Start Losing Weight – Ridiculously Easy 5 Step – Weight Loss Guide Watch this video to Start losing weight with this ridiculously easy 5 step weight loss guide. People have complicated weight loss to the point that most beginners have no clue where to start or how weight loss works. I wanted to break it down and make it simple so you can get on the right path and start losing weight immediately.

Comment below: 1. What do you struggle with most when you try to lose weight?
If you do not want to be specific just let me know if it is
Unhealthy Cravings
Not enough sleep
Do not like water
Have a huge appetite
or something else

I would really like to make more videos that help answer the questions you have so the more you comment, the more videos are customized to your needs and wants.

There are many more tips on the site that will help you get on the right path to help you lose weight.

Are you having trouble sticking with a healthy lifestyle? Is your appetite out of this world? Do you find yourself eating way more than you feel you are supposed to?

Then this video is for you!

Wondering “How much water should I drink to lose weight”? If you have been drinking water but the pounds are not coming off, check out this video to find out the exact amount you need to actually lose weight fast

Maybe you never had a need to lose weight before like Anniyah (The Young Lady who Presented this question to me through Ask PrettyKeli, or you have tried everything and feel you should start from the basics you can start losing weight!

Here are a few of my suggestions that will help you start your weight loss journey:

Take baby steps: People usually quit their diet and active lifestyle because they decided to do too much too fast. Take your time, slowly cut out or substitute certain foods. Increase your daily activity by doing things that are a bit of a challenge. Easing into it will make you feel comfortable and the transition to healthy living will be smooth and long lasting

Do not go on a diet: When you are a beginner it is a bad idea to jump into a fad diet. You should eat foods that are healthy that you actually enjoy eating and can see yourself eating on a regular basis.

Eliminate stress: Stress is one of the main reasons people have issues losing weight, especially belly fat. I know it is a lot easier said than done but eliminating stress alone can drop many pounds.

Treat yourself: You know your body and your mind, if you feel you can handle a cheat meal once in a while, do it! If not, stay on track but find healthy foods that will provide a similar flavor.

Keep track of your progress: I hear many people saying not to buy or use a scale but that is false. You should take before and after pictures, use a scale, tape measure, journal, and anything else to help you track results. Seeing progress is motivation to keep going! If you see no progress you can stop and change what you are doing.

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Wendy Teresa says:

i struggle with stress, motivation and over eating.

26amandarenee says:

alternative for frozen yogurt? I’ve tried yonana and it’s a no go for me.. suggestions?

b.mariee says:

Im 17 & trying to lose weight I always start off on diets but then just always stop cause I always crave stuff late at night. What can I do to not crave anything unhealthy

Isheanna Payton says:

Awesome !!!

NedaBoo says:

I think I have eating disorder ..I have no insurance to seek professional help[ nutritionist or dietitian)   so I am trying as hard as I can to eat better because I now how high blood pressure & I have to see a cardiologist for chest pains I am having. I’m still confused on how to read nutrition labels ,how many carbs a day I should consume? Its all confusing to me its like for 28 years of  y life I have eaten food one way and now I have to learn a new way:(

KawaiiChickin♡ says:

What do I do about chocolate / cheese cravings?

Alanna Ramirez says:

I have a lot of food cravings and they’re really hard to break
And my family makes a lot of tortillas rice beans etc so it’s hard for me to go on a healthier path.. What should I do??

AmandaLee Fago says:

Awesome video girl thank for much for sharing xo

กานติมา ธรรมศรี says:

ɷɷɷɷ Heeey Frienddsss I Have Foundd Greatttt Guideee On Weight Lose Visit : –

Debra Seiling says:

Thanks for the weight loss tips!

TheGemRobin says:

What’s the units for the equation? Is it kilos and centimetres or pounds and feet etc.

umbrella5231 says:

I liked bc of that catchy sonf

Jasmine Woodberry-Williams says:

I will definitely try the cinnamon and apples..thx

Jaygirlaa5 says:

I love your videos! Keep it up beautiful!

Alanna Massie says:

Are you a professional?? Because if you you should be giving weight loss advice. Especially the water drinking vid because you can drown your brain if you drink to much

KawaiiChickin♡ says:

Yeah how to stick to doing it Lol

Mya khan says:

My problem is just losing weight in the wrong places.

Skyclad Crown says:

Honestly, if fat (not weight) loss is your only goal the only thing you need to do is intake less calories than you spend. Even moderate exercise with regards to someone who gets minimal to no exercise normally is going to skew the “weight” loss figures, because you’ll be gaining muscle mass and in-taking and storing more water. A fat percentage and change in body appearance is a much better indicator of becoming more healthy than loss of weight, simply because weight loss is a very poor measurement of fat loss when exercise is involved.

Jasmine Woodberry-Williams says:

I have sugar cravings for cookies .

Cheyenne Davis says:

I’m going into my junior year of high school and I’m over weight when I get on e diet it seems like I’m kinda forced to do thing but I always fail on the diet because of my cravings for sweets I rather have sweets than actually food so could you make a video on 2 week meal plan because I will be able to follow meal plans more since I’m going back to school

PrettyKeli says:

@theUser When using the equation to find out your BMR
Your Weight should be calculated in pounds
Your height in inches
Your age in years

Chala Robinson says:

I needed this
I’m 170 I never ever been this big all ways skinny

What's a good display name? says:

lol the vodka threw me off, i was like well i guess it is made out of potatoes lol

The User says:

Height in centimeters or…? Because I’m 5’6

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