The Lazy Girl’s Guide To Weight Loss

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Alexandria Lawrence says:

Seriously tho!?! Are you a model?!?

ljezebel1 says:

Ughhh!!! Those eyes!!!!! You’re so beautiful, inside & out! ;*

Sharon Browne says:

When you make your smoothies what liquid do you use? Water, almond milk? I am on a journey to drop a lot of weight.

Debbie Green says:

I have enjoyed this vlog today. Glad to see you more.

samantha simon says:

Omg you are so freakin gorgeous girl! Thanks for the tips! I’ll take beauty tips from you any day!

Ashley Jones says:

You are absolutely gorgeous, and I love your eyes!

mariah anderson says:

heyy girly where are your contacts from?

Nantasha Wheeler says:

Girl, this video is right on time. I took a walk yesterday at the park. I need to invest is more jogging shoes to go running.

Shay Blossom17 says:

That water tip is #1

lola bunny says:

who else is watching and pausing to write all this down?

Angela Juarez says:

Would you recommend this for diabetics?

Livi Smith says:

Hi Victoria! Can you do a video on the lemon cleanse?

Ms. T says:

Loved It!! Just looking at your pic has motivated me. Getting ready to have some ACV water now.

Risado Lopez says:

Omg I needed this

Neenie B says:

I love the front picture. You are

sarah escobar says:

The thing you said about having a large appetite because of lack of nutrients- that was amazing. I’m anemic (I literally have iron and vitamins prescribed to me in diesel anywhere from 20-50 thousand milligrams.) and I’m always hungry lol. Never stopped to think that it could be because all I consume is Diet Coke and frozen food. Thanks for the video! I wanna lose weight for my birthday lol, it’s in March!

Living Your Best life! says:

I need some motivation to lose these last 15 pounds. It wont come off!

crowellvickie says:

Thank so much!. I wish it can make look as beautiful you.

Dyanthlyn C. says:

Anything besides pepper to boost metabolism? I don’t do spicy foods. Burns my mouth and lips.

Àngel 7 says:

You should never regret anything in life. If it’s good, it’s wonderful. If it’s bad, it’s an experience.Fear is temporary, regret is forever.

The Deep says:

Ummm you and the and lays look delicious

Kriss Cruz says:

I love your personality, you’re so sweet and real!

Tiffany Moore says:

Girl I thought them chips in the thumbnail had something to do with the weight loss plan! Those lightly salted salted Lay’s chips are the best! Lol

Positivemindset Bless says:

Make up is looking floor less. So beautiful.

Ashly Dawnae says:

do u have to drink acv everyday

Dreuna says:

You favor Domo

Ultravioletx1 says:

I think you’re super pretty. Random but was wondering if your eyes are naturally blue

Shy A’janae says:

I really love your channel ❤️ new subscriber.

Ronda Adams says:

Thanks for the tips . God bless!

Risado Lopez says:

Omg I needed this

mandaplay says:

I clicked like before I even watched the video.. I was like “OMGOODNESS my girl is on!”

vee c says:

Great detailed video, love it. I wish you the best.

Thulile Thwala says:

I love this channel and it helps us young women to take care of ourselves. Much love from South Africa

Semira says:

lazy girls don’t loose weight. period.

Tiffany Moore says:

Walking is the main exercise that helps me lose weight.

Positivemindset Bless says:

Yes this will work, will try it starting today.

kristen s says:

Good tips


I put ceyanne pepper in my oatmeal. It’s amazing.

Jubilee4us NOW says:

It’s the master cleanse – Dream girls is when she did the lemonade diet

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