Kriya Yoga Meditation Beginner’s Guide

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Kriya Yoga Vichara

Kriya Yoga: Continuing the Lineage of Enlightenment

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Continuing the Lineage of Enlightenment

A Course in Tranquility


Rinn says:

Awesome, I am glad that you went over the theory vs. experience part, great stuff brother

LamentoAbsurdo says:

Perfect timing my friend. Thank you in advance!

Sri Guru Babaji says:

When does he teach how to do kriya yoga meditation?

Ebru Blue says:

Looking forward to listening to this series of lessons! Thank you Ryan! Hey, is that you playing the guitar at the end of this video (and I think you used the same music in your other videos too). It’s super lovely! 🙂

If it fits into what you are already planning to talk about, can you comment on if there are different states of consciousness explored in Kriya yoga, like in Buddhism’s Jhanas?

Sofia says:

Looking forward to this! Thank you

The Heart of Creation says:

Love all your videos, have been watching them for going on a year now. In some videos you answer viewers questions-where can we send in these questions? Thanks a heap Ryan!

Nickie McIver says:

I look forward to the rest of this series of lessons from you. Thank you very much..dhanyavaad!!!

Angel Feliciano says:

Thou are that! You need to have a concept of that in order to know. Don’t take God out of in man. God is all. Is the path, the traveler and the destination. Love to you my man. You radiate peace, you aura is beautiful.

Marcello Bassiato says:

Hi Ryan! Thanks for this video. Which cadence will have the series? My best wishes.

Pavel Kotlykov says:

Thank you, Ryan. I’m happy to be drawn to your channel. Love what you’re doing brother.

Wanda D says:

New to Kriya Yoga – have listened and watched many sessions – am beginning to put it to practical use. Will give comments as I grow and learn. I am excited to reach a higher plane.

Gabrielle KIDD says:

Really looking forward to this

Sara Razeghi says:

This is gonna be wonderful and I look forward to it. … Thank you for sharing your experience. You are truly kind.

Tecoria Strother says:

You Da Man Ryan ! Keep it up 🙂

David Bay says:

Thank you for this wonderful series. I’ve listened to your intro to Vedic astrology series and loved it as well. Your contributions to the advancement of Vedic knowledge is greatly appreciated.

Can you share any thoughts concerning the difference between Kriya Yoga and TM (Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and his program on Transcendental Mediation)?

TM claims they have studies (I believe I read that they have 600 or more peer review studies performed over the years) that show TM is significantly more effective than any other form of meditation. I have a difficult time believing their claims and my gut says they are biased studies. However, I have not found much written about the differences between meditative traditions and practices other than the TM organization’s promotional material. TM emphasizes that their practice is Vedic in origin but is different from all other forms of meditation and significantly more effective at improving health.

I would love to hear your thoughts on the matter.

Duane Stippich says:

Thank you.  I will be following your lectures.  Yes our Ego is our enemy.  the I, me, mine.

TheAshKicker says:

tune at the end is pretty cool too,

Brendan Mccarthy says:

Hi all,I’m just checking in,like da man says,stick with it,that’s what I plan to do.

Ebru Blue says:

Oh, also, can’t wait for your interview with Rick, Batgap! 🙂 I can’t believe it took that long to schedule, but I’m so happy that it’s happening. 🙂

Evgenia Markova says:

“The more you start to feel that you are special, the further away you are getting from it” – I love it and can vouch for it, haha! 🙂 it is so true. I remember being there not very long ago, until one day I just knew deep inside that this wouldn’t take me far; something inside felt off about it and I am grateful for my sensitivity, so became aware of it in a gentle way. I have someone very close to me however, who Really thinks of himself as being SPECIAL – and aren’t we all, but that’s not the point, right. And I see how this is causing him suffering but – what can I do, all I can do is love him. The funny thing is that I thought of him almost as soon as I played this video and send him the link to it, as soon as my gut prompted me. And here we are a few minutes later, you say this [quote above]! 😀 I love it… Namaste <3

Eu ben says:

Thanks for your videos, and can you cover in your future videos about astral projection (deep meditation, out of body’s feeling, different dimensions), those mystics talk a lot about it , how real is that ?
And one more question, about astral projection some Mystics can project into 3rd dimensional world , then most of the Mystics talk about different dimensions , do you know anything about it?
Please share what you think.

David Rogers says:

Wonderful series. Very much looking forward to progressing with it. Thank you Ryan.

Mercedes Corraliza says:

Ryan, thank you! This is exactly what I needed.

Elizabeth says:

Thank you for sharing! I loved how you were able to convey very in depth information so simply. I can’t wait to see your other videos. Sending you much love and appreciation.

redlotuslady says:

thank you Ryan! I just purchased your book Kriya Yoga Vichara. Can’t wait to dive in.

Christopher Nelson says:

I’m patiently yet eagerly anticipating this series.

James Iandoli says:

Awesome! Such genuine content. It is truly assisting my own process. Thanks for taking the time to do this and all these videos. The books and the trainings as well. You rock.

DannyBoy says:

wonderful talk, thank you!!!

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