GTA 5 – Mission #26 – Did Somebody Say Yoga? [First Person Gold Medal Guide – PS4]

Grand Theft Auto V New Gen – Mission 100% Gold Medal Walkthrough Guide in 1080p Played in First Person Mode

GTA V Next Gen Missions Gold Medal [First Person] Walkthrough Playlist:

This video shows how to complete all mission objectives on a single play-through, although the 100% completions are cumulative and the Gold Medal can be achieved on multiple play-throughs.


Mission N. 26 – Did Somebody Say Yoga?

Characters: Michael

Given by: Michael De Santa / Townley

Gold Medal Objectives:
● Time – Complete within 15:00
● Warrior – Complete the 1st yoga pose without fault
● Triangle – Complete the 2nd yoga pose without fault
● Praise the Sun! – Complete the 3rd yoga pose without fault


Related Achievements Trophies:
● Solid Gold, Baby! – Earn 70 Gold Medals on Missions and Strangers and Freaks.


Video recorded on: Sony PlayStation 4


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arianna bellandi says:


H.M.123 alhothifi says:


manolis kalogirou says:

Amanda:Fabhian and your bank acount is the perfect man!

Cody Garcia says:

fabien did someone say asswipe

قناه للالعاب says:


Cody Garcia says:

u know what just keep him away from me and the children u low life whoremongering asswipe

Cesar Aguilar says:


Bhushan The ss says:

Fuck…. I fled fuckin far , listening to that music..

07710804623 07710804623 says:

أكبر سخيف

شباب قرانفل says:


محمد القحطاني says:


Houdaifa Mansouri says:

The yoga is stupide thing

لل نن says:

6: 56

Jaxsen Mooney says:

I don’t why Amanda,Jimmy and Tracey left Michael answer:Who bought that big mansion second:Who gave them a lot of money third:Who loves Michael Amanda,Jimmy and Tracey

عسةخ ققل says:


fac hl tu lista que y que says:


حتك Hj says:


yahya mohamed says:

Sex WTF at 6:58

خالد محمد ريان محمد says:

شغله مرت ميكو

Keyla Audy says:

hahaha tuyul

LOL LOL says:

And now Michaels family is in north Yankton XD

نور نور says:

حتى بلعبة هيج

Cody Garcia says:

michael yeah i think she said whoremongering asswipe

BaconFellowcookies Man says:

1:43 The asshole to the earth.

1ShepardCZ says:

“What do you want, Michael?”

morvantd مور فانتد says:

الي يشوف الفيديو ٢٠١٧ لايك

TheNotLock 907 says:

If they make Fabian’s name is “Fagian”, at 1:19 michael would say, “hey fag”

ILuvDucks says:

This is one of the most hardest mission in the game

Jacky Chak says:

throw a lighted cigarette in a whiskey and didn’t catch fire…….

PercyEngine45 says:

ze yoga is for sharing 10/10 best line

Logo Film says:

almost look like Steve Wilkos.

Mohammad Abdulaiziz says:

هلا أولله انا من السعوديه

احمد الملك says:

هلووو حبايب اتراسلو وياي راح اطك لين

tareq majdi says:


عزيز ١٢ الشمس says:


Decien Davis says:


Cody Garcia says:

amanda’s a bitch thank you isaiah monteiro this is why amanda saids no to michael to join fabien

NORH 502 502 says:


No Name says:

I did this mission in 8.14 minutes and gold.

مح̷مد̷ ع̷ٍل̷ي آل̷شهر̷ي says:

هلا اجد مية مصلي علا النبي

Iraq Iraq says:


vv vv says:


محمد كامل says:

ابس سأل كيف اتقرب الشاشه هيج ارجو الرد

Marwa Fathima says:


MGstaR17 says:

Breathe Michael LOL

علي جاسم says:

الله ينعلك يا نعال يا ابن النعال ماكو اي احترام

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