara Bihaouline says:

No words for this practice, what i felt after the breathing practice was unbelievable but literally i was HIGH :)))
i adored this practice, thank you sweet Adriene
Peace and love everyone.

BandoTracks says:

Is it normal that when i meditate right before i go to sleep i can’t fall asleep?

megan kearns says:

Wonderful. I do this in the morning and after school. I’ve fitted it into my daily routine and I feel way better

Bob Kaleina says:

Wow, I feel great now.

Nicole Mostofa says:

it is so important for everyone to practice/learn to control our minds to improve patience.

this is a good practice for even those who don’t have anxiety. often our minds get restless, and this is a good reminder to get grounded

Julia Leonetti says:

RESPECT DAY 14: this one was tough for me, couldn’t get comfortable, however, all a process. Thank you Adriene for always catering towards what I need. Namaste <3

frida lindkvist says:

so difficult to do the 4-7-8-breathing. but one good thing – i concentrated on that and on nothing else.

George Hawkins says:

Wow, felt like it was over so fast. This really helped me today, thank you Adriene 🙂

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