Workouts for WEIGHT LOSS -120lbs (for beginners) +MOTIVATION

Hello everyone
Welcome back to my channel💘 Today I have an updated* workouts for WEIGHT LOSS!! These were the very first workouts I EVER did to see RESULTS at the beginning of my journey 💪🏼 I hope this helps you get started on YOUR JOURNEY ‼️ #GetYaShitDone✅ & I can’t thank you guys enough for ALL THE LOVE & SUPPORT I receive from all of you 😭🙏🏼💖 May god bless you ALL 🙌🏼🙏🏼 much love & thank you so much for watching!! Feel free to comment any video suggestions you’d like to see✨ lysm💕

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medxleo says:


Kalee Organ says:

typically with bigger people wanting to shed weight you don’t want to start weightlifting until you lose weight anyway. it will build muscle which weights more than fat and you may get discouraged if you’re weighing yourself

Kaitlyn Kerr says:

did you have loose skin if i can ask

mireya castro says:

Honestly I’m a beginner as well I been going to the gym I didnt and still dont knoe wht to do at the gym but as I saw your video I was very empowered and like you said it’s a learning process I have about a month and it’s actually exciting going and making it a life style I just do have problems in eating properly

kes kis says:

Where did you get that top??

Latoshia Gipson says:

Great advice

bryant vann says:

Congrats u look so good


Awesome Video thank you

Strawberrysunset23 says:


jose mora says:

Good shit handling ur bizz! Much respect ! Where u from let’s get a session in !

Sidra Malik says:

After weight loss you have loose skin or not

Aella says:

ALWAYS do cardio before. Doing cardio after burns down the muscle you just built up by doing weight lifting.

Jacqueline Andrade says:

How much did you weigh when you started weights?

Vanessa S. says:

How often did you go to the gym ?

Jimin’s wifeu says:

the thing is I live in Germany and u gotta be 18 to go to the gym :/ but im 15 ugh

Ximena Uribe says:

Space buns look so cute on you!! Also thanks for the motivation!!

Princee Erick says:

This Video Inspired Me .

Robbie says:

Wow amazing transformation. Respect.

autumn. solid says:

how much did you lose from doing your strictly cardio the first 2 months ? I ask bc that’s where i’m at now been doing strictly cardio 40 mins everyday

Mackenzie yo says:

this was the most helpful video I’ve seen, and I’ve seen so many that don’t teach nothing but unhealthy shit. Thank you!

TamraGirl says:

You look like Hennessy Carolina

valerie rodriguez says:

thank you so much for this video im going to start going to the gym soon and just didn’t know where to start on my work 200 pounds right now can’t wait to start loosing this weight

arleneorozco0326 says:

I just started my journey last Sunday, so nervous, scared, but…. so determined! I’m ready! I have five kids that are looking up to me, I pretty much do all the cooking at home, so, I need help learning what to make for myself too.

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