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SeaBlue1976 says:

thank you so much.The one that helps me look better in a week is cutting off Salt!Do u know how hard is to eat without salt outside.You you have to cook for yourself and in a week you look so much better.God bless you.I hate working out,but cutting off Salt works perfect for me.Cheapest way Not easy,cause everything has salt inside,but the results…and so healthy.

lima bima says:

This was great!!! Thank you are soooo inspirational!!

San L says:

271 pounds omgggg congrats girl! I really love watching your vids I feel that I can relate to you more than other weight loss youtubers

NaturalLynn says:

Great advice! I will try the calorie king app and I already have the spark people app. Thank you for sharing your journey.

michelle love says:

hi this michelle love . great video love it .if you don’t mind have a look at some of my videos when you get the time and tell me what you thank . thank you

Ms. Tisha R. says:

Thank you for this information I will truly try a lot of these to help stay on track with my weight loss. You are truly an inspiration! Happy New Year to you!

Tnc874 says:

regardless of all the advice given, people still have to do the work.. period. let’s get it together people.. if not now.. when?? do what u know needs to be done. no excuses. of u know better do better!!

Annie _ says:

Great videos and great inspiration.

lovli queen says:

Wow! This video is loaded with some great information! Thank you for sharing!

Cashunda Thomas says:

true only low carb is working for me, and I still stall.

Leo Joseph says:

ɷɷɷ Heeeeyyy Frienddssss I Have Founddddd Great Guideeee On Weight Lose visitttt : –

Nickandmisty Fincannon says:

i am so proud of u i am on my 2nd week on my weight loss journey how long after u started urs did u notice that u were looseing ?

delois tuesno says:

Thanks so much! This helped a lot. I love your videos. Keep them coming.

Jasmine Jennings says:

thank u so much

Jeanette Bland says:

I admire your motivation and thank you for sharing.

FunMz Pearl says:

love love love this video!!!! Your so inspiring! !!!

BeatbyBrandi says:

I’m that subby that watches every video but don’t comment. I have watched you from the beginning and I’m so proud of you and how far you have come. you are truly an inspiration and I want to get back and will get back to my lifestyle change.

Sanie Butler says:

thank you. this just motivated me. to get out of size 20 to 16

Radu Patrascoiu says:

ɷ Heey Frienddsssss I Have F0unddddd Greatt Guideeee On Weight Lose visittttt : –

slonekettering25 says:

I just watched your video about flying. You look great!

MissPrissJewels says:

Thank you for these tips. This was very helpful. I’ve been using MFP for over a year now. It’s good but these apps also seem like they will be helpful too. I’m trying to encourage my family to get on board for 2016.

swfirelove says:

yes you did that

Nay Cannon says:

Hey nice video. Good luck on your journey I am also on a weightloss journey myself. I am going to subscribe to your channel. You can subscribe back if you want. Let’s stay motivated this year!!

Lakisha Washington says:

This is a great video!! Thank you for sharing!! I’m starting my weight loss journey as well and i hope you can subscribe back! If not i just wanted to let you know that that was a great boost for me to get my ish together!! lol

sistahonamission says:

Excellent video! Great information thanks for sharing.

QUITA B says:

Thank you so much Kimonica, that video was so inspiring, informative and everything that I needed to hear in order to start myself on a journey along with my mom, because we have both been battling with a weight problem for as long as I as can remember I’ve been overweight and my mom she has had a lot of health issues. She really needs to work on losing some weight and I feel that that would help her tremendously but this video has been sold inspiring and inspirational to me and makes me want to just start right now at this moment at 8:55 at night, honey I want to go meal prep somethang right now, lol that’s how good you have made me feel and inspire you have made me feel about starting this journey. Just through the information you have given me in this video, I have been following you just for a little bit and I am amazed by your progress I congratulate you, keep up the great work and I know that you have a goal that you are shooting for and I know that you will make that goal by continue on the same path that you have been doing. You are amazing, you are beautiful, you are wonderful! Thanks again

GoddessWeightloss says:

This is awesome I joined a weight loss challenge here on YouTube and posted my first video. These types are so helpful . New Sub here. ❤️

Tonya Smith says:

Thank you for this video I started my journey today. you are an inspiration to me.

quenquen says:

Great video!!! I love your braids! Very nice!

Missleo814 says:

Happy New Year Kimonica. Thanks for this video and I look forward to another year of watching you achieve your goals while trying to work on mine. I have 70 pounds to lose.

Cashunda Thomas says:

you are just beautiful I love the hair

Nicky Britt says:

Your video is very encouraging!!!!

Allien McQueen says:

This is great information! I love watching your videos I have 100 lbs to lose. You’re such an inspiration keep it up. 😀

Nikki Turley says:

You look great! Congrats on the weight loss. Your videos are very inspiring 🙂

TheAtalyah says:

This video is awesome! Thank you for all of your hard work thru the years dedicated in sharing and inspiring us. Nice! xox

Naseefa Hamid says:

@kimonica you have lost a lot of weight, congrats. You look beautiful and healthy. Keep up the great work.

Sherry Williams says:

Thanks love the video!

Kimonica says:

I thought it would be a good idea to put all my advice/tip in one video. Quick and to the point. I didn’t say y’all or you guys once. i don’t think lmaooo. I put a lot of time into this video so let me know if it helps!!

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