Easy Kundalini Yoga Practice for Beginners (30-min) Kriya, Poses, Breath of Fire, & Meditation

This video is perfect for beginners who want to practice Kundalini Yoga. Kundalini yoga, often called the “Yoga of Awareness,” is as much a mental and spiritual practice as it is a physical one. In this class we will be seated, working the core and upper body using precise, repetitive movements along with (optional) singing/chanting to elevate your conscious awareness. This class will include kundalini kriyas, poses, the breath of fire and meditation. If you’ve never done Kundalini yoga before, keep an open mind! Because this whole class can be done seated, it’s accessible to almost everyone – even students who perhaps struggle with elements of a Hatha and Vinyasa practice. Stay present and the profound effects of Kundalini yoga may surprise you.

No prior kundalini yoga experience needed to enjoy this class.

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Frannie451 says:

It was an amazing experience!! I will definitely check your other videos. Thank you for sharing. I hope more people are able to watch it an practice.

Sandeep Gupta says:

This is a wonderful set of exercises. I’m trying this for last few days with my son. Thank u so much for sharing this lovely video. Would u pl let me know where from u learnt these practices in India. I’m interested in a full time course UpTo 2 wks.

doubtfuldreamer says:

Hi Brett, I can’t keep my arms up that long. I get a nagging pain in my shoulder blade @27:01 Is there anything I can do?

Jessie Peck says:

@brettlarkinyoga: I have two questions: does it matter what leg folds into the other? I’ve noticed you often cross your right foot in and left foot is crossed into right on the outside. Also I have a heart problem with breath of fire I love that you offered just do it slower instead of long deep breaths because it allows me to participate and get the benefits without having to over stimulate my heart. Any other information on breath of fire for people with heart problems? I thank you for this video! I appreciate your gift in teaching, your clear boundaries and your health. Namaste.

Sherry Goff says:

I loved it! I actually saw my aura and it is pink, like pink quartz. Even when I get a little frustrated, the knowledge of how different I will feel when completed helps me to move on with the breath of fire. This knowledge comes with practice!!!! Sat Nam is also a beautiful mantra along with eyes looking at the third eye and the tongue against the roof of the mouth to stimulate the pituitary gland. Today it all came together in such an amazing way. Thank you and Namaste!

sangeetha muthanna says:

Sincere gratitude .thank you for sharing …God bless you

Darko Brljak says:

thank you Florence Welch

Theresa Shay says:

Thank you that was great for a beginner to any kind of yoga at the age of 55!

Elana Vital says:

What do those words mean?

Asif Malik says:

That was so beautifully taught! So hard to find good Kundalini yoga on Youtube. Wish you would do a few more Kundalini classes for us Brett 🙂

Paola p says:

Thank you so so much for this! Was a beautiful guided practice, hari krishna!

Erika Lugo says:

Beautiful introduction!

morf313 says:

Love your kundalini videos <3 <3

Mikey says:

im afraid of a kundalini awakening but also excited by the prospect. im going to do as much as I can. thanks for the vids brett

Sila Dogan says:

one of the best kundalini yoga experience, nice and smooth and very easy to undestand, thank you!

Neha Prakashan says:

Won’t this simply awaken your third eye chakra but not any other one?

PsychicSploob says:

I thought yoga was mostly placebo, but after trying this twice, I can confidently say that whatever it is going on in your body when you do this, there is something there. Normal exercise doesn’t make you feel this way.

Sandra Brito says:

Hi! I practice Kundalini yoga since 3 months, but my teacher had to travel, and I search for options at home. And I found you. Thank you very much. Many blessings to you.

Stephanie Stanley says:

It and you are lovely.

Chakara Rosa says:

Thank you! This was needed very much and I will continue to practice and learn more!

Nerissa Tutiven says:

Thank you so much! I love Kundalini, it is so transformative, and helps so much with building auric strength. So much gratitude!

marge keyes says:

I am really enjoying this beginners class and I think you are an excellent teacher. One issue, when you are describing the cat/cow and the breath work, you encourage the student to do this action ” violently”. I suggest trying a softer gentler more trauma informed way of describing it. It caused me to feel anxious and that I should be hard on my body.

ella perez says:

So happy I found your videos!

Delphine Maman says:

Hello from France! I was searching for kundalini postures as I just started a course and I found your channel. You’re so cute! ^^ Thank you very much, I like the way you explain calmly and clearly every movement. Do you think it’s a good practice for mornings also? Because I feel so relaxed after this that I think wouldn’t be able to work right afterwards :p Thanks again!! <3

Cielo Mikaelis says:

I feel so damn good after doing this. Kundalini Yoga is my new favorite <3 Thank you Brett!!

Ab Michail says:

This helped big time. Thanks and keep up your work

Candice Crigler says:

Loved it. I have never experienced anything like it before.

Ghost in a meat suit says:

It’s pretty rare for me to experience emotional release during practice because I’m usually so focused on the physical release, but immediately after the final Sat Nam I felt a welling of emotion and actually cried to myself. Not out of sadness but gratitude I believe. Thank you for this video!!!

Lilith says:

thank you!!!!

Stephen Chappell says:

The joy I feel that I found u!!! I am so excited to continue to do yoga with u!!!

catherine martina says:

This seems to be the Perfect beginning for me. I have weight/and joint challenges, and feel this is a good starting point. I look forward to accomplishing this and moving forward.

Bruce Orlov says:

Brett, I cannot adequately relate how wonderful it is training with you. Your delivery is perfect and your movement is amazing. I intend to be with you for the long run. I will look for and follow every video you put out on Kundalini and other forms of yoga.

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