Beginner Morning Yoga Sequence for Greatist (15-min)

Start the day right with this 15-min Beginner Yoga Sequence *no prior yoga experience required!*

Start the day right with this 15-min Beginner Yoga Sequence designed to center you, keep your body in balance and wake you up to start your day. *No prior yoga experience is needed* to do this sequence with me. More beginner yoga classes on this playlist here:

In this beginner yoga sequence, I go over the benefits of each pose, as well as flash the name of the pose on the screen so you can start to get used to the “language of yoga.”

Yoga is always the best way to start your day 🙂 Let me know how this beginner yoga sequence went for you in the comments below!




Fadia Akel says:

I love your yoga thanks

Tina Joplin says:

thank you for the 15mins

Gina Madonna says:

Thank you for this morning yoga ritual. I just returned from a yoga retreat in Croatia and this beginning yoga sequence can help keep my practice going. I have subscribed to your channel hoping to learn more at my own pace. Thank you!!

bananka80 says:

This is the best thing that happened to me. Love this routine, refreshing and challenging enough to build strength. Thank you, Brett, for the extremely helpful tips and positive attitude.

I-am-not-a-squirrel says:

I chose your video for my first morning yoga. I feel it really woke up my body. Great stretch movements too after a hard legs workout yesterday. Thank you, looking forward for more, was a lovely first experience.

Tamara Stuart says:

This is fab for a quick morning session, stretches you out perfectly. Really enjoyed this and I didn’t realise how (not a real word) but un stretched I was.

Thanks x

nsyverson says:

this was great. easy to follow. you directed it so well

- Carys Styles says:

Perfect for a beginner and directions are clear and easy to follow. Thanks!

Debra Silva says:

I do this EVERY day. Made a huge difference in my life! Really helps depression and anxiety.

Durba Raha says:

highly recommended!!

Lugn Et says:

One of the most impressive thing in this video is how in the world you talked your way through this so smoothly!?

Ingrid Franov says:

Hi. I used to have a lot of trouble with my back and my legs (restless legs, cramps). Since I started doing this routine at least 4 mornings a week my “restless legs” are gone and my back is much better. And then comes all the “usual” benefits of yoga! Thanks!

Annie Kaminski says:

loved this!!! as a beginner, some things were hard but i can’t wait to see what my body will begin to do after practicing for a bit 🙂

Jason Kline says:

First, I want to say CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR ANNOUNCEMENT! It’s surely frightening and exhilarating at the same time.

Thank you for creating this routine. It has literally helped to change my life and my mindset about who I am and where I’m going in life. I have never been one to be gung ho about exercising. I did get into running for a while, and completed a marathon at that, but didn’t stick with it after the marathon. I’m going through a very emotionally challenging time right now in my personal life and my teaching career. In looking for ways to manage my ADHD, anxiety, and depression, I discovered the article on Greatist where this video appeared. I have been doing the routine in this video every single morning since then – nearing two months now.

I would never have considered yoga to be so beneficial to my mental, physical, and spiritual health until trying this routine. However, despite the circumstances that I find myself in, I wake up every morning with a positive outlook on my day and my life. I have drastically reduced my caffeine intake, no longer feeling like I need an entire pot of jet fuel…er…coffee… to start my day and be awake. I’m looking forward to continuing my growth in life and to following along in more of the routines you have created and shared.

Thank you for putting this out there for the world. I honestly cannot express enough my gratitude.


Samuel Fontaine says:

I started watching this almost a year ago and there have only been a few days that I missed doing it.

Kristin Milton says:

I did this yoga with my seven year old – and we got through the whole thing. A great start to our morning.He says the flat back stretch really stretched him 🙂

Catherine Bailey says:

I’m just really loving this yoga I feel 80% better. I’m not going to stop it’s saving my life

Monse Martinez says:

Absolutely loved it! thank you for sharing

Ingrid D Wadsworth says:

This was an easy and comprehensive morning routine. Like starting with child’s pose!

VANAJA R says:

Awesome flow. I tried this today. I felt great. Should this be done in empty stomach ? Should all the yoga poses be done in empty stomach ?

Alexander Morris says:

Anybody else notice how nice the place she’s doing this is? I would love a patio like that!!

Adam Roe says:

I really appreciate the way you teach. I’ve found that watching the pose doesn’t necessarily mean knowing how to concentrate different muscle groups during the pose. Your explanation of how to focus the body during Downward Dog (spine more, hamstrings less) was a very helpful example of instruction I’ve missed from others.

Durba Raha says:

amazing way to start your day

Cinnamon 730 says:

I love the video and plan on following it, may I just make the suggestion to try and edit the audio in future clips? The audio clips quite frequently and is loud even with the volume almost completely down

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