My Weight Loss Transformation BEFORE AND AFTER | BodyBoss Fitness Guide Experience

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My AMAZING Weight Loss Transformation | BodyBoss Fitness Guide Experience


Nala Chavez says:

12 lbs ? Girllll you look amazing!!!!!!!

Fernando5455 says:

Congratulations! It is always good to see someone put in the hard work and dedication for a life-changing experience.

Rich Huey says:

I was suprised when you said 12 pounds it looks like alot more. But I saw you were lifting weights, your back looks alot more tone, congrats.

jay rod says:

Good job girl. I’m proud of you.

My lady is on her journey too and she is doing great. Imma send her this video as motivation to keep grinding.

The Answer says:

Just not lose the booty

Coco Lish says:

You look great Dee.

Kanye Yezzy says:

Holy shit. You look fucking good

Joshua Miller says:

I lost 16 pounds in 7 weeks!!!

Some Weird Black Girl says:

Yassss Dee

Jojo Breez says:

12? Or 30?

Juan Francisco says:

Damn that’s wassup Dee. Congratulations!!!!’

Andrea Hammond says:

Oooookayyyy deeeeeeeee

Gamma Slick says:

Just to help you guys and save you money. Lose fat by being in a deficit with high protein. So find your maintenance and then eat below that with high protein. As for working out it’s more so for your heart and muscle and if you eat too much a easy way to burn it off but losing fat is in the kitchen. Example : if you weigh 140 pounds add a 0 so you have to eat under 1400 calories and aim for atleast 120g – 140 g of protein

AlwaysAss s says:

Good Job !!!!

Tenticle Ass says:

Watching the before and after made me gain 12 pounds of fat cause that shit made me hard af

Dialo Franklin says:

Lost 20lbs in 3 weeks

MizzY Moss says:

Great video dee

R M says:

not to brag but ive been doing this thing where i eat twice a day between 12pm and 8pm & basically its only baked chicken breast and broccoli (or whatever vegetable you want really) & sometimes it would only be once a day & obviously no junk food PERIOD AT ALL but i lost 18lbs from october 5th to october 30th which is only like 3 weeks or close to 4 & i still cant see major results like yours

Bozanac 18 says:

I remember working out 5 days a week for 2 straight months back in 2015 and seeing a clear difference in my arms and waist which looked more toned and smaller respectively. Unfortunately the way I was working out was depleting my glands and my energy, stress, and hormone levels spiraled out of control. I realized after I learned more about that high intensity workouts/exercises are not for my body at this time, instead I need to be doing more restorative work like yoga, qigong, resistance, etc., basically lower intensity workouts. I remember being so proud of my work in the same way you are now Dee, but when I realized the bad effect the type of workout I was doing had on my health, I knew I had to stop and make a change, otherwise I risked worsening my health instead of improving it.

Good health isn’t defined by how much or how little body fat you have alone. Your stress, energy, and hormone levels need to be normalized, your stamina should be high, you should have good mental clarity and concentration levels, breathing properly I’ve learned is very key to good health and that optimal health is impossible without proper breathing techniques. There’s so much that goes into optimizing one’s health and luckily we live in a time where information on how to achieve that is right at our fingertips. There’s simply no excuse anymore for people to let their health spiral out of control.

Keep up the grind Dee, you’ve got my support.

Marcus Simon says:

Might just be me but you looked better before not to say you don’t now tho



kidd braiin says:

Is there an option for guys too?

C Hugo says:

Congrats on your weight loss your body is your temple im looking forward to seeing your journey into a healthy lifestyle.

GiftedOak 19 says:

Congrats Dee! Lmaoo u lost weight and I’m doing football and I gained weight!

Amir El says:

You look good both ways.

Jermeyah Beauty says:

Okay Deee !!! You look great. You did so good.

Jonathan coleman says:

Congratulations is it a bad thing a like love handles on woman?


I need a 6 pack guide

Losky the Gamer says:

Im 200 pounds i need to get back in the gym

J A says:

Here Im struggling to GAIN weight. I am a healthy weight but look a little skinny cuz im tall

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