What You Should Eat on the Ketogenic Diet

Fitness trainer Drew Manning reveals how a ketogenic lifestyle helped him lose weight within half a year, Then, he explains much fat, protein, and carbohydrates are needed to stay in ketosis, a state where the body burns fat for fuel.

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Düz Adam says:

He should have invited Dr. Eric Berg.

G. Green says:

Sorry, bacon is NOT healthy! Not good for the humble pig either.

Jonathan Davidson says:

6 months? Lol

billthestinker says:

Snake oil salesmen

Enzo Anania says:

He did not lose it in 6 months..bullshit..

WinchesterRevolution says:

Keto diet sucks, does help lose weight but it’s not healthy for your heart. Don’t eat veggies? No!!! Lots of Veggies people.

Matthew Sparks says:

The 28-Day Keto Challenge is a well-crafted plan to get you through the first month.
You get a 28-day meal plan to guide you every step of the way. You’re never left to figure things out on your own. Nothing is left to chance.
Simply follow the plan and you WILL succeed. https://bit.ly/2CAlmOB It worked for me

Gregory Michaels says:

No worries people you don’t have to EAT 70% sticks of butter to do keto: You can do pecans, avocado’s, bacon, ribeyes, dark meat chicken quarter with the skin, salmon, etc…. you can add olive oils, butters or coconut and oil based dressings, ranch, caesar etc…that are higher in fat, you can eat all the green salads you can handle, you can do asparagus, brocolli, cauliflower (made into mashed versions is just like having regular potato mashed) etc…. It’s a great way to eat. It’s enjoyable. You can also have cheeses and dairy just not SKIM versions. You can have heavy whipping cream in your coffee and even sweeten it with Stevia or artificial sweeteners just not sugar. You’ll probably FEEL a few day of your body changing so drink alot of water and stay up on your electrolytes. You don’t have to worry about salt on this diet either you flush etc sodium. So use pink sea salt on your food and even salt substitutes like Nu Salt that have potassium. You might want to supplement with a Magnesium too. It’s a great way to live lost 50 pounds on it since December so far. You feel great, mentally focused, alert and calm. The first week you’ll have a few ups and downs while you’re going into ketosis but if you drink alot of water and keep up on electrolytes you probably will not have anything much at all.

Duane egan says:

Dr Oz is a hoax! Dr Berg is the man!

Andrew Wilkinson says:

Doc says ” so no saturated fats then ” bloke looks uncomfortable thinking ‘I didn’t say that, this doc understands nothing of what I’m saying’ coconut oil is around 78 percent saturated fat. Butter is also a

Mr Nobody says:

I don’t do keto. I do intermittent fasting. I have a six pack abs and I eat whatever I want four hours a day 20 hours of fasting.

Keto Aaron says:

Keto combined with IF is golden. I’ve lost 170 lbs with it.

Brian Shannon says:

Your not a heart surgeon if your on TV all the time.

Daniel Trammell says:

The doctor to ask is Dr. Berg on YouTube, he also have live show on YouTube Friday 11:00am EST

Jenn Brown says:

Me and my parter did Keto for a week to see if we’d lose weight. I did a video on it, if anyone is interested.

MrsBalanceSheet says:

I’m the same situation as that woman. It’s the eating. You can workout an hour every day but if you over eat sweets the scale will stay the same. I honestly have come to the conclusion that I am addicted to sugar. Knowing the problem helps to get to the solution. I’m not where I want to be but working slowly towards a Keto lifestyle.

Sharla Williams says:

I liked it when he talked slightly about the heart.. keto will cause problems in the long run. Even he knows that.

Vic M. says:

Take rolaids, lots of gas and painful stomaches due to high fiber . Always, be near a toilet and have a second pair of undies. It gets messy but you will be on your way to become skinnyfat.

Raj Srivastav says:

Thank you DR.ERIC BERG !

Richard Levy says:

….still peddling the pernicious lie that “saturated fat is bad for you”.

wanda newton says:

Dr Oz, Please do a whole show in the benefits of the Keto diet on the brain. People respect your opinion and it would be so valuable to have the info come from you.

J L. says:

She is lying about exercising and she hasn’t really tried every diet. It’s the same lie all over wieght people say to themselves and repeat it to everyone who is willing to listen to them.

Blockchain Gael says:

This only works with a 23-1 diet 🙂
Is pro-biotic yogurt ok?

Golden Duck says:

he didn’t understand the question at 1:30 and avoided it. vegetables that are high in fiber are fine. net carbs = carb intake – fiber intake

Golden Duck says:

isn’t it still a little different since he has all that muscle to burn his fat?

Grace Mccraw says:

It’s not really a diet,you have to change your way of eating forever,best decision ever made.

osama dhiaf says:

G.H it’s clear

Corwyn Warwaruk says:

The visual representation of what to eat is misrepresenting an actual Keto diet. Fats have 2 1/2 times the calories as carbs and protein. The actual diet would almost be as much volume of veggies as represented by the fat and as much fat as represented by the veggies.

Wienerkabobs says:

Can you do a debate style show for Keto vs Plant Based. I just watched three or four diff Netflix documentaries and they all seemed to have the same health benefits.

Kelly Ryan says:

Keto pills made me lose weight 17 pounds in one month tryketodietpill.com is where I got them. They make your body burn fat fast. They basically put your body into ketosis quickly.

Marius Solberg says:

Dont fear protein! Gluconeogenesis is demand driven, and happening to some degree, all the time. When you eat protein, the body needs insulin to use that protein, but if insulin is going up, and there is no carbs coming in, glucose is going to fall. So to prevent a too low blood sugar, the body stimulates gulcagon, which tells the liver to put out a little glucose to balance out the effect of insulin going up. Craig Emmerich explains this beautifully, listen to him debunking these “keto myths” making people afraid. Protein in the most important macro nutrient, and being in ketosis depends only on reducing the carb intake, not making the fat intake 70% or more. You can burn the fat on your plate, or the fat on your body.

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