Beginner’s Yoga: 15-Minute Awakening Practice from Yoga Journal & Jason Crandell

This excerpt from the Yoga Journal Complete Beginner’s Guide DVD by Jason Crandell is the perfect way to unravel stress and gain energy throughout your day. Buy the full length DVD here:

This well-rounded yoga sequence will help you cultivate physical strength, flexibility, and comfort while soothing your mind and unraveling stress. Thanks to Jason’s straight forward and accessible instruction starting your own home practice is easier than ever before.

Jason Crandell was named one of the U.S.’ “next generation of yoga teachers” by Yoga Journal for his skillful, unique approach to vinyasa yoga. Jason is the creator of Yoga Journal’s newest dvds: Complete Beginner’s Guide with Video Pose Encyclopedia, Yoga for Well-being, and Yoga for Morning, Noon, and Night. He is a contributing editor for Yoga Journal magazine and


Paul Dailey says:

Thos like MANY beginner yoga videos on YT goes too fast, as a beginner i spend the whole time playing catch up.

datraass says:

Good Stuff! Many THanX!

Whitney Cooper says:

Great Beginner Video- reading through the comments I think the Instructor’s definition of “Beginner” is someone that has been to a few classes and has a foundational/ basic knowledge of the poses/ names versus someone who has never done yoga before.

Wonnin717 says:

this is great for people who have some knowledge of yoga, but it’s NOT for BEGINNERS. 

Nicandro Martínez Sotelo says:

Another day another practice. Real men do yoga!!!

Susan Sandoz says:

Wow…beginner tape too fast to watch and learn and seems hard for me at least for first time. Can’t watch and do at the same time due to quick switching of poses. Thinking he ought to stick with intermediate and advanced tapes. He is very good, but thinking he has forgotten what a true beginner might require.

bin chen says:


Mr Alexander says:

this is extremely fast for beginners, by the time i realize one pose its already 2 poses ahead. Remember that we are not looking at the screen at some poses either…

spongebobmx says:

I struggled so much with the left twists!!! Aaaagh!!!!

zoeyangelpup says:

love,love,love. Just what my body needed. Definitely will be doing this again.

Nikki Lorraine says:

Can you please add an extra few minutes at the end for the resting pose, youtube automatically plays an advertisement when it’s over or the next video…really throws me off having to get up and pause it :/ this video be perfect if it wasn’t for that 

Aude Richards says:

absolutely it’s for people who did at least 1 year yoga class, by doing so i was able to build strengh and flexibility in my back (i used to have a problem in my back).
Really good video, it helps me finding energy and more peace.

Check out the Beginners yoga for relxation, also very good!
Otherwise i recommend Tara Stiles sun salutation / flexibility/ boost your energy a 5min booster / yoga to get you moving really simple and effective / build a calm energy

Happy New Year in advance to everyone

Mariam Hoballah says:

You are a great teacher. I have benefited a great deal from this practice and from your other sequences as well. Thank you so much.

Jonathan Vaughn says:

I looked up recommended youtube channels for yoga as this is my 4th time practicing yoga. This was extremely fast, if someone isnt familiar with all the moves, IE A BEGINNER, then maybe they need some time to look at what is going on and some time to feel the move. Misleading title

Carol Luna says:

I recommend watching through from start to finish a couple of times for technique–and transitions before actually performing the set. I see a lot of comments concerning the pace of the instructions. Notice as you are watching that the instructions come for the next pose as you are engaging in the pose before it. This helps the workout to flow. 

Gorgi Angelovski says:

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advaita siva says:

good video this is really a beginner video thanks

Sofi de la Sota says:

Thank you so much! Loved the class 🙂

Nee Hee says:

Around 8’30” is that upward facing dog?

OMdogOM says:


addeyyry says:

The instructions are way too fast paced. And when I’ve gotten a grip of the thing you’re doing you’re already doing the next one

Trish McLain says:

Two years ago I lost weight just by doing this almost every morning and watching my portion sizes. That’s it. It was difficult at first, but after a week or two I just had to have the video playing in the background and almost had the whole routine memorized. Definitely going to start doing this again. On top of the weight that I didn’t even realize I was losing until EVERYBODY kept asking me what diet I was using, I also got a wonderful start to every day that I did this, and my stress levels went way down. I stopped because I thought I didn’t have time for it anymore, but if you keep at this it is well worth making time. So glad I was able to find this video again after all this time.

shanice nucci says:

why if i checked suscribed   doesnt appear jason crabdell´s yoga on my suscriptions?

Swiss Watson says:

im a beginner. this is the first time ive ever tried yoga and after a few tries im right with him. you guys just have to have patience! you can do it  just give yourself time. i do this everyday now and when im really comfortable with it im gunna add try to step it up 

Jamie Thomas says:

you must have a different idea on what a beginner is

Wuxos31 says:

YEAH DUDE ITS TOO FAST!!! I cant coope, constantly rewinding and geting lost how many times what. Slow down 😀

Tamika Deering says:

Way too fast! Yoga is supposed to be relaxing

Paula Chandler says:

Excellent routine with clear instruction.

Faith Chinyimba says:

best morning routine ever! i feel refreshed

Peter Harrison says:

Well, I’ve a lot to work on.

Thomas van den Heuvel says:

It’s a nice routine! The speed is fine after you’ve done this a couple of times.
The only annoying part is that there’s a random commercial at the ending. That kinda ruins the peaceful laying down :p

jen happy says:

Nicely delivered x

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