When its summer i tend to eat a ton of fruit because it gets so hot here in Arizona and its also just a very quick meal 🙂

Banana Berry Smoothie
3 bananas
3 cups mixed berries
1 tsp maca powder
1 tsp spirulina powder
1 tsp cinnamon
1 cup water
Blend until very creamy and enjoy 🙂


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cece78311 says:

Same with the eggplant hummus addiction Hannah, 4 tubs gone within a couple days of purchasing its ridiculous XD

Grandma Sandy says:

I’m a new Subscribe .

Neha Nagpal says:

amazing one

Marie C says:

Thanks Hannah for ur inspo. feels like im at all time low rn, mental and physical health. I eat plant based for the most part but do binge on junk food often. Skipped dinner last night, left work (as a waitress) depressed(usual) then binged on junk food. Woke up this morning threw it all up. Is this rock bottom. NEed to take care of myself. I take care of myself so much more when I watch your videos regularly. You really do radiate positivity, love and promote self care like no other youtuber i know. <3 love u keep doin u

Kelly Reedy says:

Omg I am obsessed with the TJ’s Eggplant Hummus too!!! I was skeptical because I don’t usually care for eggplant, but it’s amazing! I also love it’s low calorie (for a hummus anyway, probably because there’s no oil!) so I can eat a lot of it 😀 The pups with the watermelon was so cute <3

Meloetta AshGreninja says:

| ||
|| |_


I remember when you made your first video you came along way I started making my own channel as well feel free to come and join the family! You look amazing !

Donna Mills says:

This time of year all I want is fruit and lite fair. watermelon watermelon watermelon.
I’m curious what your thoughts are on people, like me, with Hashimotos Disease who are advised against eating hummis, potato, corn, night shades (tomatoes, etc.), and egg plant (and dairy but you don’t eat dairy anyway).

K B says:

Do you ever talk about your rebounder and is that what you did for your skin?

Dossell Sinclair says:

How long have you been able to straddle split?


Love watching your videos. Makes me happy to see all the people trying to do the best for our society. This Plant based vegan journey is worth it to help people change their lives. I get to witness this with people health that I get to help. It’s so great to follow other like minded individuals who care enough to try to make a difference in our world. I pass along your channel with many others to people who are just starting on this journey and hope they are as inspired by this as we all have been. Thank you for your wonderfully done videos. It makes my day to see them pop up on my phone. As my wife loves to watching them and seeing what is new.

deadsalesmen makenosales says:

Stay fit to get raped by blacks and Muslims. White extinction coming.

Claire Compton says:

Hey Hannah! Ive been interested in getting a smart watch/fitness tracker and I was wondering which one you were using? Thanks

Sarah Pete says:

where do you buy your rice cakes?

Paige 'XionHawk' says:

Anyone know the song?

Sarah Seguin says:

Trader Joe’s needs to send that hummus out to me pronto lmao. I haven’t been able to locate it yet and I’m dying to try it!

Jessa lyn - vloggin says:

I love how you begin your video with yoga and a nice walk. I bought a Goldie watermelon by accident , it’s not as sweet as the pink /red interior

Iwona Nowak says:

What’s watch You have?

Robyn McCarthy says:

I have been watching your videos since before you got married, and I SO enjoy them! How nice to be able to do Yoga outdoors with your animals around. I do Yoga on my screened in porch whenever I can, which is not too often here in northern Vermont. You look beautiful and you have such a beautiful place! Keep these videos coming!!!

The Veggie Gal says:

Love the lazy day eating. I have plenty of those myself. I have never seen a Longan before, could you share a little about those one day? Thanks 🙂

Mrs. Jones says:

Is this RT4 again?

Doleta Wood says:

I didn’t know it was safe to feed dogs Watermelon rind?

Olivia Brown says:

Can you please make a video over all your pets and how you got them????

luce061 says:

I was feeling really rubbish today but for some reason just watching this made me realise that a) yoga will help today and b) I need to reframe my thinking today and stop those negative thoughts. Love your videos, always find them uplifting ☺️

Gloveless Vlogs says:

issa doggy mukbang

Fun with us says:

Hello, I have a youtube channel called chambeli80

So can you please support me by subscribe to my channel.

I am your number 1 fan and I have subscribed to your channel.


Nelson speaks says:

Do you consume added salt? Great video

Scarred Marquet says:

I am the opposite of bendy.

S says:

I love dates mixed with other food but they’re so GROSS by themselves

Remy Lee says:

Can you do a beginners video of yoga/stretches for very outta shape person?

Amanda Mangum says:

I love avocado and hummus, but I’ve never had them together.  I can’t wait to try!!! Thanks for the suggestion!

Weightloss Tips says:

Amazing video 🙂

Sheree Pechin says:

Was that for the whole day???

Mrs Plant says:

I wasn’t craving hummus and avocado. NOW I AM ! That all looked delish!

Create Wondr says:

That watermelon!!!! All I want to eat in this pregnancy is watermelon, and every single one I’ve bought has been so bad :

S Hess says:

I buy longan in SF’s Chinatown…where they are often referred to as Dragon Eyes.

Natalie Reeve says:

You look sad ☹

Jocelynn Mitchell says:

Can you do a video on the yoga sequence/ sun salutation you did in the beginning !!

Jennifer Juneau says:

Odd thing, when I added olive oil and coconut oil to my diet, plus nuts, avocado and nut butters, I lost weight from all these nutritionally dense foods, I ate less and was more satisfied. I starved on fruit and potatoes, ate more, and it wasn’t fun. Glad to see you’re eating hummus.

Fabiola love says:

i love what you are doing ..keeping it simple is actually working for me too..

imperialmotives says:

Where can I get that spoon!? For realsies lol

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