The Donald Trump Guide to Weight Loss: 7 Steps

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Thomas Lehmann says:

0:33, 2:23 LOVE IT!!!! XD

Arduinna4 says:

Lol new subbie here and already in love! Greetings from (almost always sunny) Greece!

Brianna V.B. says:

dude, not cool – God’s last name isn’t damn.

T. Ash says:

Basically, the plan is to get defensive and mumble, ‘I don’t know’ a lot (which I thought successful people generally don’t say! Hmmm) Hahahaha, good one Alex !

Alex Berman says:

I died at 1:19

Anush Shekaramantri says:

That was damn hilarious! 😀

I was in sort of a dark place and your videos and simple tips have helped me revitalize my life. I love how you deconstruct complex stuff and make it sound like a no-brainer :).

Very inspiring. Keep up the good work bro!
Want to badly support you, but have too many book yet to read, will buy your e-books soon ;).

Gabriel G says:

better than the other bitch who ran against him

G kev says:

Hillary ious.. …
well done monk

antonella Lee says:

this was HUUUGE 😀 haha loved every second of it

KennaKenna says:

made my day 🙂 lol

jacintamrsdarcy says:

I’ve only eaten about 600 calories since he’s been elected because it’s the most disgusting thing I’ve ever witnessed.. I can’t even… so thanks trump, you evil idiot.

William Benson says:

I love you.  Your absolute best yet.  Such a tragic and sad time for our country.  I am so proud of you. 4 years of The Donald Trump Shit Show {at least}.  I am worried for all of us and I hope you will inspire me to speak my voice and stand up for myself and those in need.  Thank you for using your platform.  I love when you show off your personality.

Ezra Kramer says:

Creativity has no limits and you’ve proved it. I’m your new subscriber by the way. One of your previous video about anxiety helped me a lot. I’m feeling highly motivated. Keep up the good work.

me mattia says:

Alex, you’re nuts 😀 Can’t stop laughing 😀

jo c says:

I’m not stressed about trump. I think there is a huge positive for the democratic party. The irish were lucky: jfk was a great president, african americans were lucky: obama was a great president, as a first female president – we can do better and after the 4 years of tragedy with trump the democrats will be in a position of unprecedented power. the state of the country when they receive it, im not so sure…

Joseph Scola says:

loved it lol

Tara Williams says:

hahaha nice

Bruna 'damiana says:

I’m brazilian and when I go to U.S I need to meet you. haha
You are amazing!
Love your videos.

Jo Ro says:

Great video Alex, really made me laugh. Commiserations from London btw on your ‘Brexit plus plus plus.’


alex did you make this video before the results came out? D: since you remind people to vote at the end of the video. i’ve been bummed about it all, but your videos have been helping me feel better,

Fledron says:

Donald Trump is a fitness trainer?

Mikkel Pettersen says:

Imagine Hillary’s fit body after running from the FBI until her last day. She should be the idol to follow.

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