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Not sure how to change your diet? Watch this video!
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as much as I love meat I don’t eat it well because I’m a vegan and I hate when people say you can’t be healthy if you eat meat I mean look at Pete he is a fucking beast he is ripped and he eats a lot of food so Pete is living proof that u can eat so much and still be ripped

Christiantolsoe says:

– Paused this video
– did 5 pushups
– ran downstairs
– ate a carrot and some almonds
– ran upstairs and watched the rest


fitness_key_to_life instagram

Matt Kirk says:

As soon as you said “eat as frequently as possible to boost your metabolism” I switched off. Outdated bro science dude sorry. Most of the rest was good though 🙂

Alexander Bajlovic says:

i cant eat vegetables! any idea hot to put them in my body

Justair says:

Damn if I eat fast enough, not all of them will be digested? Sounds good to me lol

Ezruhh The Ezkimo says:

I find it hard to eat vegetables, any suggestions?

Rebecca Thomas says:

Hi just wondering how many grams of carbs, protein and fat is classed as low intake to med intake and high intake?

david jandrow says:

Whole food plant based is the way to go

salvatore stonelli says:

hate 2 tell ya but we can not absorb any calcium from dairy. veggies only. really, look it up. i love dairy & will not give it up ONLY b/c i love it 2 much. it IS a good protein source
gotta say i’m impressed w/ how you are UP TO DATE w/ nutrition. .

RedSnow says:

Dairy substitutes for lactose intolerant people…?

John Leiro says:

does sugar matter in fruit

Neil Barrett says:

Good video, but I’ve read (Michael Mathews – Bigger. Leaner. Stronger.) that meal frequency has no impact on biological protein absorption rates. It makes no difference if you consume 454 grams of protein in three meals or five+ meals per day.

Painkill3r says:

Hi Pete, please follow me on my channel, I’m on a weight loss journey, it started April 15, 2016, my starting weight was a Whooping 332 lbs. It’s now May 20, 2016, and I’m weighing in at 307 . I know I have a long way to go, but the more support I get the harder I work. Thanks for reading and stay EPIC. EPIC= EVERY POUND I CONTROL. Joe/Painkiller

Red Pill says:

7:53 “Blow me”

Deva Lal says:


sean rafanan says:

Great info, and I get that this is an old vid, but many studies have shown that meal frequency doesn’t really have much effect on your results. Eating 1 meal/day vs 6 meals/day generally produces the same results if the overall calories, macro-nutrients, etc. are the same so it really just boils down to convenience or personal preference.

João Gonçalves says:

Almost 4 million subscribers!!

George Zakhour says:

hey Pete !
when i’m counting my Calories , do i have to count Sugar and Salt calories ?
or just Macros ?
because i’m eating more Calories than i should but i’m hitting my Macros intake
e.g : i need 58 grams of Carbs every Meal which is 232 Calories
but when i use 100g of oats , it has 58 g of carbs , but alot more calories, what should i do ?
Please help 🙂

Žan Gračner says:

eating fruiquently raising metabolism… bullshit


Homie and I do mean that because we’re both in Canada. How much sodium is in your diet per day, cutting or not? I see you use bacon and on top of that body builders NEVER talk about sodium! One did the other night but said he drinks extra water to ‘flush’ it out. IMPOSSIBLE!

Please shed some light on this, Thanks in advance.

RealKeyyy says:

Eating frequently to help metabolism is a myth. Its actually better to have only 2 meals a day.

Yesenia Solis says:

great video .

Stef van Wijk says:

Banana’s are not even in the top 50 of potassium containing food. Somehow everybody knows that banana’s are good source for potassium, they aren’t. Vanilla milkshake contains more potassium than banana’s.

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