Weight Loss Tips for Teens

Weight loss tips for teens is not to promote needed weight loss in young girls. Like I mention in this video I would rather give useful advice vs watch young people follow the next super model trend. As we get older it does get harder to lose weight and different actions need to be taken and we have access to more resources as adults. These tips are for teens to utilize whats around them, to fuel their bodies instead of deprive them, to also take advantage of what is around them. Hope this is helpful. Please follow me on instagram and snap chat and I will follow you back if you let me know you follow my channel. IG: Vanessas__World Snapchat: Vanessasworld. #slimdownseries in any post you may have of meals, progress or anything you would like to share.

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Disclaimer: This video is not sponsored. I am also not a professional. I share things that have helped me in the past and like to give other people ideas. Please consult your doctor before following any new diet.

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Geraldine Doyle says:

I’m 5’1,47 years old, i have loose this weight badly and this diet plan [https://www.facebook.com/Diet-plan-1852926114976349/app/208195102528120/] is helping me. Heart disease runs in my family, this doesn’t help nor does taking meds, but this diet plan works! This app is well made and really efficient. Keep it up! This guide provides you a huge collection of weight loss tips. Works like magic and convenient.really fabulous.Very helping guide it is.

Viktorija.S101 says:

I’m 13 and i just want to maintain my weight.What should i do.

Helenx77 says:

i’m 16 y/o, 5’4, 116 lbs
(163cm, 53kg)

amylove188 says:

I am 5’9 and 15 and I am 145 pounds and I really really want to lose at least 15 pounds…

Tsukuyomi of the Uchiha says:

I’m thirteen, 5’5.25″, and I weight 160-165 pounds. People at school make fun of me, and I’m disgusted with myself. I really do want to lose weight so they won’t point out my size any more.

Rosemarie French says:

I discovered about the diet program “lyly amazing guide” via a Google search. In just a number of days, I’ve lost over 15 pounds. It’s the best weight loss plan I’ve actually seen and it sure works for me.

pajama buddy says:

does anybody want to be my weightloss buddy im 15 and need someone to hold me accountable

Kimjong-un 69 says:

Im 15 , i weigh 190 pounds and im 5,7 and since im not that fat( im pretty fat)can i start lifting weights or should i start with a diet and once i lose some weight start lifting?

Maisa Andrade says:

Really liked this video

Rere E says:

My pe is sitting in a circle and rolling a squishy ball around. I wish I had gotten weight room.

cool girl videos says:

she looks like a fucking prostitute

Giraffe Pop says:

I’m 13, 5’2 and 117 pounds. I want to look fabulous, so I’m going to get all the help I can get. Anyone want to be weight loss buddies?

marie Mohammed says:

i am 76 kilos i have 16 i want to be 60 kilos

gaelaxy says:

I’m 14 now, 5″6 and 86kg 🙁 I’m disgusted with my own body and my family also insult my weight. Thank you for your tips 🙂

SSE Outdoors says:

would you suggest taking Gatorade out of our diet.

Alicia Sparkle says:

I’m 12 years old soon like in 2 weeks and I don’t think I’m overly fat or normal but I can’t lose weight no matter what I’ve been drinking more water and no more takeaways which is fast food and I changed my pasta to whole grains and change my normal tea to green every couple of days
Soo any tips I want to lose 2 stone I’m 5,2 and 10.13 stone

Lusims says:

Hello :)im 16 and im nearly 80kg and i think im about 5 ft 8 or so and oh my gosh im so stressed to loose wait cos im overweight by like 20kg. I have tried working out and eating healthy but like idk what im doing wrong. So far i haven’t lost anything and i dont know what to do. This video was helpful but after watching about 38914934819 weight loss videos im just confused of what not to do and what to do. my left side has more fat on my waist than my right and im just confused someone please help. Thanksxx

Zen_Gryffinpuff _SDMN says:

I love sport and being active, but it’s just the snacks after school, I eat way to many snacks and that’s what really holds me back

My Appi Place says:

that is what i do. when i get to school i skip breakfast. when i get home i eat a lot and my be complaining. i sometimes starve myself and don’t like eating around people. we had this school trip to wingstop but decided not to go cause i thought i would have felt uncomfortable.

Daddy_ TOP_ says:

Thank you!

I play w/ Lag says:

i watched this while eating choclate..but i shared it with my mum and its dark (; #improving

Cat Brown says:

I am 16 years old, 5’5 and 136 pounds. My heaviest weight was 160 and I weighed that over the summer and the start of the school year. Since then I have been on my way to be healthier and have lost a decent amount of weight. I really wanted to share my tips with people who were like me struggling with their weight.
1.) drink lots of water
2.) I know how hard it is to not binge and turn to healthier food options but it is the only way! (Believe me I know, I used to eat a whole package of cookies EVERY NIGHT)
3.) eat breakfast, lunch and dinner and throughout the day if you get hungry go for a banana, granola bar or something along those lines
4.) it all starts in your mind, if you tell yourself you really want to do this (and not just for being thin but to be HEALTHY) then it all starts with your motivation to do so.

I personally start my day off every morning with a healthy smoothie and a glass of water with a little but of apple cider vinegar. I continue to drink water throughout the day. Lunch is normally things like basmati rice, whole grain noodles, broccoli, tofu, beans or even a lean cuisine microwaveable meal if I’m feeling lazy. Dinner is what my mom cooks but keeping it at a decent portion or again whatever I cook which is kind of the same as what I would normally cook for lunch. I still have the occasional bowl or ice cream or cookie but in moderation and definitely not every night.

Keep in mind I also weight train at least 2 times a week and try to throw in cardio during my week. Remember diet is 80% of weight loss and exercise is only 20% so good luck everyone! I hope my success story can help at least some of you!:)

Ana Buchholtz says:

I never ever believed I might get such amazing weightloss results. Within the first several of days, I had already said good-bye to 5 pounds. Interested? Google “loli special plan” and try it for your self.

V 3Pacstein says:

“I’m not promoting weight loss for young adults and teens”. Read the fucking title

izzy says:

I’m 14 5’1 and 94 pounds is that bad? plz help?

vanessa pina says:

So i got myself a gym membership for Christmas right. Im 17,I work, do volunteering and honor an student. Trying to make time for the gym always seems difficult, sometimes its a ride issue or im too tired after work/school or i just simply have no motivation. I wanna know what kept you motivated and how did you get your body to eat healthier. Im west african so im used to eating white rice, beans, chicken, red meat and fish etc , we dont eat a lot of raw vegetables or “diet food” . Im not fruit or veggies type of person so im struggling to change in that category.

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