The science is in: Exercise isn’t the best way to lose weight

Why working out is great for health, but not for weight loss, explained in five minutes.

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keith Hammersmith says:

The big thing missing from this video concerning the hunter gatherers is that they didn’t get fat to begin with. Getting fat and then losing it is a whole different problem then just keeping it off.

daweller says:

cool, I can get back to being a couch potato

TheGolfdaily says:

Well, this is no brainer.  Eat less!

Jessica Hosier says:

I’m watching this and drinking Pepsi

Dan K says:

I’m gonna cancel my gym membership & eat less. This is gonna save me tons of money too =)

James Pridemore says:

Of course, the answer is to have the government regulate our “food environment”.

Vita Spieler says:

American media:
Step 1) everything you know is wrong
Step 2) here’s something you already know but framed in a new way
Step 3) walk back what you said in step 1 a bit to CYA
Step 4) $$$ profit $$$

Brandon Bernardo says:

Why’s she talking with a mouth full of marshmallows?

SONNY Sydap says:

“Exercise is useless when it comes to weight loss… ”

And I immediately unliked the video

KingIsulgard says:

If you want to increase your resting burn rate, gain muscle mass.

DSAK55 says:

it takes less effort to Exercise than to eat less

J C says:

So basically if you natural foods at a normal rate, supplemented by exercise, youll be fine. Sounds like how people lived before the industrial revolution, when obesity was a mostly a problem of the wealthy. I think a big part of the issue here is consumer culture.

Sathasiless says:

exercise makes me more full. If I was hungry at first, after a 30 min light cardio I’m super full.

Zach R says:

So what’s the new option? If it doesn’t work, what will? It doesn’t matter how much you control, as long you are in control, the better. Its like saying it doesn’t matter if you control 10% of the government… That 10% coverage is alot.

Benaantje 93 says:

I automatically eat healthier when I exercise regularly

Bob Bastion says:

@4:20 “public health policy makers should really prioritize improving our food environment to help people make healthier choices about what they eat”
Yeah, right. We can’t even get the greedy bastards to label GMO’s (they’re afraid they might miss a dollar). They are driven *ONLY* by profit and couldn’t possibly care less about people other than themselves.

cpana2001 says:

“Everybody wants to be a bodybuilder, but don’t nobody wanna lift no heavy ass weights” – Ronnie

Bainsworth says:

actually when you exercise your heart is “over used” causing wear and tear. Like any other part in a system, it wears out with over use. An average heart may have 1 billion beats over a lifetime, but running every day speeds up the amount of beats left. This is why I exist packed in cotton on the sofa with the TV on.

Joni Song says:

2:04 so distracted by the reflection on the spoon

Victor Henrique says:

Yes, exercise may increase you metabolic demand. Is that by doing long sessions of spinning or treadmil?
Muscle mass has a higher caloric demand. That is why combining STRENGH TRAINING with a proper NUTRITION plan, you`ll enjoy the most of life.

Yumuura says:

should this be satire?

Robert Mertens says:

Almost anyone who works out already knows this. Your workout is about 10% of weight loss – the rest is food intake and carbs. Incidentally, going to the gym doesn’t make you hungry, especially if you go in long before a meal. What makes you hungry is carbohydrate consumption. If you want to lean out, increase fats and proteins, and get rid of bad carbs (pasta, bread, potatoes). Also get rid of anything with sugar in it.

Oh, and if you do come back from the gym hungry, get rid of that stupid high-calorie energy drink – it’s making you sick. If you’re overweight, you already have all the energy you need – it’s hanging off your thighs. For guys, it’s sagging off your belly. It’s that pot you keep trying to cover with bigger and bigger shirts. Incidentally, nobody at the gym wears big shirts – we wear tight shirts (gotta show off those abs….).

There’s a lot more science here than meets the eye, but one big tip is that you can’t lose weight unless you’re burning (and urinating, through ketosis) more calories than you’re taking in. If you eat fat and carbs at the same time, your body will store the fat (as fat) and burn the carbs first. Then it will convert and store excess carbs as even more fat.

If you eat fat, by itself (no carbs), your body will burn what it needs right then, and then dump the rest (into urine, as ketones). Also, when you reduce your carbs, your metabolism actually increases, it doesn’t decrease, as they said here.

Anyway, working out exercises your mitochondria, and when they live longer, your cells live longer, and when your cells live longer, you live longer. You’re also a lot more healthy, stronger, you feel better, you look better and you fend off diseases better.

But you don’t lose weight at the gym. Ask any gym rat – we know.

Pierre Villemaire-Brooks says:

in short ”we are what we eat” , simple 😮

Logic Defender says:

Vox is the best place for fitness advice

johnnybabee says:

Weight loss and body fat loss are different animals. I have lost 62 pounds in the last 13 months and dropped 14% body fat.

MrTweetyhack says:

Thanks Dr Hall. i’ll never exercise again.

Anthony Paull says:

17K people are in denial

Ewan Wragg says:

Cardio is not optimal for weight loss but resistance training will increase your metabolism so on the long term it is the best solution to keep excess fat off your body…also the thermogenic effect is so minimal it’s not even something people should look at and it’s the same if you have one big 2500kcal meal or five 500kcal meals.

Carlo Gaytan says:

For people confused.

Of coarse exercise isn’t going to work if you lose say 200 calories, then go to a fastfood place and gain 800 calories

DevinAK49 says:

I like to eat, and feel good so I excersise to be able to eat those 500 extra calories.

Opinunate ted says:

Don’t join on Jan 1, it is way to crowded,. On Jan 14, the new members are gone and it is back to the regulars.
I don’t know about other people, but exercising does seem to make me lose weight. I even eat better. I crave sugar less.
I think I look at sugary foods and associate the calories with how long I would have to work to burn them off. So I think twice.
I do agree that we should work towards collective solutions, like making our food healthier. But I definitely don’t think they should be discouraging people from exercising. Without movement, our bodies die much more quickly.

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