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Happy Saturday friends or w.e day it is when you’re watching this! Here’s my tips for anyone who considers themselves a beginner with weight loss or a fitness lifestyle change. I hope you find some of my tips helpful! Thank you a ton for watching xoxo

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I’m eating pasta at midnight while watching this.

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Lauren's Life says:

My goal is to lose 30 pounds!! I’m 5,2 and I weight 135. I want to get down to 105-110 really bad. I’m 15 years old. I try but I always fail I needs motivation and my family doesn’t eat the healthiest so it’s hard.

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Mohammed Alotaibi says:

oh boy when it comes to losing weight, good diet is the most important factor in weight loss journey. love your video 
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That DIY Couple says:

Awesome job! You look great! Thank you for these tips and sharing your story! My husband and I lost 160 lbs focusing on diet, no exercise. It’s so so worth it. We’re documenting our journey on our page, excited to follow more of yours!

citlaly rojas says:

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Liiz Perez says:

u said u like weight training but at first for weight lost u did more cardio? or did u do both?

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How many calories do you eat a day? I want to start but I have no clue what is a reasonable calorie count 🙁

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