Weight loss tips for beginners

In this video, I offer tips on weight loss for beginners. Being a beginner on a weight loss journey can be scary and confusing, hopefully, the tips in this video will help you find the path to success.

1. Set your mind and create a vision. Every thought process and thought pattern that you had in the past, un do it. Get rid of timelines

2. PLAN: FAIL TO PLAN PLAN TO FAIL. IT WOULDVE BEEN IMPOSSIBLE IF I DIDNT PLAN AHEAD. Asses your life, and game plan a way to make nutrition and exercise fit as seamlessly as possible.

3. Calculate calories and go shopping: figure out your maintenance calorie requirements and start off with a small 200-400 calorie deficit

4. Find a style of exercise that you enjoy or that you hate the least AND DO IT CONSISTENTLY


IIFYM Macro Calculator

Precision Nutrition’s Weight Loss Calculator: Eat less? Move more? Here’s what it really takes to reach your goals.

What to eat to lose weight

50$ budget





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Tiffany Ann says:

Hey Brix!! Are you a fan of Fish Oil? I just started taking some today as I read there are great benefits to them. What’s your opinion?

Purpose Driven says:

Hey follow me at “TAP Fitness Television” I’m aiming to inspire others to live better. Critique my videos and provide feedback to me Brix tapfitnesstv@gmail.com or just comment

Eugene Nazarius Fernandez says:

I’ve already lost 60lbs but i gained 7lbs…. Smh.. going to my guru.

TeenFitness says:

HIIT cardio is all you need and a good diet I’ve explained this before so many times on my channel it’s simple but people complicate it

Joseph says:

The logo is freaking sick af I need that hat

Skate Monkeyx says:

Yo i wanna get lean before summer (4months away) im 6’1 i weigh 163, im 17 do i have to stop watching porn?

Lawanda Battle says:

I still find it soo hard to believe that you were fat

Riok unsung Fusin says:

Bruh im 17 and 5 foot 11 like 174 i got man boobs my legs are fat and i got a bit of a stomach and a ton of arm fat im having a tough time sticking to diets and exercising properly

Lavapop says:

THOT season!!!

Terrell Thomas says:

Brix, That “Outro” at the end all your videos is serious!

RobbieSupreme says:

Bro why is it so damn hard to lose belly fat and man boobs???? I seriously look good everywhere else shoulders,arms legs jus stomach and chest seems to take forever and I’m not even that fat when I started I was 250 now I’m 210 but my guy and chest still look fat! I guess i don’t diet good enough

Fred Maltais says:

Edits on point. Love your humor!

Baby Milestones says:

About intermittent fasting, can i drink any beverage during the time when I can eat (after the fast)?

Jeff G says:

Another great vid. What camera do you use? Sound and quality is on point!!

Aj Pascarella says:

Bruh… you a real one

Arcades From The 90's says:

Everything you said was on point.The problem with me is I have high blood pressure but with the symptoms.Alot of people have it but don’t feel it that’s why they call it the Silent Killer.I get very fatigued if I don’t eat right and when its super high I can’t go hard exercising or at the gym bcuz that makes it go higher and i get dizzy even if i go running.Im not taking pills at the moment but I plan on to very soon at least until I can get back healthy where I’m suppose to be.Do you have any tips or you think I should just take it slow especially on things like the elliptical. Your advice is very appreciated bro

Pyaar Lafzon Mein Kahan says:

1 Hour Belly Blast Diet


Dante james says:

Get well and Get wealthy…I appreciate all the time, effort and love you put into your videos. You’ve been a light in a dark room for me, a true inspiration. Don’t waiver in the mission God gave you because you are fulfilling the prophecy he set for you. I really hope you see this message man. Thanks for the much needed inspiration.

silkystreebzz says:

Here is a question I have. How exactly do you know if you’re in a caloric deficit? Or how do I plan to enter a caloric deficit?

Luke Spragg says:

Truth! Great transformation

Ron Boston says:

peace brix$..if i could suggest. you might want to consider a bmw x 5 used, preferably with lower miles so you get some mileage/value equity out to box. if you enjoy driving you will appreciate that is drives like a performance sedan. the difference is the engine is positioned lowest point adding to chasis stability and handling. the suspension again is built from the performance side. i see you keep testing bmw m series. bro i think this is would a good way to satisfy what you need with having style/utility. .just make sure you do a pre purchase inspection at a reputable bmw mechanic to check all the essentials, ….hope this helps my dude..
be well

lovindatJoan says:

Man you always say something I need to hear. Thank you!

Dave Balla says:

She a brix house , she mighty mighty letting it all hang out. Lol

Matthew Dixon says:

Binge watching all your videos while on the treadmill! 115lb down, thanks for sharing your experiences!

Evan Given says:

The overthinking point was truly right on the money. Thanks for all your inspiring content and clarity.

Patty Cake says:

I still can’t get over anyone who doesn’t like these videos. Now if you are ideal height and weight wonderful for you but for the majority of us we need a cheerleader that has personally struggled with a weight problem. He is doing a hell of a job. God Bless

Arnold Nunez says:

So much truth in here. I appreciate the knowledge and experience you spread. I’m literally inspired but not going to lie… failed too many times to be confident about it. still thanks though.

Brian Young says:

Dude I respect the hell out of you… I’m in the process of loosing weight and you’re my motivation… I recently went from 240 to 218

Elena Torres says:

Needed this! Thanks!

Tonia Carey says:

I just tried to download ur e-book and it didn’t download. Could you tell me what I need to do to get ur book downloaded? I really want to read it.

Michelle A says:

Hey B and family:

Love the motivation journey also how you give so much insight. Also for the ladies how can you keep a man happy and not bored. How to keep it fun for your man and for him to put a ring on it. Preach the word.

Love and peace my brother!

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