My Weight Loss Transformation (-25 Pounds and Counting on Plant-Based Lifestyle)

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Jordan Cheyenne says:

You look so amazing <3 I need to lose about 25 also so this really inspires me 🙂

Miriam Stanbury says:

Love it, you get straight to the point!

Cycling Slim says:

Great video, well done you look great!

Matthew Fernao says:

When I first started to drink Weight loss green store tea I didn’t notice much difference but after five days I noticed I was eating only half of my portions. This was very surprising for me as I love food and now I seem to be content with only half. I have continued to use these and have lost eight pounds now.

Dorina Koncz says:

You look like Jessica Alba!!! 😀 😀 Great video! 🙂

Radioactive Heart says:

I’ve actually been thinking about getting your personal training 🙂 I don’t think I can trust anybody who isn’t a plant based eater in fitness for myself!
I live in spain tho. 😀

Barry O Connell says: Great stuff for him and her weight loss

Michelle Keller says:

My husband and I are plant based but are have a very hard time losing weight. Are there any guidelines you go by? We are very much into fitness as well so it can be frustrating when the scale doesn’t move. Thanks!

Dee Rena222 says:

love it ! looks yummy

Jade Nguyen says:

Girl you look great! Loved the video xx

Zoey Arielle says:

You look absolutely amazing Lydia!! You go girl :). I recently made a recipe video for “Golden Milk” if you’ve never tried it before I highly recommend it! I bet you’d be a fan 🙂 xo keep it up!

Krishnas Wolke says:

*This WeightLossGreenStoretea is amazing and by far the most effective pre work out supplement I’ve ever tried. It gives me a ton of energy to do a challenging work out and I feel uplifted for the rest of the day. I never feel discomfort or dizziness due to the caffeine levels and it relieves bloating. Great balance of ingredients*

Lucinda Huijskens says:

What do you eat on a daily base? much fruit? starches?

I want to become slim and lean (i am now underweight, but I’m afraid eating starches, because I did it for a week and gained weight eating the same calories as when I ate raw till 4..)

LadySpira says:

…you make me think of Jessica Alba somehow xD

mangosmoothie says:

Hw long did it take you to lose the weight after changing int this lifestyle? Did you exercise the whole time?

Fran Gouveia says:

Hello, is there anyway you could help me?

Keyanah07 says:

Hi lydia, I just stumbled across your page and i feel like its fate. haha. SO i have been vegan “diet” for about 4 months now. I obviously have a story from past, but i kind of want to keep that private between you and i. anyway i am struggling so hard to look stomach and thigh weight. and i am ALWAYS craving sweets. I need you help! I don’t know how to do this lifestyle. some say eat WSLF, or HCLF or completely raw. and i have no idea what or how to figure out what is best for me! I NEED your help!

Jennifer Colin says:

Great video! Cannot wait to see more. Looking forward to the recipe videos and all your tips. Subscribed and definitely following your channel 🙂

Jay Park says:

i have a coach who tells me 20% of calories should be fat MAX. im on 45g fat, 200g carbs, 200g protein. half of the people tells me i should have 1g of protein per pound while other half of the people tells me 0.75g of protein per pound per MAX. then my boss is a vegan and recommended me to eat more carbs and lower the protein. idk who i need to listen to. i just want to get down from 200lbs to 170lbs

Belmont2388 says:

Hello miss Lydia, I’ve recently started my vegan journey going on my third month now I was doing it for health reasons because I’ve been suffering from hormonal issues that have honestly have me fearing my TOM sorry if it’s to much info..but yes I’ve bin really battling with constant nausea and bloating that has bin keeping me from my goals it’s really frustrating that sometimes I can’t even workout which gets me more frustrating and depressed but I do keep going and I’m absolutely loving living the plantbased diet it’s so yummy!! anyways this will be my third month and I don’t even miss animal products anymore which I think it’s better for my health and the animals but yes I’m starting my journey to a healthier me and I wanted to know will it take a year for me to see the changes in my body will this help my nausea cause ugh it is getting to the point where I’m just crying all the time now but I’m trying to be strong anyways I just would really appreciate any advice god bless you and sorry about my grammar it’s bin a while xD

tanya vella says:

Great video!

aba r says:

Great video! I am glad you took into consideration not only diet, but other factors that may stop an individual from loosing weight.

Omer Star says:

Dont waste your time, if you need to lose weight check out :
My Weight Loss Transformation (-25 Pounds and Counting on Plant-Based Lifestyle)

Sustainably Vegan says:

Love this!! Congratulations 🙂

Caroline K says:

You look amazing! Do you have any recipes/meal plans we can follow and or get ideas from?

Laura Castillejos says:

Thank you for sharing 🙂 <3

youngbae dong says:

when u try to lose weight does your belly get harder first? or flatten first?

High Carb Hannah says:

Great video Lydia 🙂 You look amazing – keep making vids!

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