The Complete Beginners Guide: My Fat Loss Cutting Plan! (Step by Step)

How to Cut: Heres my entire Full Cutting Plan for dropping bodyfat and shredding down to look more aesthetic and shredded with a good amount of Lean Muscle Mass. I cover tracking macros and calories, my gym frequency and workout routine, my nutrition while cutting, cardio duration and refeed days. This video relates to me but can easily be a cutting guide for beginners on bodybuilding cutting for the first time. My Fitness Guide:
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Always consult your physician before beginning any exercise or weight-loss program.


Scott Tousignant says:

Solid and detailed discussion man. Really well done. We’re all learning from each others experiences. This was awesome.

spider curls says:

hai man should i do cardio 3times a week while cutting i’m planing to lose 0.5 kg a week my maintain is 2500 so i will be eating 2000 every day or i don’t need to do cardio and can i still lose weight without cardio ?

Nick Sarjveladze says:

uhm… how many times per week is cardio being done? was it meant that you start once per week and then you just increase it by the time?

Jonathan19226 says:

What you said about dieting is so true… I know guys who are super strict all week and then overeat massively on weekends because they feel they deserve it. It’s all about finding stuff that you enjoy and it therefore doesn’t feel like a chore to have to eat it

yuval shai says:

Hey man great video, do you think PPL is good for 5 days a week cant make it to 6

Conor Bryce says:

More or less, more or less.

cocoarecords says:

Great and natty channel

Styven Lopes says:

Bulk 101 bro

Cj De vera says:

Great advices starting my cut tomorrow. (:

trounbyfire says:

cant do cardio, get put of breath after 2 mins at a 5 speed and legs get tired.

James Wren says:

Skinny fat vid

AlphaGoalz says:

Good stuff bro!! really enjoyed this video. Definitely subscribing!!

jordan higgs says:

Man this was helpful, but why did you choose to have your macros at 40%C, 35%P and 25%F. Do you just feel that your body responds better to having higher carbs ?

Sunny Malik Fitness says:


Akil 97 says:

Amazing video bro!! saved to my playlist for later, info was golden! and enjoy ur holiday lol

Josh Francis says:

Yeah would definitely like to see a bulking 101!

Gtoofast says:

Helpful vid!

Lewis Oram says:

Nice video tj, quick question, when would you lower your calories even more? for example u start with just a 150 deficit, how long would you stay there before you drop calories even more?

Emerald_empress14 says:


Rose Petal says:

30 – 40 mins on the stepper WOW I die at 20 hahah


how long did you cut for during your cut ?

Sandip Rai says:

225 likes 0 dislikes – that’s what I’m talking about b

Gary Robinson says:

Hi tj hope ur well! Not checked for n on you for awhile busy training lol! Great video pal also I’m
Starting my 1st cut so trying to find your video blog of cut 2016 cannot find if you have a link please could you send much appreciated fella! Keep up the awesome work

Leon Wilson says:

What part of birmingham you from man?!

Joe Ashton says:

This was the video I needed. I’ve been training daily and watching my diet but didn’t know about what calories to cut and how to calculate macros etc. So motivated to put this puzzle together.

Luke Luke says:

Top Notch Vid

Jonathon Freelove says:

Just subscribed my man enjoying past and new episodes

SavageOn Roids says:

If my cutting calories is 2300 , can I eat 2800 calories per day if I do 500 calories of cardio per day?

Andy Slater says:

Cardio after the workout?

Zach Gonring says:

It is cutting season!

VePR KAY says:


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