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Linda O'Brien says:

If you have any problems litter training your kitties, I highly recommend using Dr. Elsey Cat Attract litter. I’m not affiliated with the product by no means, I just know that it works and I want to spread the word. I tried it with my cat that didn’t want to use the litter box but now he does. Love your videos, by the way.

Jennifer Pereira says:

Hi Hannah, I don’t even recognize that kitchen in the background of the shady apple cider drink. You’ve been authentic from the start – even when you confessed that you had eaten meat way back at the start of your vegan life change. But you picked yourself back up and an kept going. You didn’t hide your struggles. What I love about your journey and channel is that your desire to lose weight was a catalyst to you changing your life. Ironically, weight loss is the result of you changing you life. Keep up the good work!

Kristen Lambert says:

I work for a credit card processor in the loss prevention department. We see things like this a lot.

Brenda OGara says:

I agree with you . I used that braggs organic cider vinegar with eating healthy ! I want to become a Vegetarian. There no way I could become vegan ! But it’s a start . But I have notice when eating right ! Not drinking alcohol and using this vinegar my redness on my face is going away . I am 55 yrs old and always been a size 6 to 8 . But now I am a size 16 and I am tired feel like crap so I know I need a change . I love eggs and cheese. Yes I know there are vegan cheeses. Which I will try to see if I like them . I love eating fish , so I thought I can go organic and start with being a vegetarian. I also want to grow my own food , in my garden . With watching Jake mace I am very inspired to try it. Watching you with how to cook meals with out meat really is inspiring to me. Thank you for sharing your video on cooking vegan . I love them

Joan L says:

Hannah, How about contacting your local news station?  I suspect they could do some research and figure things out without you having to pay money.  Plus, they could interview you and get your true story out.  I believe it would be a win win situation.

Lisa Lisa says:

so, we, as hch fans, can say these scams are fraudulent when we come across them!

DM Watters says:

STOLEN is the correct word! Would the FBI or some security agency be able to help? I have been subscribed to you for a year now, and I have not seen these ads. I would know it was crap. Hang in there.  Love your animal family!!!

Leslie Smith says:

HOLY MOLY that arm pouring the drink doesn’t even look like your arm! My sister has bean talking about this thing and I’ve bean like,”why don’t you just watch this High Carb Hannah channel?” I’ve bean trying to talk my whole family into going vegan. My mom will watch vids like yours and be brought to tears, but then she’ll bring home fried chicken.

monier anais says:

Ah ! I knew it was you on this video. It’s disgusting what they are doing..

FATtoVEGAN! !! says:

Ugh that’s horrible!!!

Nikki Neal says:

I comment that it’s really High Carb Hannah and that it’s a scam every time I see it. Thumbs up for the kittens though! They are adorable.

Alissa Taylor says:

My boyfriend came home today and was like “I was on Pinterest and I saw this weight loss drink I wanna try!”. I immediately knew he was talking about this crap, so I showed him this video for proof!

Taylor Dean says:

yeah i can see you have put a lot of time, focus, determination, and commitment into transforming your life and body. I think its inspiring. You eat plant based, clean, real food. Your a great example of how this lifestyle/ plant based low fat whole food diet works. Sorry this ad bullshit happened to you. I am turned off from apple-cider vinegar now. This ad thing is ridiculous.

Amanda Palafos says:

thanks for keeping it REAL….

Aaron Faris says:

So sorry Hannah. That is such a violation of your self and your journey. I’m sorry that has happened to you. 🙁

arugula porridge says:

that video is so embarrassing. that is defamation! there’s gotta be some law against that. :/

Laura Bravo says:

one thing good came out of the scams. I found you through it. the real you! and now I’m excited to start my journey ❤

Mary G says:

Do you feed the cats a vegan diet as well? They are adorable by the way. Thank you for giving them a loving, forever home.

Sara Tobias says:

reported it as a false campaign.  Congrats on your weight loss and hard work.  I hope this works out for you!

Kahlua Girl says:

I’m sorry Hannah 🙁 I hope you find justice. This is theft. I will report it

jad says:

Wow wish I could help, some nasty people out there.

