Advice for Yoga Beginners – Where To Start? Q&A

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I was in San Francisco last week (check out my vlog here: and got to sit down with Brett Larkin to discuss my five tips I’d like to give anyone who’s brand new to yoga or who’s interested in getting started! There are so many different yoga styles, props, teachers, studios, etc that it can be overwhelming when you’re just starting out.

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Brett Larkin Yoga:

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Aya Badr says:

Thanks Kassandra for this video. I was searching for videos for beginners and I was afraid of so many things you have discussed in this video.. but I need to know how much time should I spend for practice and it should be 4 days per week or everyday

Regine Mac says:

Sooooo informative! Think I’m gonna start now 🙂

Erica Lowe says:

I started doing yoga last week. I’ve been to five classes I really enjoy yoga but due to work I want to do it from home. I’m scared that if I do it from home I won’t have someone to instruct me on how to do the poses correctly. Do you feel like it’s safe for people do it completely from home?

Yoga with Kassandra says:

Your donations help me purchase better equipment to improve the quality of my channel. Thank you for supporting FREE online yoga

איתן הינדי says:

I think that was awesome! Wish you would teach that at koocam. I would definitely pay to learn that from u to get suitable tips.

Dean Crawford says:

Awesome stuff!!!! I did a Yoga beginner course there for 8 weeks…over for the summer..I used to do it years ago on the Wii fit it was awesome…but have started doing Yoga workouts again online..I have challenged my self to do at least one Yoga workout a day….I really do like it and it totally relaxes the mind

Yoga with Kassandra says:

New to yoga and not sure where to start? We’ve all been there! Here are my top 5 tips for those who don’t know where to begin. I’m also joined by special guest, Brett Larkin 🙂

alma says:

Super helpful 🙂 Thank you

Panaprium says:

Amazing advice! Thanks for sharing. <3

Naturally Immaculate says:

I am literally trying a yoga class today and I am litterally super nervous I am not flexible at all

2Durr says:

the right woman is So Hott Much love to her,,I like to do Yoga with her i pay 500 dolla.

Diana García says:

Whata a great video, I just started today a simple yoga routine. Thanks for all the helpfull advices. Love from Venezuela.

Marco Leiva says:

Good advice, greetings from Costa Rica!

loveableme59 says:

Hi I have a question. What if you start off and you have quite a bit of access fat and it’s harder to do some of the poses what helps with working around that? Also what should you do if you start off and you start feeling dizzy? What are some things you could recommend to remedy that?

Ashley Alaine says:

I went to my first yoga class today and absolutely fell in love. I am so excited to start my practice. Thanks for the inspiration!

ren nitsuga says:

thank you for the tips 🙂

hunde sohn says:

i just started yoga by doing your yin classes, but i’m a bit confused…. should i set up a training schedule / work to a certain goal or just do random stuff / do what i feel like

Dona Walker says:

Great tips! Have just found yin yoga and it’s a fabulous addition to my gym workout. No more gym yoga. A studio provides exactly what I needed. You two provided some great info for us beginners. Thank you!

Árcsi 89 says:

Sadly this yoga is only for women 🙁

SHANNON Howells says:

Thank you for the great tips. I’m going to be taking my first class soon and have been watching YouTube a lot.

Miya Noneya says:

I’m coming out of a 10-year battle with chronic pelvic pain (dry needling and pressure point therapy) and want to start yoga as I get better. Even though the pain is no longer constant but comes and go, I’m hoping that some kind of yoga will help alleviate pain and stress but mostly get my mind into a healing state. Do you have suggestions for me? Also I have an adult son and an adult daughter, both on super strong medications to battle schizophrenia and schizoaffective Disorder which have caused severe weight gain in both (100 pounds on my son, 65 pounds on my daughter). Now that I’ve helped each one change their eating habits, I’d like to encourage them to try yoga, specifically for mental calmness and something to help them lose their large bellys (as in now looks 8 months pregnant belly). Can you tell which direction to go with them now?

Prempreet Dhimann says:

How many yogasnans we should perform in one day

katarina dakay says:

this is wonderful! thank you

Donna Ryan says:

This is a great and a helpful video. Thank you so much. You motivated me to actually do it and not just watch videos.

BrettLarkinYoga says:

Looks so so good beauty!!!! 🙂 love it!

Amy says:

Thanks for your tips. They make a lot of sense.

yogendra rathore says:

Hey.. i want to start yoga. Are there any rules for doing yoga, like time of the day, empty stomach or eating something before.. anything like that?

Noorhan Toney says:

when I watched some online classes I couldn’t performe some moves…If I keep trying, will I get any better or I just need help?

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