Tim Tebow Explains How The Keto Diet Breaks Down Fat

Professional athlete Tim Tebow gives insight into what he eats on the ketogenic diet. Plus, find out what’s in Tim’s favorite “fat bomb” dessert and his go-to snack.


Denise Forester says:

You can tell oz doesn’t understand keto

SuperBullies1 says:

In one year Keto brought my blood pressure from 137 over 71 to 168 over 98! My cholesterol went sky high too. My doctor told me to get off it immediately. Thanks but I’ll Pass.

Barbara Figueroa says:

I am afraid of not being able to go to the bathroom…what can I eat with Keto to make sure I have a bowel movement everyday… I normally eat apple a day . but with Keto you can not have apples

Our FitFamily says:

Keto is king we have 5 kids and our entire family has been KETO – LOWCARB – CARNIVORE for at least 4 years now!

jonathantangjerd says:

OK obviously Dr berg and Thomas delauer know more…. but this gets more people talking about keto which is good.

Ben Decker says:

Calories are not the issue!!!

Maria Gutierrez says:


El Professor says:

Look up Dr. Boz…not Dr. Oz.

Revelry says:

The audience claps for everything, even the avocados

Cook Lot Valdosta GA Supercenter says:

He doesn’t have a clue!

sajtion says:

if you’re looking for an answer you won’t get it here. this is terrible explanation, demonstration and presentation ever. it made no sense at all. look somewhere else

Mtownraven says:

Remember to take in fiber if you’re going to try the keto diet.

austin godii says:

I don’t believe this.

Whey Shin says:

Caloric deficit is how to lose fat. Doesn’t matter if it’s keto carbs or protein.

Stucknarutt says:

I hope No Dumbass in the world would EVER try your STUPID Bull !! If I get one more Fucking keto diet email after unsubscribing multiple times now, I’ll find all you POS’s responsible and ##!!!!%&^^@//!!!  Let’s just say it’s time you were made a Big Example Of !! What you do would be illegal if our government wasn’t SCUM like you and you’re about to get what’s coming to you, Bitch !!!!

Cathy 111363 says:

Cashews have the most carbs of the tree nuts so limit the cashews and eat pecans and walnuts instead.

Hisham Al-Osh says:

Doesn’t cucumber have carbohydrates?

Ameena Naweds says:

You can not have cashews on keto

Donna puckett says:

thank you for posting!

Top Student says:

I like that you did not put any of the side effects from ketogenic diet. how do you feel misleading people to start a diet that haven’t even been tested for long term use population? This reminds me of the Atkins diet a lot of hype and I can smell a lot of issues coming in the future from people using a super high fat diet did you see how much you had an olive oil to be able to do this diet that’s insane you have to drink olive oil to be on this diet. go had guys you test this new trendy diet for us and if you get atherosclerosis well done please study biology next time before trying something that has an almost 100% chance of failure.

Diane Schuller says:

Dr oz obviously has no idea how it works. Calories do not matter on keto. sheesh

rtcharge says:

Dr oz is such a pusher!

Anja Kantic says:

The best thing to combine keto with is intermittent fasting! I joined this group and got so many ideas as well as encouragement! https://www.facebook.com/groups/DailyKetoLiving/


Dr Oz is just doing what he’s told and paid to do ,one day he’s promoting veganism,then paleo now keto ,one minute he’s pushing the flu vaccine next he’s openly admitting his wife didn’t vaccinate their kids (smart woman) Sadly the man is just a bought puppet who owes Dr Berg a sincere apology. Sorry Dr Oz you’ve lost my respect

Chris Z. says:

Can someone with high cholesterol and hypertension eat all this red meat and bacon like every raves about?

Jenny M says:

Well that explains why Tebow was so bad in the NFL. No carbs to fuel his games! 😀

Tina Ditrius says:

I was swooning over him until he said resse piecey. Turn off lol

Tony FuckGoogle says:

I wonder how long before Tebow comes out of the closet?

Laid Back says:

KETOGENIC DIET Meal Plan – 7 DAY FULL MEAL PLAN for Beginners > https://t.co/E3zZvridBr?VaUgihFQzF4a

Ravi Hukmani says:

Have u heard of Ms_Pancho’s affordable meal plans, i recently heard of it and used it and they really work great. U can know more from https://tinyurl.com/yd6nhtul

infringinator says:

I haul strawberries across the nation and if TB says to eat bacon I am in no position to argue with the man.

MDIblueray M. says:

I went on the Dr Oz site for this fat bomb recipe and what they have listed for it is wrong.

Juanito Martinez says:

Do you have a recipe for the peanut butter fat bombs?

Jan says:

Pfah! Loves bacon, obviously doesn’t love animals! Why didn’t they do Vegan Keto? Kind to the planet, the animals, and our guts!

Paddy Mcdoogle says:

Did that bitch put that half eaten cucumber back on that plate?

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