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Dianne roy says:

on the rice bowl, are the ingredients cold?

Lauren Anderson says:

So i tried the hashbrowns.. took forever to cook, stuck to the bottom continuously, and wasn’t too flavorful. This no oil no salt thing is tougher than i thought.


looking great H…..

Esoteric One says:

yum….tofu scramble!

Ana K says:

What’s the pan you are using? Great vid!!

Tiny House Family says:

Love your tiny kitchen <3 Now that you've been in it for a little while, what do you think? Is it what you thought it would be?

Tina Girton says:


Stephanie LaFever says:

I really liked this video 🙂

Emily Kempe says:

You are seriously so beautiful!! and the food just looks so fricken good!!! I actually just uploaded a new recipe video to my channel and it would be awesome if you checked it out! Thanks so much, stay amazing!!!

Boo Ink. says:

Hey Hannah could you start putting the ingredients in the description?

FATtoVEGAN! !! says:

I just went vegan and I’m watching a bunch of your videos to get food ideas! Love them!

OTW Ranch says:

I liked how you put all the ingredients in the bowl first, perfect way to size up your meal 🙂

Christin Rost says:

Is it better using sweet potatoes instead of white potatoes? Or does it not matter regarding weight loss? Because sweet potatoes have more fiber. Thanks 🙂

Crumblin Cookie says:

I love to become a vegan, and i’ve tried it before.. but i always get hungry again later, any ideas what to do?

Chareen Bogner says:

Hannah can you do a mukbang or video talking about cooking in your airfryer?

T Kidd says:

Hello , How are you doing Hannah ? What pan were you using there that didn’t need oil , so that they don’t stick?

Aleks says:

These videos are the best❤ thank u! and do you think that it is still possible to loose weight eating wheat tortillas, flower basically?

Liz Stasinos says:

No fruit!? Why don’t you eat any fruit. Fruit is so healthy and so yummy!

small footprint says:


Rachel Henton says:

Would you be up for doing a wardrobe update? It looks like you guys purged a lot of clothes and items since moving. How are you liking that transition, i.e. living with less possessions?

Bernadette Engel says:

Thanks so much for your recipe videos! the food always turns out GREAT! It is always really discouraging when you cook a new recipe and the healthy food tastes awful. Eating the tofu curry scramble right now! I also made the vegan lentil loaf for my family on christmas and it is the best thing ever. Thank you so much for making me wanna eat all the whole foods <3

Vanessa The Vegan says:

There is a website doing a false advertisement that you lost weight by using some remedy and they are using your before and after. They never once mentioned your veganism I can email you the link if you would like.

Rihan Na says:

It’s a lot better than coffee because it really jump starts my day and keeps me active, awake, and alert the entire day. Not only that, but I also noticed that if I eat a bit less, I lose weight a lot faster. I mean, by cutting my meals in half, I can lost as much as 5 pounds in 2 weeks! It’s a win-win situation! I get extra energy from *weight loss green store tea* , so my performance is not compromised, and I can also look weight and look better by the day!

Pwaisey says:

These look so nice.

Brenda Hulett says:

Looks gr8 tks Hannah. Could you advise which is the best, healthiest non-stick pan to buy? I’m from South Africa and most non-stick pans here are aluminium based with another coating. Yr pan looks gr8 ~ is it non-stick too? Many tks x

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