Plant Based Weight Loss Guide For Newbies

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Kim Yarrington says:

Thanks for taking the time to make this video. Lots of great Info 🙂

Jade64 says:

Amazing video , very informative

Eelke Aptroot says:

WFPB for the win. Yes, vegan junk food is becoming more and more available here in Holland too, last month two major pizza delivery chains started a vegan line and they are far from healthy.

KP28 says:

Good advice! If I could add anything, My recommendation would be to listen to a variety of people and sources about the different ways to do a plant based diet- But also listen to your own body..And don’t be afraid to try something different. I tried high carb for years and continued to have issues with both high appetite and blood sugar regulation. I have recently tried a lower carb Whole Foods diet ( mostly just cutting out the higher glycemic fruits and being more strict about avoiding processed foods and sugars) and I already feel way better. For me, too much sugar was the problem. I have no doubt that some people will think that is blasphemy; that sugar is the body’s preferred energy source and fats should stay low…but my results don’t lie. With more fat and protein, I have steady energy, regular blood sugar, ( not a single crash in weeks!!! Which is unheard of for me) and more predictable hunger cues. I no longer turn into a bottomless pit. I’ve finally started to lose weight, and I can now go much longer periods of time between meals.
It’s true that fats can be easier to overeat on, but some people are more satisfied by calorie DENSITY and not by food volume. Stretch receptors are actually not the only satiation signal the body uses…I could eat a whole head of lettuce and still be hungry, or a giant fruit smoothie and be hungry ( because sugar especially is not satiating for Me) but if I eat a salad with as much tahini as I want and some beans then I’m full and good to go! My stomach can’t be tricked by low calorie high volume foods lol. In fact, it’s MUCH harder for Me to Overeat on a meal with plenty of fat and protein, than it is a high carb meal, even if the portion is smaller.
But of course there will be people who have the opposite experience and feel better and lose weight on higher carb, low fat diets.
I’m just saying, don’t believe anyone who tells you it’s one size fits all. No one can tell you what to eat. You have to find what works for you. I know this is a long comment but I wish someone had told me this when I started a WFPB diet almost 3 years ago.

fruitmakesucute says:

luv your vids tammers – I like that you don’t do crazy stylized b.s. fake stuff like other vegan youtubers

Shane Ashby says:

I really enjoy your weight loss videos Tami. Keep em coming 🙂

S F says:

Great video!!

Laura Brett says:

Real talk, Tammers! <3

I love leafy greens, but in the whole time Ive been vegan, I never know if i'm eating enough... especially with spinach which shrinks like a bugger once cooked! How much are you all eating every day?

TheSarahJade says:

Very helpful!

Pandamuses says:

I have never been this early omg

Banana Breezy says:

you’re so educatedNsmart <3 loved this! :))((:

Rise & Shine says:

Reflect on yourself, what you deserve and work on it!!

BuckeyeColo says:

Great video with wonderful advice. Thanks so much.

Kaile Renee says:

Almost at 18k! Yay! You deserve way more subscribers! You have such a great message all the time!!!!

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