Grounding Into Gratitude – Root Chakra Yoga – Yoga With Adriene

This yoga practice guides you through a series of poses to balance the root chakra and cultivate grounding with gratitude. When the root chakra, or Muladhara, is out of balance a person can feel anxious, uneasy, fearful, worried and stressed. This can lead to low energy and low immunity and an overall sense of instability. Use the tools of yoga to strengthen and balance to the root chakra, the foundation of all the other chakras. Cultivate self love, stability, and sense of security. You are worthy and deserving. Remind yourself, you are awesome and you are supported!

Take good care of yourself so you can take good care of others. Let me know how it goes down below. Namaste.

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Maryann Miller says:

Loving Yoga with Adriene here in Panamá!

Adrian Chian says:

I am bold!

Mrs_CatMarti says:

Sat outside Palma de Mallorca cathedral on the grass in the sunshine today I was doing some writing in my moon journal. I turned to the page about routines and rituals and it told me that Thursdays are a day for creating a high feeling of gratitude within yourself. I instantly thought of this video, which 2 years ago when I was quite ill I practiced every day. So I put it on my phone with my headphones, put my phone in my pocket and practiced with audio only. It was a brilliantly spontaneous moment….a dog also pooped next to me right as I went in to prayer position. You couldn’t make it up! Thankful to you, Adriene, today and every day for your amazing content. Love ya x

Little Scrubber says:

Another great one for carriers of pre-menstrual tension. Being present, being aware, being humble and in control all takes practice, this is an amazing sequence for that. One to revisit.

Candice Goodman says:

Been doing your videos with my partner in Portland, OR! Thank you so much, especially for this video in particular. I was having an off balance day when I was glued to my phone first thing this morning and stuck in my head about things. I now feel so refreshed and rejuvenated to take on the rest of the day. Sending love from Oregon 🙂

Sensoria Beauty says:

Practising in Cheshire, UK

Luna Pisces says:

You’re such a sweetheart, I love how personal and silly you got in the video. Thank you so much for making my morning with this beautiful instructional video into balancing the root chakra. You’re awesome!

Mercy Halder says:

Hey Adriene! Thank you for this video. Could you do one for balancing the Heart Chakra?

Maeve Barton says:

I’ve been doing yoga out in my backyard while the weather’s been nice and it is so lovely!

Reine de Saba says:

Thank you so much Adriene …I stop practicing since I moved to a new place…my yoga mat was always there until i just pick you up without thinking ..and then I realized again the power of the asanas ! greetings from Stockholm Sweden , Blessings

Matthew Steinberg says:

Thanks for these videos and for being you. I appreciate how they are clean, orderly, informative and relaxed. I also appreciate your sense of humor and unique personality. As I’ve grow in my yoga practice, I’m more aware of what my body needs. Today for example, I had a lot of tension in the root area and knew that yoga tailored to the root chakra would help. I know I can trust you and your classes to help. You put a smile on my face while still addressing real pain and anxiety with attentiveness and sobriety. Keep it up. You have been a positive source for me.

Madison Maxwell says:

Do you have a sacral chakra video? I see you have a third chakra video. I’d love a whole playlist of these things! I know you also have a hidden gem chakra series in the last 7 or so days of one of your 30 day challenges… can’t remember which one though!

40yearsnopie says:

<3 u adriene

Sonia Branco says:

Thanku. I loved tht. Havnt done yoga in ages this was nice, calming yet still tough. Thanku. Im from south Africa. Doing it in. Y jammies on my carpet xx

Emilie Bourdet says:

Deep and good practice. 🙂 First time I see clearly my aura changing while yoga and glowing rose pink love and gratitude from my heart. thank you again for creating these amazing videos <3

Margarita Gallinal Ferrari says:

You are the first person I feel I truly want to follow and be part of the community created by your teaching and flow. Gratitude ♡

LilMiss Dolly says:

This is great! …Love your assistant by the way! Lol

Joy Joy says:

so much love to you gurl <3 thank you for being

Tine De Cnodder says:

Hi, I am from Belgium and I am doing lots of practises with you. Especially today I am very grateful to be doing this with you as it helpt me a lot! So big Thank you to you!

kristen francomano says:

with my puppy dog, in my living room, in Barcelona. I used to to do this video all the time when living in Austin. I’m glad I can take you to Barcelona with me! The yoga classes and instructors here are wonderful, but with them being in Spanish and my fluency not there yet it has been hard to connect. I really appreciate the ability to have my “home” a.k.a. Austin yoga here in Barcelona with me.

Jessica Wilkie says:

-Lol’d twice funny Adrienne 🙂 Denver CO

Susie says:

Adriene, thank you for changing my life! I wish you would do another tour and come back to NJ. These past few years with you have been nothing short of amazing <3 I love you, Namaste!

Navi Pannu says:

Thank you ❤

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