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Crow Practice guides you through a sequence of yoga poses that will help you take flight. It’s not about the yoga pose but how you get there! Stretch out, warm up and connect to the deeper muscles that will lift you up and guide you to fly in Bakasana. Check out the Foundations Of Crow Practice for full Bakasana tutorial. This practice is a great one to repeat! Work to be present each time you arrive back on your mat and watch both your awareness and the asanas grow!

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Cechaton says:

Thank you Adriene, I really love the crow pose but I can never hold it longer than a second but this video really helps to hold it longer! I love starting and ending my day with you videos!

Connie Johnson says:

Thank you for these amazing videos!!!
I’m new as well. I find it hard to properly posture my body to hold the poses. Any suggestions?

Nani TG says:

I have been struggling to get nto crow for sooo long, I’ve been doing this practice for a few days now and today I finally got it (for like a second), I’ve always had a hard time lifting both feet and now, even if I couldn’t hold it too long, I’m happy I know what works for me. I tried it again but got too excited and fell off to the side. I’m going to keep doing it. Thank you Adriene, thank you for all of this <3

Tim Andersen says:

I did this pose finally! I can do it as long as I’m wearing pants. With shorts my legs get slippery, and I’m more of a greased crow.

Derick Francis says:

Hi Adriene

This is Tiffany , I have been following your videos for a year .
It has helped me immensely , with strength of the body and mind .I fine I become more and more focused .
wow I tried the crow for the first time and I didn’t succeed , but I will come back again and again until I do .
You taught me how to be balanced and mindful .

I love yoga and it all thank to you.

A .Demeura says:

Really good session, it feels good to feel your abs working. The crow pose itself is still pretty hard for me personally because I loose balance and I am afraid to fall over, either my arms are not strong enough either I need to be more confident. Thanks Adrienne for sharing 😀

joana figueroa says:

I’m a beginner so I don’t have much upper body strength yet, this was hard for me, I could only lift one foot, one second, less than one centimeter but, it’s baby steps, I was kind of expecting that, the knees in the back of my arms hurt a bit and made it uncomfortable for me to try to stay in that pose, so I gotta work around that

J Jackson says:

when I do my crow pose, my knees are extended past my arms more outward then so in the crease or back of the arms. is that incorrect? I’m finding it more painful balancing all the weight on the backs of the arm.

Shailesh Wankhade says:

very nice

Lal3l says:

My new favorite video by you! I’ve been working on crow for some time and found that I really can’t force to take off. Sometimes my feet will lift off the floor and sometimes they won’t. Through moving from Germany to Canada I got out of practice (basically no yoga for one month) so this is great to get back into the swing!
Thanks a lot and namaste!

Satyra Warren says:

So close to being able to get in Crow! I am gaining strength, I am thinking about it to much maybe…

jellojenna6 says:

I love practicing crow pose but can never actually take my feet off the ground. I am afraid that I am going to fall on my face and hurt myself. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thank you for the videos. I have been doing them for just a few weeks and already can tell that I am stronger.

AndroRemedy says:

Fantastic video and fun practice. Didn’t even think crow was in my realm of possibility but this practice made it relatively easy. Started with some sun salutations at the beginning for an extra warmup, but so thankful for your strong, creative flow from there on out. You rock Adrienne!

Lauren Parkes says:

I’m fairly new to yoga and I have only ever practiced through your videos, in the comfort of my home. I’d been wanting to take up the yoga experience years and never plucked up the courage to join a class(due to yoga robots). I just wanted to take a moment to thank you, you have honestly changed my life for the better in so many ways, giving me an all round happier out look in life! Loving the crow!! You rock!! Thanks Adriene xxxx

Reyna Lde Guevara Mendoza says:

I love the easy and detail you showed us Yoga!! thanks!!!

Emma says:

I wasn’t quite there yet but I’m getting there. This was a great practice!

cristholys1 says:

You are Magical !!! 😀

Nora B says:

Loved this practice! I really felt like I managed to do my crow with better tecnique and hold it for longer

Dragon OP says:

I tell everyone about your videos. Your the best!

Alex says:

You´re fucking hot

Madeleine Norman says:

Managed to hold the pose a little while – woohoo progress.

DerfxthexKiller says:

Adriene! I love your channel, I think I started Yoga about 2 years ago with your 30 days. How do you find that yoga spills over into your daily life? Does it help your focus, stabilize your mood…?

Catarina says:

You’re chanel is wonderful! you bring me so much peace, and your videos are the best. i usually like music in videos, but yours are the exception. I’ve seen yoga videos with really hype music and it was really not my taste. I love it and love you! Keep doing this! <3

Courtney McGowan says:

I learned how to do crow at the end of yoga camp at the start of this year and it has become one of my favorite poses to remind me to trust myself, be fearless, and trust the journey. I enjoyed this video to strengthen the posture. Thank you. 🙂

Preet Kaur says:

Hello! Adriene (or anyone else), can you please explain what you mean by “lengthen through the tailbone”? Or point me toward a video that covered this topic? I’m not sure if it means to stick my butt out or inward. Thanks in advance!

Theresa M says:

Hi Adriene, thank you so much for sharing these with us. I’m just getting back into yoga and you are making it so easy. I love how you guide us verbally, so that I can look away from the screen to try to obtain correct alignment. I also love your positive and easy-going personality. You truly have a gift for teaching and sharing yoga. Thank you for sharing these with us!

Hannah Franklin says:

Every time I practice crow pose i always find that my upper back really arches, like my shoulders are hunching forwards – how can I stop this happening?

Mélisse Brunet says:

Hi Adriene! Thank you so much for your wonderful videos!! Could you please do a video for the birthday? It would be so cool to start our birthdays with a special yoga “greeting-oneself” birthday video by you!!!

Nearlytwins says:

I almost didn’t do this one today because I’m no where near achieving crow pose just yet but I’m so glad I did it! I’m a little sore from a 5k I did Saturday and this really helped me ease some sore spots and get in some good stretches. Loved it!

Leah K says:

I’m not even close to being able to lift off into crow (I tried!) but this was great to help stretch out the front of the hips. Thanks!

Stephanie Gerlott says:

I have been trying to accomplish this pose for a long time. Proud to say I have conquered it today! I flipped out and my hubby was so proud too! I love all your videos and try to join you at least once a day! Thank you for making your videos fun and such a large part of my life!

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