WEIGHT LOSS GUIDE HOW TO LOSE WEIGHT in a month step by step guide 2018

In this series I will teach you step by step how to lose weight in a month and how to start a cut. In order to lose body fat you need to lose weight strategically. I will teach you how to do it in this series 2018! Check out my 2016 series rich piana inspire “LEANER BY THE DAY” in my playlist!

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Fermin Gutierrez says:

Tas bien Chula con Todo respeto preciosa

Jessica Masso says:

What do u think about Keto diet? I’m on it for 7 months and I’ve lost 43 pounds.

thekingsmen says:

I would do raspberries( it’s nothing sexual) on those arms Marjan….

Rashaan Moore says:

You actually really inspire me to keep working out and eating right to look good. Its like im not going through the stuggle alone lol.

Melissa Mel says:

Yass please!

Shady Slim says:

Very Informative

josh brodrick says:

Your so absolutely gorgeous

Eddie Gonzalez says:

Can dudes follow this guide as well?

Brown Buffalo says:

Damn ,hell yeah !!!!!!!!

Timm Simmins says:

I love your silly videos but these I really love more!!!!

Pink Puppy says:

Thank you for this video girl! I love watching your videos you bring good vibes!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️

Mario In Arizona says:

You truly inspire me to get my fat ass to the gym!

brison hill says:

yes please

Major Havok says:

Thanks for the positive vid, what are your thoughts on fasting one day a week? Is it good to fast or not? I learned this technique from jk lee olyimpic champion. He will do a three day fast. Once a month.

Shyne 1337 says:

Nice video keep up the good work.

Nevaeh Hawkins says:

Do it baby

Marzieh Marzieh says:

Yaaass!! We want to see it!! Always love seeing your videos. Informative and inspirational

Manuel Mulero says:

Sexy as always Marjan and it always means so much when you comment back:) I pray that my sickness will go away soon.I’m the complete opposite of this video lol I need to gain weight again thx for the info much love<3

DanB Meyer says:

You are adorable…but your editing style is driving me mad! do you edit yourself? You might need help!

Rashaan Moore says:

I really love the direction you’re taking this channel. Idk about everyone else but i dig the advice talking in a different setting other than just in ur car……(not throwing shade on ur busy schedule cuz im sure thats why). I felt so drawn into what you were saying in this video. I also have always loved how you never stuck to one particular thing in ur vids. It just keeps everything fresh and open. Like “i wonder what kind of vid will she post next?” Lol. Much love and please keep making content.

asdf adsf says:

please for the love of god get a better camera/microphone

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