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LaVinylia says:

One of your best videos

Tanja Dehne says:

danke für die Zusammenfassung

cristina wiley says:

I wanted to thank you for this video. My daughter who is nine has really stuggled with her weight. I have been eating a plant based diet for about 9 months. I have tried to get the rest of my family to follow but is a slow and long road. Last month we took the youngest for a check up, and she was labeled morbidly obese. while I do agree that she can loose weight I don’t really agree with the BMI scale. So we have been doing things to encourage her to be more active and limit the types of fats she is eating etc… While I can see the slow and steady loss of weight, she can’t and she had a breakdown yesterday. She was crying because she is fat and nothing is working, I immediately thought of the video I watched in the morning and had her sit and watch it. She listened to it and felt much better by the end. Thank you for that slow and steady message and that anything you do is great even if you think it should be faster. We both thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Anonymous Anonymous says:

You need muscle to also help you burn fat?

LetsJazzItUp says:

but why do you always say “non starchy veggies?” i like corn but its a starchy veggie. whats wrong with corn and other starchy veggies?? isnt potatoes a starchy veggie??? HELP

magdy C says:

Hannah, upload this vid to ur Rawtillwhenever site!! As a mom u have helped my kid a whole lot, thanks!!

Massiel Eve says:

Great video ❤️

Naked & Comfy says:

Hannah you’ve come so far. You are looking stunning girl. I love the fact that you incorporating weight training. I also believe it is important.

Tammy Stuckey says:

Hannah, I am 53….am I too old to really change my diet and life style… so many of my friends say that I am..

Alida van wel says:


R D says:

I feel hungry after 3 hours after each meals of the day is that o.k ?

Olxia says:

so if i still have a bit fat on my tummy and I lift weights I will eventually loose fat and my muscles will be visible?

NelNova TV says:

I’m vegan and I went to chuckie cheese #thuglife

per5eph0n3 says:

i just discovered tip #3! lol I plateaued in my weight loss journey and decided to not be so strict ( i had eliminated all fats), and started adding a little tahini dressing to my salads and an occasional avocado and my weight has started dropping significantly. I really think a little bit of those fats, as you said hannah, really is key! These tips are so on point and i can totally relate! Thank you Hannah for all you do! <3

Kristie's Journey To Self Love! says:

Hannah this video was very helpful! Thanks so much! I needed it!

Anonymous Anonymous says:

Can you make a video on your opinion on the YouTube video Sugar The Bitter Truth?

Joyful Determination says:

love this video!  ty!  PS: Hair is on point!

Nicki Rodriguez says:

Could you talk about how to get all of your nutrients on a plant based diet? You eat 2,000+ calories a day, but I tend to only really need 1300-1500 (I’m just smaller and less active)
So I have to choose my foods very carefully to get the most nutrition possible and that’s hard!

Kristin Barnhart says:

Thank you for this video. I have not been consistent with the starch based diet and think some of the reason is because I have felt guilty if I ate avocado or drank a smoothie because those are frowned upon by certain groups. So I would then fall of the wagon hard core. I feel like I am going to be successful this time because of the things you addressed in this video regarding food and exercise and especially how losing half a pound a week is a good thing. Hopefully I can get my husband to realize that he doesn’t have to lose 4 or 5 pounds per week to be successful. At least he is on board with this way of eating. I have at least 60 pounds to lose and I was concerned about saggy skin if I lost weight too quickly. Thank you for your consistency in sharing videos and recipes.

Cosmic Carrie says:

#2 is so true. that whole 90 days to a perfect body is a myth

Mike & Kailyn says:

I don’t agree with you with losing weight fast.. when I started vegan, I lost my first 30 pounds in 30 days Haha. it did slow right down and now I lose about a half pound to a pound per week. but it only took me 8 months to lose 65 pounds, I dont have loose skin, extra stretch marks or any of the things you said haha.. love your videos though 🙂

WhyLife? says:


Craftlover 9 says:

You are an awesome person….. thanks for sharing!

Jordan Nicole says:

I have also read a lot where building muscle helps to rev up your body. So your metabolism might rise a bit. I know since I started weights I have been more consistent in weight loss.

Amber Scott says:

Thanks Hanna for your video this one is the best one yet can’t wait for more like this 😉 thansk girl

Johanna Woodbury says:

Love the message!

ris styles says:

extremely good advice!!

Yvette McMurray says:

Looking good Hannah, those arms!

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