Shaun T’s Weight Loss Tips

Shaun T., creator of “Insanity,” shows us what to eat to help us reach our weight-loss goals this year.


Sophie Hureta says:

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Stephanie Syd says:

I’m soooo confused. How can you be fit and eat burgers with beef and bacon? I feel like if I did I’d gain 10 lb.

Joe G says:

is he gay?

AJ Writer says:

Shaun T is so fine. Too bad he’s not into women. Or single.

Alfred says:

awks considering your vegetarian now

Opal Chatam says:


Manny Rivas says:

This was released on my b-day!!!

roos greg says:

whyyyyyyyy do i keep seeing Will Smith in him?

rodney adams says:

kinda look wendy been do his work out program. little tiny body. chest huge little tiny head. i thought she was thinker then that but been long time sense seen this show.

Jesse Conrad Ruiters says:

Wendy :your poor husband on cheese nights. Lmao!

Courtney McFarland says:

Your heart is supposed to be racing- it’s called cardio.

cubs0110 says:

You do NOT need a full breakfast, or any breakfast. If you’re trying to lose weight, you do NOT need to “refill your battery”. If you are overweight, your battery is already beyond filled.

Please don’t listen to and spread terrible diet advice.

mohamed osman says:

he is fucking guy

radiohead tv says:

I have his exact shirt also IKEA dishes

Planes Gaming says:

he sounds like Will Smith

Maz Dela Cerna says:

Nawwwww… great vid!!

Little Monster says:

I love hip hop abs the best

seygra20 says:

Cool sneakers

Anon 22 says:

Hmmm no chicken ?? I eat 1 chicken breast per day will I lose weight ? I follow a diet obviously

Reina Sanchez says:

Wow wendy was fuller back then

Richard Hitchcock says:

I love how the American audience clap and get excited when Shaun tells them its okay to eat a massive breakfast… :’)

mohamed osman says:

he is fucking guy

MissPamelaxoxo says:

Beef all day helps you lose weight? LOL now that’s Insanity. His workouts are amazing though I will say that much.

Wendy duran says:

Do these women realize he is gay.

Arwa A.A says:

Wendy pre eyebrows.

toy gummy bear says:

WAnt to lose weight , go plant based and do yoga for free at home I’ve lost pounds in only a matter of weeks

volce wagen says:

He’s so handsome yo! The audience went nuts when they heard Free smh

Weight Loss says:

Just Awesome….I am too much glad after watching your full video,,,That is too much informative & hopefully that will work better than any others… keep it up bro…Thanks a lot.. 🙂

Kait Hudson says:

strategically placed sweet potato

LickingBugattis says:

Shaun T has a husband!?

LickingBugattis says:

My guess is that Wendy never works out

Bianca Brown says:

I love Shaun T

Justin Lam says:

“Bacon is healthy and has good fat.”
“Eggs are the perfect food.”

Just shows how ignorant this dude is about the dangers of high-fat, high-cholesterol foods.

cleaneatology says:

I believe that goal setting is critical in all areas of our lives, especially when it comes to our physiques. With that being said, I’m not a big believer in the Yearly New Years Resolution Temporary Body Challenge Syndrome. I’m of the belief of keeping ourselves in shape year round so that we don’t have to make these drastic changes that most of us deep down inside don’t believe we can achieve. So instead of us setting these lofty physical goals once per year, which almost always sets us up for failure. In my opinion, the better option is to stay in shape year round. With this approach we can eat some of our favorite goodies in moderation. I applaud everyone who sets goals for themselves, but there are always three ways to accomplish something; 1)) A Way, 2)) A Better Way , and 3)) The Best Way. I wish everyone a successful 2018!

fernando gaviria says:

ɷɷ Heeeeyyy Frienddsss I Have F0undddd Great Guidee On Weight Lose visittt : –

mac4u2k6 says:


bossnoona says:

When he said it’s for people who are mentally ready, he’s not kidding. Month 2 of the original Insanity program will really make you crazy during the remaining 20-25 minutes of the videos. You would just want to laugh it off but end up crying after the entire thing.

j k says:

Bacon =good fats Shaun t you’re drunk go home

Ahmazin Heightz says:

Yes! I always eat more during my weight challenges. Food portion and type if food is important. Your eating habits normally increase 2-4x an hour you should be eating. I changed. My chip from hot Cheetos to Pringles to baked chips to barely any chips. I can have one bag a month if it’s like cooler ranch. If you workout everyday a focused/happy workout you will not gain but only muscle weight where it supposed to be. Concentration, organization is important first week to a month. Once your diet ( not one carrot but a complete small or medium meal) and exercise become a function of your life. You Are In It Too Win It

Dj Chris says:

I lost 15 lbs with Max 30 at 13! Shaun T’s program is a lifesaver

Tribal Deity says:

“ILoveBeef” Right?

Jayand BEEGANG says:

am i the only one think this man sounds like will smith ?

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