Guided Meditation For Deep Relaxation, Anxiety, Sleep or Depression – Beginners Yoga Meditation

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Guided Meditation For Deep Relaxation, Anxiety, Sleep or Depression – Beginners Yoga Meditation

Katrina Repman teach Yoga classes in Austin, Texas.

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halo MagiMoon says:

the first time I did a med video I was chill now after a stressful school week I think this will help

Jeryl Chico says:

this video was very helpful for me. I’ll be having a large surgery in just a few days and my anxiety level has been high. I’m so grateful I found this video.

INTERSECCION Travel And Tours says:

At first I thought 18 mins is too long but decided to try it instead because I need it. Then during the meditation, it just ended. I was so confused, I thought it was only like 5 mins or so. It didn’t really feel 18 min long! Helped me alot!

Lourdes Cesare says:

Loved it!!! Thank you so much!!!

Rhonda Calaguio says:

Just completed this meditation…Enjoyed it so much. I’m feeling so relaxed. Great job.

Edward Davis says:

I have suffered from anxiety and attacks before. I’ve never tried meditation before. The past two weeks have been particularly bad. My anxiety has many symptoms, one of which is loss of appetite. I tried the video and I know that it must work because I am so relaxed I can barely walk and all I want is food!

Patricia McClenny says:

I have been looking for a meditation video for a long time. This is perfect. I am much more calm.

Thugnificenttt says:

I almost fell asleep cus I was so relaxed.. omg haha thanks for the guide! 😀

Leslie A says:

First time EVER meditating. lots of going on in my life at the moment and decided to give it a try, and i actually ended up crying. Never knew how powerful meditating was.

Naomi reho says:

I’ve been dealing with anxiety attacks for a week now. This was the first time I got my heart beat under 90! Now let’s hope I’m relaxed enough to sleep through the night 🙂 thank you, great video. I sure will use it a lot.

Joshua Permejo says:

ms.katrina do i need hear this when im doing your yoga?

damian daviid says:

really needed this; thank you.

Paulo Soares says:

4:01 beautiful mons pubis

Brainwave Power Music says:

Hey there, great work with this guided meditation! Have you tried meditation with our music? If you are interested we do collabs with other channels, you can do a guided meditation with us – much love

Synergy Waves says:

Nice work…however, can you talk a little slower please. I felt rushed

Weird Ickle Blonde Thing says:

Oh that made me so chilled like a chilled happy thank you doing this everyday

Ian Lorrington says:

Time seems to go so fast. Felt like just a few mins. Very helpful, thank you

Indigo Hill says:

what a beautiful voice, I was so stressed before I did this meditation and now I feel a different person! Sounds cliched but its true

N. Starr says:

really appreciate this video.. thank you !!

Itcha K says:

Is it normal to feel like you’re about to cry? or am I crazy ? 😛

mike berenz says:

Oh yes Katrina – it is soo good to hear and see you …

Child Of Oria says:

Katrina in going through divorce. This helped sooooo much. I love you and your energy

Tulum Sooner says:

thank you for this, I have needed to release so much tension, learning to deep breathe again

Nyree P. says:

If I could suffer one thing. Don’t try to control the breathing. I couldn’t relax because I kept changing my breathing



Carolina Araujo says:

I just started doing this yesterday was a way to help with my anxiety and stress and I couldn’t believe how relaxed i felt after!!! Just did it again today and I loved it! highly recommend!

pgfrankl says:


Macho Pineiro says:

Awesome video!
Thanks you so much

Thu-Thuy Emma Linney Nguyen says:

Such a relaxing voice! Great many thanks!!!

Yuliya Neych says:

Thanks a lot ! its helping me to relax. you are very nice !

N. Starr says:

really appreciate this video.. thank you !!

Drew Jayden says:

Thank you for the video. A suggestion I have is that I feel it takes away from the video when you leave all of your social media, follow, subscribe etc. all at the end. I feel you should put that at the beginning because it takes away from the end feeling of being relaxed and begins to sound like a commercial. If I were in my yoga class they would just say “namaste” “thank you” and continue playing quiet music. Thank you!

Ireyodan says:


Osasumwen Eweka says:

Hey Katrina it’s sasu I enjoy this yoga meditation with you. it can fix stress and build me back to running again. cause my ankle swollen but it will fine

Thiago Duarte says:

Thank you a lot Katrina. I will share this video with a lot of others Yôga teachers. It’s precious.

WonderlustVlogs says:

First time trying meditation and it is amazing I feel so free even though a lot is happening in my life.

Francellys Torres says:

Ended up crying, feeling more relax

PsycheTruth says:

Want more yoga? Check out Psychetruth Plus, 100’s of videos not on youtube:

William Murphy says:

I love your meditation videos!!!! I use it to start my day! 🙂

Denote Sherfield says:

the video was great it really helped me relax and clear my head

Javi621 says:

Thank you for this video! I feel so much more relaxed.

andykishore says:

My class did this in school today.

marijkuuuh says:


haniin Mo says:

okay i did this for about one hour, i felt my hands and feet being so heavy.. what does it mean that ?

glenn yarzagaray says:

i meditate so deep that almost forgot to bread hehe after 5 to 6 min i was feeling relax

Le Wulf says:

Why do some people say you have to cross your legs to meditate? I usually just lay down on my back with my palms facing up, and focus on my breathing, get good results that way, but am curious if sitting cross legged might bring something new to the table.

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