10 Min Yoga for Men Beginner Routine – Easy Men’s Yoga Workout – Best Yoga Workout for Dudes

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Q5000 says:

OMG, if Will Farrell played a yoga instructor, it would be this dude! The voice, the humour…

YoungJaviBeats says:

does it matter if i do this on my bad 😕

Chris Barrett says:

First day in and can’t wait to get through all three courses! Thanks a ton, Sean!

Chris Hutcheson says:

My wife sent me this link so I, we tried it tonight. I really liked it. I haven’t done Yoga since kindergarten or 1st grade, I’m 51 now so to say the least it’s been a while. It felt great and hurt but I really liked it even though it is very evident I am truly out of shape. Anyway, thank you, (Sean Vigue), for posting these video’s up. We watched and did two of them tonight and we are going to do some more in the morning before work. Anyway, thanks again for sharing your knowledge and experience. Take care and be blessed.

Chris 🙂

Charles Frechette says:

I have noticed that during the first couple of poses, letting my arms hang, then when I bring them up to have my arms over my head, my hands are numb. What is going one there?

Avi Mishory says:

I just found this video looking to get into yoga and …… I’m hooked.

SeanVigueFitness says:

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LionsAllday DETROIT says:

I wanna know how you programmed your dog to sound like a Lion..

Jonathan Rivera says:

I feel better already. thank you

Ball Sack says:

Holy shit that was a nice good stretch and workout!

RogueMelody003 says:

This is great, I was needing a short version yoga to get stretched out and this is perfect to start out with!
Thank you very much!

mega aryan122 says:


Andrew Casburn says:

Feeling the energy flow. Thanks for this.

Alex Murray says:

Since hitting my 40’s, I noticed I was stiffer and less supple than before. I also started getting muscle pulls. Your yoga is just what my body needed! Thanks Sean Vigue!!!

Armando Martinez says:


Christopher Biles says:

I have the same take five shirt! 5 different colors too! instant Subscribe. First time here and loved the video. put it in my favorites and I’ll be doing this weekly.

Dan L says:

Is it possible to do yoga and lift weights?

xfghkhjfsejid says:


Jorge Estrada says:

Great video and you’re right I’d never want to go to a live class, but this is great. I like the way you articulate everything as a beginner.

Dr Panda says:

Sunny thumbnail and snowy video

Jericho Montano says:

This is a lifesaver for me…I can feel the oxygen coming up to my brain…Thank you very much! And the video is short that’s great too, to keep me from coming back…very motivational…

Top 10 hacked noobs in my Business says:

id rather be fat, thanks anyway


great vid

Harry Dick Johnson says:

I’ll never understand why some men think yoga isn’t a work out.

Bill Kendall says:

Day one of doing this… And I can tell yea i feel a difference already, will be making it my morning routine for sure!

Alka Media says:

hey dude brilliant video, found it difficult at first to follow you because it was quite fast but with a lot of rewinding and replaying I am getting there! how long before I should try the intermediate video?


Amazing !! So inspiring I think I’ll start from this video. Thumbs up

thebruhs 52 says:

will this help me kick high and keep my leg up higher for kunfu?

Hasan Cheema says:

Yoga starts @2:51

Alec Shepley says:

I love you sooo much!!!!

Jon Legris says:

My girlfriend has been pushing me to check out yoga for a while now because she thinks my weight training is too intense and the increase in flexibility would benefit me and I gotta say, after doing the beginners you demonstrated I realized how tight my muscles actually are despite my mass and this short work out kicked my ass proper..
I’m grateful for this and I intend to continue with your helpful vids..
Thank you Kindly for the post!

Tech Tanmoy says:


jon01104 says:

Thanks for this video. You are doing a great job with these videos!

Colly Waffles says:

At 5:50 I thought that the dog was a tiger

Thomas Waldron says:

I tried this and can only hold each pose for a few seconds. Ill deffinitely be working on this

Anidil Praveen says:

great videos. suggest to use an external mic and windscreen with your gopro for better video experience 🙂

Vince M says:

Thank you! I’ve been meaning to get into yoga with my bodybuilding background but always thought you had to do it for 30-60min.

thebruhs 52 says:

great vid, and intense

zethon says:

The first thing I do when I open a book is smell it too!

Ryan Ricardo says:

Definitely not as easy as I thought it would be. Thanks for the video!

richard blanco says:

Awesome ! For the step by step you don’t rush threw the pose or the steps ! Just started a couple days ago this by far the best video for a beginners

Michael Arone says:

Kicked my ass but loved it man! really relaxing thank you

Aaron Tull-Dare says:


R-N-C 1994 says:

i felt so fresh after these thanks bro.

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