Beginners Guide to Chakras – Everything You Need to Know About Chakras

This comprehensive beginner’s guide to chakras covers all 7 chakras and includes helpful tips for how to balance them such as crystals, oils, foods, sounds, yoga poses and more.

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Robin Krasny has been integrating professional healing practices for more than 30 years. With experience and certificates in meditation, stress-reduction techniques, acupressure, chakra balancing, kinesiology, reflexology, aromatherapy and more, Robin is the perfect guide to educate about seven chakras. In this video, Robin goes over the following information about chakras:
– Chakra name in english & sanskrit
– What they’re responsible for
– Yoga poses (or asanas)/colors/crystals and foods to help regulate the energy to them.

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bonic padrigon says:

It’s interesting were we can get the oils

melinda brown says:

I truly wanted to enjoy this. However, the constant music competing with her talking was an additional distraction to the sound of her echoing like she was in a gym or some place.

The message should stand on its own without the music.

This is more of a commercial rather than a teaching opportunity.

Simmi Mendiratta says:

How to clean chakras on hand .Also how to clean chakras of others.

Gabrionna Buycks says:

Awesome information, this would of been right on if poses were shown along with the description.

GoodFruitForGod says:

Before I found the truth of this world I used to try these new age spiritual teachings such as as chakras, kundalini awakening, meditation, lucid dreaming, astral plane and all sorts of other teachings that always lead me to a dead end with no real substance, always continually seeking the true spiritual path. Well eventually I found it by diligently seeking what is truly true. If any of you want the truth go to my page and watch the video titled True Spiritual Awakenjng – Dont Be Deceived

Gideon Waxfarb says:

Lesson 2: Gently place the balls into the mouth, and … @19:41.

kirred bw says:

You lost me at native American healing ..

CreepyToaster says:

I’m in massage therapy and I have to learn this. I hate my life

abhishek1max says:

What’s with the self advertisement, oils and crystal !!

Dale Stiles says:

I wish an example of the poses, even if just a still image, was placed somewhere on the screen during the description. Otherwise, loved the information.

Crystal Dumont says:

You don’t have to buy anything to balance yourself! Everyone I highly encourage you to watch this video

Jacques Seguin says:

seems like a sales person…….she’s missing the point

debra johnson says:

I’ve watched this video so many times.

Louis Kellam says:

Amber colored citrine Is usually irradiated Amethyst. True Citrine is rare, and quite expensive. Although irradiated Amethyst is yellow/Amber I don’t know if it’s frequency is adjusted to the exact frequency of true Citrine. Great informative video, thanks!

Donald Dix says:

330 pounds my weight before I`ve tried using the yoga book “zamsoka space” (google it). I could not sleep well and my blood pressure is not normal (high). The material is simple to understand and it is friendly as well. It really is such a gift to acquire this guide. .

Dana Maupin says:

Beat video on the 7 chakras I’ve ever watched..Great in depth information from oils and crystals to poise and sounds to a line all 7 chakras….Thank you…Now hopefully I can get some real results..

treasurelu says:

This is just self ADVERTISING!… ‘expensive’ education does not mean it’s good!…

sri kanth says:

We can achieve these without any stones or chanting,simply doing sevasana.
When your third eye (Ajana chakra) opened or activated youfeel as if you have a torchlight between your eyebrows. Some waves Comming out.

Baroque Hair Studio Kerry Gould says:

What are your thoughts on QHHT?

Brookelle Riley says:

Being closed off to these concepts and them still entering your mind as what at first feels like intrusive thinking but then you realize it’s the universe trying to convey it’s meaning is astounding
Don’t down this video because of your own uncomfortablity
Open your mind to improve your life!!!
We surely need it in todays society
Thanks for sharing your energy and wisdom lady, appreciated!!!!

WendyLeslie says:

I feel tingly & relaxed all over after doing this thanks

Hazel Blair says:

Thank you. i am just getting into this subject and found it very informative. i have sub,d and bell,d. Thank you.

Lucien Louis says:

Hi there, question please. How do I know my chakras are actually opened?

Ha Ha says:

If I mastered the flow of chakra , can I use ninjutsu?

Eva Ashwood says:

Great video. One note for throat chakra though. Anyone with hyperthyroid, Hashimotos or Graves’ disease should check with their doctor before consuming algae or kale. These foods are high in iodine and can have adverse affects in people with thyroid problems.
There is great advise in this video but be safe everyone.

narada rsi says:

Superficial understanding. Bija mantra pronunciation is off. More about product selling of oils…

Sarah Pearce says:

just wanted to mention that the second chakra being ‘blocked’ does not mean you are ‘friged’ totally sketchy comment there.also your citrine is heat treated amethyst in a gas oven.

Arjuneus says:

This is just a marketing ploy, chakras aren’t real:

kaisenji says:

Thank you so much for this info. I’m working on my chakras so all good informative video work.

sally smith says:

thank you!

WelloBello says:

“Chakra” is one of those words that if you say for any real life application, I will no longer take anything you say seriously.

Anthony Bogart says:

A reki master and healer told me that Malachi is not the first thing you should go to for the heart chakra. For Malachi it depends on the individual.

Pink Unicorn says:

Atlantis Crystal

Karma Summers says:

Seemed more like an advertisement

santana jr says:

bro. I’ve literally been pretty connected w my spiritual/ chakra energy for a couple months now so I’m aware of the feelings i get things i c etc. but watching this video blew my mind. when she explains how you can feel when your certain chakras are in harmony and or balanced I’ve felt n seen those exact same colors of each one ! it’s lowkey hard to explain but like wow. i need to do yoga now no Cap lol

Kendoe Paterson says:

Damn she thinks she os the shit. Annoying

Dion Mckinney says:

You can see my chakra I my video please subscribe anyone can learn how to do the same .

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