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Orlando Martinez says:

I just stumbled on your channel and this video. I must say I love your lifestyle. thanks for sharing.

Barbora Pavlikova says:

i really enjoy your realness and down to earthNess…. thanks Hannah!

Barbara Loveless says:

I’ve never enjoyed exercising, been living too sedentary for too long. But I find I do like to hike, so I’m trying to train in the gym to build better endurance to allow me better physical conditioning for more hiking. I find the gym very boring so I save all the video time for the gym, watching YouTube or Netflix which keeps me in there 40-60 minutes at a time about 3/4 days a week. Elliptical, stair stepper, treadmill, some weights for strength & core building.

chovava bateman says:

Well said.

Nog Aullik Krish says:

81 Crazy cyclist disliked the video..

Jeanine H. says:

It would help a lot to do the jump start every month!

MrVikingdane says:

Cycling brings pleasure 😮 !

Mark Tagawa says:

I found it to be the exact opposite. I couldn’t lose weight until I started cycling. I guess we’re all different.

Terry says:

What if the cheetah was a ‘prepper’? Would it still decide not to kill another deer? Yes, this commenter is bored and couldn’t resist teasing Hannah a little bit. 🙂

bunnygrrrrl3000 says:

You’re so close to 200k subscribers!!

Cara Christensen says:

I would definitely be interested in a challenge starting in february!

Ryan says:

swimming is also a high intensity workout

Gourmet Cyclists shonajocelyn says:

Gourmet Cyclists shona jocelyn

Miriam Perkins says:

I think the first thing I need to do is stop hating my body as it is so that I can actually find the motivation to stop binge eating and start exercising!

bonnie clyd3 says:

vegans buy clothes made in Cambodia (hannah, you talk about some sweater you bought from American eagle) where people are abused for your clothes.

Edith Galin says:

I really like this video. Thanks Hannah. Happy New Year to you guys!

Uju Gafu says:

Where is the workout? 🙁

NightBear007 says:

-41 degree windchills here in MN Hannah…. I think you forgot what cold is!!!!!

Sheila G says:

You have a tiny house!! its so cute. Please give us a tour inside video please. You look amazing!!!

Tonya Rouse says:

I found that strenuous exercise made me hungry and eat more. Walking rather than running seems to work better for me.

Music World says:

Hey we just started our own Channel, we loved your video can you show the love abd subscribe to us ?

veganArmenian says:

The best exercise is walking dogs at an animal shelter. I do this for 2 hours at a time x3 week.

Vanessa The Vegan says:

There is a website doing a false advertisement that you lost weight by using some remedy and they are using your before and after. They never once mentioned your veganism I can email you the link if you would like.

shiara santos says:

hi hannah, id like to lose 10kgs in 1 month 🙁 is that possible?

Petra Markovic says:

you really f ing inspire me, i really wanna lose weight but i’m 15 yo and i have to eat what my mom tells me to, and I go to school ( but my school is not like urs, we only have junk food, and healthy food is expensive and my parents are not making that much money)…. and you are the only person on social media that like really inspires me…☺

JessBisme123 says:

I love working out. Bag work is the best stress relief. and I feel like such a beast when lifting. buuuut I worked out regularly all year and only lost 25lbs when I had about 75 to lose. my diet was way off and since I didn’t plan well, I’d come home from lifting, be starving, and binge on crap. but gonna go plant based and try to plan ahead and see how that goes with my exercising

Jamila'S Fridge says:

Hey lets meet up I would love to do a video with you I live in Az too!!:)

Amber Dawn Lee says:

Me too! Come see my channel!!! X00

Skylar McLaughlin says:

I used to exorcise everyday which made me feel great and made me proud of my body. After a while I got depressed and I’m just always to tired to want to do anything. I really want a good body and I want to exorcise again so if anyone has any suggestions on what to do please let me know it would help a lot. Thanks ♡

Shaviva M says:

Do your dogs eat a vegan diet ?

The Brown Vlog says:

Out of all these vegan youtubers, you are by far, my favorite! You’re so chill and full of wisdom. I love how realistic you are! As a mother of a 10 month old that trying to walk and plays constantly, I’ve got too much exercise lol. (JK, but it feels like it) I’ve been going back and forth with my weight for many years. I’ve been vegan, vegetarian, eat whatever the crap I want (fast food), to back vegan, to back to whatever, and now after many years of this, my mind is right. I have a new motivation, I’m gonna lose the weight for myself and for my son. Anyway, I say all this to say, you’re an inspiration and your great!

