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Luna Bush says:

I just saw one of your videos being used for an add on Facebook, it was about weight loss. your name was not mentioned and it was about drinking raw vinegar and a drink. Just wanted to make sure it was really you supporting it.

Jean Morris says:

Makes absolute sense! You’re such an inspiration Hannah ☺️

Carolina Ann says:

This is so true, thank you for this video!

vegangal 77 says:

I thought this video was going to go in a direction it didn’t end up going in, but the environment I struggle with is being in an unhappy marriage. I try so hard to eat right and stay motivated with exercising, but end up feeling so depressed and anxious about my marriage that I inevitably return to junk food. It’s so difficult for me to stay on track with my eating when my life feels so out of control. But, then I feel so much worse about everything when I eat wrong and quit exercising. Any advice?

Angela Perez says:

just Thank you :*

Reem ninefour says:

i’ve never seen this girl before but i thought she’s the lesbo chick from Orange is the new black

Dossell Sinclair says:

…do you have a video talking about why you love being smaller? Its generally obvious but its nice to hear

Lorena Velasco Guerrero says:

Hi Hanna,
I have been watching your videos for a long time, almost for the last you years, always liking them but not commenting.
But today I just want to say thank you for your lovely and great inspiration.
God Bless,

Lore Iuhas says:

There was a video where Hanna said that she takes some thyroid supplement. Does anybody know that video ? I cant find it anymore and I dont know if she has Hashimoto’s or only takes the vegan supplements as a plus to her diet .

Prinny Booboo says:

1g of carb holds 3g of water hence promoting water retention and weight gain. Your body converts carbs in glucose which rises insulin levels. Insulin is responsible for storing intracellular fat hence why if your sugar levels are too high that gets automatically stored as fat. Not to mention the fact that carbs stimulate the same area of the brain as drugs do. Carbs make you hungry, dependent and grumpy because of constant cravings.

Heidi T says:

Thank you Hannah ❤️

Amira Ahmed says:

Thank you very much Hannah for explaining this point.. This is exactly the issue I am facing with my family at home especially my mom.. its difficult trying to be independent in my cooking and food storage like when you said get a private one shelf and so, and its a good reminder from you that we don’t have to blame ourselves and inner motivation for it all and pay attention to other non helpful factors like our environment.. so, thank you for pointing this out and bringing it to our consciousness. All best wishes for you :)) Love X

VegOut Boutique says:

Beautiful message, thank you Hannah!

Lee Lee says:

This past 6 months I’ve completely cut out red meat and eating lots and lots of whole foods. However I’ve just been told I am anaemic. What can I do to help this without reintroducing meat. I eat lots of spinach and mushroom Etc.

Estefania Sanchez says:

yea but at my age (im 22) nobody wants to be healthy and vegan and active. they just wanna smoke and get drunk everyday its really sad i cant find friends with my same interests sigh

Boots says:

You are really strong and inspiring. Good job girl

Vanadium says:

Great video Hannah!

Dossell Sinclair says:

really good today!

Rana Mustafa says:

This is probably the best advice you’ve ever given. I agree 100 percent

Joanne Monaco says:

Growing up my mom always told me to surround myself with people that I can learn from rather than people that pulled me down. 🙂

GrahamsLife24 says:

Can you do a video on facing your fears so I can call you a hypocrite and tell you to get inside the house and vlog where derek can see and hear you. Dont know why you dont like vloging in front of him you sh*t and shower and in a tiny house you see and hear everything. LOL.

honeyb162 says:

I cook at home and I secretly make my beans vegan (no ham), I just add a lot of spices and they taste really good. I’m not vegan but I’m trying.

Anca Prodan says:

Jennifer Smiles says:

Great video!

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