Vanya says:

I’m sorry for the non-related question, but what shampoo was Hannah saying she uses now? 🙂

saphide says:

I just found the same kind of page with her footage translates in French…

ForgiveAndLove09 says:

A life of lies will catch up with them Hannah. It stinkos that you have to go thru this. I hope it ends. I hope peace for you.
Love Callie at the end propped up on your knees. She’s like, “Meow, leave my Mom alone, MEoW! Tell ’em Mom!”

Linh Pham says:

Nawwwwww cant stop looking at the kittens.. and sorry this is happening to you.. it is indeed frustrating!

onli1luv says:

I just saw the ad today and was like liars. That high carb Hannah.

Not So Fancy Nancy says:

Ok just found out you knew about this scam , disregard all my messages and attempts to reach you .. it sucks, I’m so sorry for you .


Hey sorry to hear. I have some ideas as to how to go about this, if you want to email me. fyi, they linked to your video and now it’s the next one to play on your “list” .

MsAngieBaby says:

This is so sad.

ninaandianfan21 says:

It’s sad and a shame but this cat is so cute <3

beneenqasim says:

Till this morning I saw you on the apple cider vinegar on Instagram.

Staceylwolf says:

Apple Cider Vinegar actual does work for some, with a good diet too. But…I am so sorry your video is being stolen. That really sucks. I am hopefully you can get this resolved!

Courtney Walker says:

I hadn’t seen this yet when I emailed you earlier this week but I reported the post on FB. Hope it gets sorted.

Countrychicvegan says:

Like right after I watched this I visited my mom and she told me about this ‘Super Food’ she saw on Facebook and she BOUGHT IT! I couldn’t believe it and told her to return it…. She is trying tho and had also bought a vegan protein powder to make smoothies for her meal before work.

ShinyEvenWonderღ says:

I know im about a month late with this, but I am so glad you acknowledged this scam. When I first saw that video on Instagram, I was like “wait…is that Hannah??” I hoped this gets solved

Michelle Keller says:

I am so sorry this has happened to you. I’ve been following you for a very long time and I want you to know how much you have truly inspired myself and husband to eat a vegan diet. It has changed our lives <3 To see that people would take pictures and videos for their weight loss scam is extremely upsetting. I have watched your hard work and incredible dedication to this lifestyle and helping all of us live our best life possible. It's a shame that others can be so selfish and cruel just to make money. We stand by you girly!

Mark Mildenberger says:

I usually do report fraud. Thank you and congrats on the new you!

Hana Curekovic says:

It’s going to be almost impossible to remove these bogus ads… no one owns the internet, and there’s always a way to post content again even if it gets removed thousands of times… if you share videos/photos with the whole world on social media, you are pretty much giving anyone permission to use it.. there is zero control… it’s the downside to sharing your life online

SweetMiMiDoll says:

So sad Hannah that this people only think about greed, capitalism, making money etc…
We know how you did it & you are real 100% so sue this idiots “person” or institution and make them pay. Lot’s of love sweetie xoxo

Alida van wel says:

O my god I LOVE you for taking these kittens!!! You are an amazing woman, having walked your path!!!! <3 Thank you for your story! I didn't know you but I am going to follow you right now, because of your sincereness! xx

SOFIANE De Monty says:

Dont Worry too much Hannah ; Most Ads are obviously and ridiculously fake. On the other hand, VBlogs are Real, You are Real.
Yet I understand your frustration. I hope u sort it out very soon.
Peace !!!

5xDisneyfans says:

They are all over my Facebook feed today and no option to report the post/advertisements. Pictures of you and videos.

teganeli says:

Urrrghh! oh man I hate that those people are doing that to you! If I see anything I’ll report it right away. And if possible, make a comment to direct readers/viewers to this video. Love you Hannah! Stay strong! <3 <3 <3

Exploding Toast says:

I’m glad I found this video, everywhere I looked, google reviews, Amazon, Facebook, all said the same thing about the product. That it absolutely worked and all the bad reviews were deleted I suppose. I was skeptical for good reason and now I know it was a good thing 🙂

tina dowden says:

Thanks for this post Hanna. You all got me addicted to LaCroix Coconut is my favorite. I am not Vegan but use your videos to make better dietary choices. Keep up the good work and I will keep a eye out for fake Hanna videos. Peace

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