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jandalvandal says:

Thank you! 10.58-12.31 is sooooo good!

Amanda Jane says:

This was so helpful for changing my mindset I’m not overweight but it applies to other areas of your life so thank you 🙂

corcor says:

so inspiring 🙂

Kelsea Werner says:

Do I have to do anything special to join the group? XD

Калина Райчева says:

such an amazing video, Hannah! thank you so much! you’re such an inspiration, I’m so grateful for your presence in my life! <3

Atheria PsychicOne says:

Yep.  Don’t care about other people’s support.  In fact, don’t tell other people what your goals/dreams are as very often they will try to sabotage you out of their own self esteem issues.

Jane Wack says:

I loved this video. I was hanging on every word. My self image has been really bad. I’ve nown about this mind set that your talking about. Its easy to forget or get distracted. I feel that Im starting over. Thank you for this eye p
opener video.

Vivian Bernal says:

What is your business and how did you get out of debt?

ccap3211 says:

Am I the only one that has way more than 4 or 5 meals on rotation? I have at least like 30 different dinners that I make regularly. Plus there are those other dinners that I make every few months or a couple times a year. I love to cook though and I’m constantly trying new recipes so I’m always adding new ones to my recipe collection.

A says:

How did you get out of debt?

holistic vegan oddysee says:

I love all the bright clean white in the background it really makes the video pop!

holistic bananas says:

I needed this so bad, you’re a queen!

Danielle D. Welch says:

Any suggestions as to how to do this diet with a bunch of food sensitivities (oxalates?)? I can’t do any kind of potatoes, greens, berries, nuts, tea, chocolate, soy and soy sauce. I want to be vegan but I seem to only do well on grains and fruit. Then my hair starts falling out and my teeth become sensitive. 🙁 I also don’t do that well on many beans – usually feel weak and dazed afterwards. Maybe I have a major leaky gut. I’m jealous of the vegans that can do it well (help animals, better karma). Or are they all using supplements, thickening shampoos, B12 shots, etc?

bumblefree jess says:

Hannah, you are so inspiring. I love what you said about self image. I have been struggling with that for a long time. You inspire me to make videos ❤️

AlyssaAllDay says:

Hannah, you’re the shit.

Julie Anderson says:

very helpful! Thanks Hannah!

Sana Dar says:

Heya! I am getting really over weight and been vegan for 5 months I have alot of vegan junk food and processed food like vegan cheese and meat, but I want to change It however they say my body type won’t be right for alot of carbs because I am a endomorph.

Une Gameuse says:

y a des français qui on compris ?

Maria Leonora De Guzman says:

hi Hannah! im new in your YouTubechannel I get inspired to go vegan after watching ur videos=) tnx! inspire us more!

The lifeof Jonnelleoh TV says:

nice dead flowers lol

Kelli Ramirez says:

Very motivating! Thank you @highcarbhannah <3

Amber Carl says:

Hannah….I have a question for you. I see that you achieved most of your weight loss on the starch solution. Then I watched the video of Savy that you shared about why people are not loosing weight on RT4. I proceeded to watch some of her other videos where she says that RT4 and Starch solution are not conducive to optimal weight loss. So my question is this…would you still recommend doing the Starch solution to get the weight off in the beginning? I am trying to decide which step to take next. Doing the starch solution or following her microvore diet.

Renee Collins says:

i love that you are a thinker! I’m not vegan for weight loss, but for health (The China Study!) and I think it’s easier to be “super regimented” if your life depends on it. I am ever in awe of those who choose this lifestyle, not because they HAVE to but because they CHOOSE to. I’m old enough to be your mama, but you inspire me constantly!

Lore Ah says:

hannah, theyre using your video and editing it to claim you lost weight from apple cider vinegar and its a sponsored ad on fb

magelstoo says:

I am so glad I found you! I started a high starch vegan diet in July 2016 and have dropped 20 pounds. I just turned 60 and it doesn’t even bother me. I struggled with my weight up and down all my life. I weigh 130 pounds now and am 5’4″. I am totally in agreement with you that I never crave junk food or count any calories. This just works! Love love love you❤️

GodsGirl says:

Love this video!

Ladyinred Love says:

I feel I have no hope.

Hope Cook says:

Great video x you mention dates when talking about counting calories are they fattening?

jjpam303 Garcia says:

you’re are very active you burn alot of calories when you’re riding your bike up a mountain. I’m not that active. I lightly jog or power walk on my treadmill for 30 minutes. and some days I don’t even do that.

Nasa P says:

Just having Derek around to bounce these ideas off of is a big help though. You did it… but it’s a huge part of your life and I’m sure made it a little easier than being on your own.

Lemon Lindsay says:

I lost 115 lbs counting calories. Then I stopped and now 7 years later, I’ve gained it ALL BACK. I’m currently trying to get on your mindset. Thank you for this video!

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