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Yoga for Beginners: Full 60-Min Free Yoga Class. This class is for Complete Beginners (yes, truly yoga for beginners, it can be your first yoga class ever!) No experience is required. Ideal for anyone who is just getting started with yoga.

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This free beginner yoga class is appropriate for those getting started with yoga as well as people who are complete beginners and this is their first yoga class ever!

This is not a lecture about how to get started with yoga or learn yoga, but a full 60-minute free yoga class that anyone comfortable sitting on the floor or being on hands and knees can do.

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If you are new to yoga, let me know what you thought of this beginner yoga class in the comments!

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Jen Hanna says:

Brett, you are an amazing instructor! I am getting back into yoga after a 2 year break and your detailed descriptions of the poses are so very helpful!

Elizaveta Azeeva says:

Your lessons helped me a lot. I feel much better from first minutes of yours exercises.

Samantha Di Julio says:

Such a great video, this was my very first yoga session ever, you made it very easy to follow. thank you!

Tim Lee says:

I have been interested in trying yoga for many years. Since retiring from the military and not working out for the past year I have lost much of my flexibility and muscle tone. This was such a great class for my first time. Thank you for this! I look forward to working my way through many of your classes/videos.

Susan Ridenour says:

You rock, Brett.  Just got your auto email – you’re hilarious and I’ve been love, LOVE, *LOVING* your free beginner classes. Thanks for what you do!

Claudia Pêgo says:

This is the first video I saw from you and it’s wonderful. I feel so calm, my body is streched and relaxed. Already subscribed! Thank you


thank you!

Gary Keess says:

I’m getting ready for my YTT 200 practicum. and was looking for ideas .. thanks for this. It seems I may be going a bit quickly. newbie nerves. 🙂

Kate Parker says:

Not just great for first-timers! I’ve done yoga before but I’ve been away from my mat for about 6 months and this was a perfect back-to-basics moment of gratitude, reflection, relaxation, and technique!

Ana Gago Merino says:

Cool! Thanks a lot!

MsLady TX says:

Thank you so much BrettLarkin for this beginner yoga class! I been searching for a beginner video to help me stretch without causing pain to my neck, knees and lower back.

Paws Galore Pet Sitters says:

Really enjoyed this, calming, relaxing and revitalising!

Laura Hamerling says:

Poses are done at a wonderful pace and explained very well so that you can truly get the most out of yoga. Love this teacher.

Rachel Flood says:

That was so calming and relaxing. Thank you 🙂

Ralkholi says:

Thank you Brett, peaceful, kind & restoring practice.

Marie-Christine Champagne says:

I’m new to yoga and this was great ! I feel so relaxed, thank you !

Jessica Paterson says:

What a wonderful video. I absolutely loved it. My body feels wonderful, stretched and calm. So easy to follow and definitely am subscribing. Having had back problems for a long time, it was lovely to be able to enjoy lengthening my spine at home. Thank you so much 🙂

Jessica Orleans says:

Thanks for this. I like how you’re very descriptive about where we should be feeling the stretch. That’s very helpful for beginners like me, haha. Keep it up 🙂

asteroid684 says:

Great, relaxing class! Thank you from Brazil.

Laura Kontkanen says:

I’ve been thinking of starting yoga for a long time and finally today I did it, and thanks to you, I’m definitely going to continue. It felt amazing and relaxing!

napeakor says:

thank you for another wonderful video! i have 2 questions. 1. When we are on our backs and have our knees bent to one side then the other, what is the status of the back? i find that i naturally twist my back, as opposed to having it flat on the ground. So i’m not sure if i’m doing it wrong. 2. Any tips on how to actually relax in shavasana? LOL. My lower back is completely arched and trying to relax is almost impossible because the pose in and of itself is a strain. I’d lobe to experience the full relaxation of the post. Right now I find the most rest when my knees are bent with my soles planted on the floor or in goddess pose. woo that was a long message. thanks again! so excited about my yoga journey.

tugcekaplz says:

I literally started yoga with this video! thank you so much! Which video of yours would you suggest after this one? I wish I could take classes from you in person 🙂

Hey, I'm Jose says:

Never done yoga in my life, this was amazing!

Ocean Olgee says:

Thank you for your video. I am back at Yoga as a beginner and a bit familiar with the poses. This was a good start and left me feeling good. The pace and explanations were good and I was able to follow with the peaceful tone and voice. As a swimmer I find myself tight with raised shoulders and tight muscles through out. I look forward again to develop the lengthening of body and breath. Thank you again and feeling hope. Olga

Racquelle Kulus says:

This was this first time I have ever done yoga I am looking for some way to focus my energy and help myself I just quit smoking and I’m a mother for a beautiful 4 year old and I want to feel whole again there has been so much negativity in my life the last 2 years going through divorce I’m very happy to have my beautiful daughter but I need some me time something other the being a mommy I want to feel like a woman again. I loved your video and I really want to continue to follow your videos I subscribed to you channel thank you ☺️

Ben King says:

Really enjoyed my first yoga class with you. Yoga is now going to be a part of my journey, thank you 🙂

Prim Everdeen says:

When your cat rubs against your side stretch post, then rubs them all…

Naser Bader says:

Can you please answer my questions. What if I am not an athlete or know for sure that I don’t possess the flexibility required? Is going to gym or joining cross-fit sessions few months before taking my first yoga lesson a good idea?

Lizbeth López says:

Omg I really really liked this video. It was perfect for me..! Thank you. I’ll definitely check all of your other videos!

Julia Dabbs says:

That was lovely! Just the right pace

Sebastiana Clayton says:

thanks i love it.

Cathy Bloniarz says:

Not very beginner for a beginning yoga person.  Some modifications but NO modifications for someone with bad knees.  Most poses consisted of being on hands and knees.

Joanna Rizk says:

What an amazing class! Thank you so much.

Erin Spencer says:

Went by surprisingly fast- love it!!

Laura Andrades Fernández says:

Thank you so much for your video!

Laura Mason says:

Thanks for the video! I tried this out for the first time and enjoyed it. I have some crazy shoulder tension and I’m sure yoga would be beneficial. I feel nauseated though. Any idea why? Could it be the deep breathing I’m not used to?

Heather MacRae says:

Thank you for this!  Much love 🙂

Jorge Moreira says:

Loved this lesson. Thank you for sharing it with us 🙂

Brigi Nyárfádi says:

Thank you for this unique experience: i seriously got tears in my eyes after it, yoga felt soooo good 🙂 I’m going to continue with you… Grateful hugs from Budapest

samiegrrl says:

this video really takes me back to the basics! thank you your instructions were on point!

Zaynab Alkari says:

I absolutely loved this exercise! You’ve been helping me build confidence with my own strength and helped me keep my anxiety under control!!!

Annie Kaminski says:

I just fell in love with yoga!!!! <3 i had tried it couple random times before, but maybe I just wasn't receiving the practice the way I needed to. This was the first time I did yoga for a full hour and I loved it! thanks for providing video and resources on this beautiful exercise and meditation.

Sticky Jim says:

Great reintroduction to yoga. Energy flowing and feeling fantastic. Thank you Brett x

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