Krysb107 says:

I try and stick to 20 minutes of cardio and focus on one muscle group per day, about 4-5 days a week. I used to write it all out and realized I was just overwhelming myself.

rana afhame says:

best exercise is building muscles because the more muscles you have the more fat you will lose and it doesn’t make you look like a man

Fruit Babe Meagan says:

What camera and mic do u use lol

Karoline says:

I think you made some good points but just to be clear: exercise is not only good for boosting confidence and self love. The very reason why we feel better when we’ve exercised (as you stated) is that we’ve taken the time to do something good for ourselves, and that is taking care of our health. Exercise or daily movement reaps MASSIVE health benefits in terms of anti aging, living longer, and for our psyche – compared to sitting around most of the time. Great that you’re recommending people to go for a walk in the middle of the work day!
I would recommend checking out Dr Greger on this,(you probably know of him but to everyone else) his YT channel and website has lots of videos and articles citing studies on this topic 🙂

Antonio says:

I fucking love this.

Deepika Kathrani says:

Hi. I am new to a whole foods plant based lifestyle. I have a weight loss goal of 20kg (44 pounds). I am only 5 foot and have an endomorphic body type. I have been watching a few videos online which have stated that endomorphs are insulin dominant and therefore should not consume too many carbs. In fact carbs should be at 30-40% and fat and protein should consist of the rest. However Dr McDougall says fat should be kept at 10% and protein should be 10% as apparently our body doesn’t need more than that and carbs should be 70-80%. He says this irrespective of body type. If I am an endomorph, naturally round, slow and sluggish metabolism, then is it still ok for me to consume 70% carbs? I think there is some truth to body types as my sister eats a lot of junk and has never exercised and is very thin. I put on weight very easily and am always working out but even struggle to maintain my weight. I am so lost and just want something that works for me and helps to lose all this extra weight I am carrying which is making me really depressed. Please can you clarify the whole body type thing, ectomorph, endomorph etc…?

Allyson Armstrong says:

Hannah, you are looking great! I was following Raw Til 4 and following all of Freelee’s advice. I watched all of her videos and took it very seriously. After 6 months I had only lost 15 lbs, but I was even happy with that weight loss. I love sweets, so eating fruit was amazing, but I never felt like I had a lot of energy and was constantly so freaking full. I read “The Starch Solution” and started watching all of your videos that you started after following RT4. I bought your ebook, “Lean and Clean” and today is only day 6 and I have lost 5.8 lbs. I have NEVER had such fast results while eating all that i want until my body tells me “enough!” I started listening more to my body and only eat when I am hungry, and that mixed with eating very clean, i am astounded by how much weight i have lost in only 6 days! I feel amazing and have worked out 4 out of the 6 days because I have the energy to work out and love the way working out makes me feel! Thank you for “Lean and Clean” and making videos about the Starch Solution and the Lean and Clean lifestyle!

Lola Frik says:

Hi! I have a question for you. I’m 14 years old and I’m overweight. Not so mush but I can’t (in ANY way, really) like my body. I like my face, my hair, my eyes but my body… I hate it.
I want to ask you if go for a walk every day, maybe a hour walk, could really help me loose weight. Hope you write me back!!!
I love your videos, I think you’re helping so many people.

Brittney Anne Herrera says:

Your tiny shed is adorable! Maybe, later on, you can get another one and have it be just yours Hannah… Your own sanctuary/office space when you need time to yourself <3

Krysb107 says:

I try and stick to 20 minutes of cardio and focus on one muscle group per day, about 4-5 days a week. I used to write it all out and realized I was just overwhelming myself.

Gourmet Cyclists shonajocelyn says:

after watching this video I put Strava on while working on the farm! picking up branches, watering the garden and checking the chickens came to 146 calories burnt. Follow me on Strava!


I just joined the challenge the 6th and have had a few set backs…peanut butter pretzels and bagel with creme cheese! 🙁 I will continue with the challenge in spite of it BUT would love it if you start one at the beginning of each month until I get it down 100 percent! Thank you, Hannah! Love the Lean and Cook ebook I just bought!! GREAT recipes!

Kay Renee says:

So did you guys have to buy the land? Do you guys ever worry about wild animals?

Elizabeth Sholander says:

Bbg and kickboxing are my go tos!

Wortmaus says:

I don´t do much. But I love some easy yoga in the morning to wake up 🙂

keyeshanlon says:

50 degrees! We’re at 25 and that’s not even considered really cold. (too cold for me though!) Love your videos. I admire your perseverance, hard work and going after what you want.

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