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VoldyPoops says:

I am a fattie and I really hope this tips will help me to lose weight too .Thank you :3

Deril Hil says:

Well done, this is a terrific video! It helped me with something I was struggling with. I’m in the middle of Tashiana Sethlin’s One Month Diet, it’s still available for download on her website JIC! Good Luck!

Natalie Gardner says:

I really want to be high carb because I’ve seen it do so much good for a lot of people. I have ADHD and there are lots of different types of it, with some types having a lot of carbs can really make ADHD symptoms worse. I have that problem, I tried the high carb and my ADHD was going out of control. I do take medication for it and it was just getting worse until I finally did some research and found this out. After I went back to my previous diet it was better for me. So yeah

Andro Cudia says:

so beautiful… now I know how angels look………..

MeganFonseca13 says:

I’m almost 25 and I’m at my heaviest weight of 185 sometimes more depending on the day. I have PCOS, I’m borderline type 2 diabetic, and I have a lazy thyroid problem, which I’m on medication for. I didn’t even think to see if it was vegan or not. I was vegan for about six months, but then I gave that all up and started eating animal products again, and I’ve missed being vegan. I’ve heard of you from Mommytang, but it never crossed my mind until just recently to watch your videos and you are so inspiring to me right now. Money is a little tight for me right now, but when I can, I’m going to buy a yoga mat from Five Below and just stock up on all these foods when I head go Aldis since it’s so affordable. thank you for the tips. I’m planning to go out to Cleveland to see an Endocrinologist and talk to her to see if I can take those thyroid supplements instead of medication. And I am going to get probiotics too. I have horrible digestion problems and just recently I think my body is reacting very badly to gluten. I’m always bloated and have to constantly go to the bathroom. TMI, sorry lol. This video has really helped and I have my boyfriend that I know wants to lose weight too. I’ll see if he will do this diet with me so we can both get healthy. I really want to start a family, and I know it’s not going to be easy with my PCOS, but I think a healthy lifestyle will be good for me to conceive in the future and keep my baby healthy when that time comes. thank you again for this video!

cocolateeda says:

Any harm in taking the thyroid supplements if you don’t need them? I have some of those symptoms but have been tested before and it was normal. I’d like to aid myself but want to know if it’s ok to add these in as a buffer

Rayne27 says:

Too much iodine is just as dangerous as not enough iodine, and this supplement has 1000 times the daily recommended value-way too much. Especially for those who already have thyroid dysfunction 🙁 Everyone should do plenty of research and look at case studies before supplementing substances that effect a gland that controls so much of our body’s functions. Dr. Pamela Popper ,(Forks Over Knives) just uploaded a video about this a few weeks ago. Just search Pamela Popper and you will find her channel which has tons of informative videos! Best of luck to you all ❤

small footprint says:

I have a friend who had all the same symptoms and found out she had Graves disease which is high thyroid and had to have her thyroid killed in order to survive, so be careful about supplementing for low thyroid wo a diagnosis. I had a terrible low thyroid and as I got on this food plan longer and longer, It got better. No body believes this but now I test normal. Who knew?

Jamie Gowan says:

Do you curl your hair or is it naturally curly?

Ayana Sioux Art says:

You mentioned something about aderall and how you had to get off of it. Well, I think I have ADHD (won’t be tested for in until 2 days) and if aderall is no good for ADHD, what do you recommend because I find it hard to function like a proper adult, haha?

apeksha nautiyal says:

I always try to start my exercise and diet I m 20 year old from last 4 years I have been trying these things and left behind all progress I just want to know how u determined yourself for doing this weight loss transformation plz do reply really need help to set my focus

eva800 says:

Specifically in this video you look really good Hannah. The natural make up, clothing colors matching your skin completion and hair color.

jennifer jacobs says:

Right now I am 190 Pounds and 5’5 in height so I’m a freaking fatty!!!! I lack the motivation to lose weight given that I have been trying for 2 months and I have gotten nowhere!! Please help! I am 16 and am having my first date to prom!!! How do I lose a lot of weight in 1 month without starving myself???!!.

Stacy K says:

What kind of fats do you recommend? Im scared to eat a lot of avocado bc I feel like i’ll just gain weight and now I’m even MORE scared bc you mentioned the side effects. And what about nuts? Thanks!

Stephanie Hickman says:

thanks love Steph.

Rachel carman says:

lugols iodine solution, to help against hypothyroid – is generally lacking in iodine that causes it.

prachi dalal says:

Hi Hannah I love your videos. Can you make a video on high triglycerides? There are not many videos or information on this topic and I know many people have this issue.

Whole Lotta Rosie says:

I have just found you and I am addicted. I am so sick of my eating habits and i just loved veggies!! I stopped smoking 6 weeks ago, ive cut out drinking and ive put on like 20lbs and am so miserable! I want to give this a go. whole food high carb low fat lifestyle. New subbie

Natasha Quadri says:

I thought in The Starch Solution Dr. McDougall mentions that supplements can do more harm than good. So why mention taking supplementation?

madeintheisles says:

I have diagnosed hasimoto’s thyroiditis and Pcos idk what to do :(((

kat v says:

People with hypothyroid usually also have low vitamin D…so don’t forget your vitamin D yall

I’m gonna try out that thyroid supplement though…hopefully it works out for me

Martina M says:

I work night shifts too. So it’s hard to have a steady sleep routine

Monica Gum says:

Hannah, what is it in the thyroid energy that you think helped you to lose the weight?

Sarah Jane Cleary says:

is the thyroid supplement just for underactive thyroid or can it be used for overactive thyroid ? thanks

jukes243 says:

I thought whole foods were organic foods. Foods w/o poisonous sprays. ?

weight loss diet (tips) says:

nice idea

Shayna Beecher says:

Hi Hannah!
I’m starting my weight loss journey and so far I really enjoy peanut butter to help my breakfast be satisfying and filling. what are you thoughts of peanut butter? should I cut it out?

ivi122 says:

YOU are AMAZING! I just came across your videos and so happy I did. I want to lose about 25-30 pounds. I am almost 43 and was always thin until my late 30’s. After I had my 2nd baby I just haven’t been able to lose the weight. I am actually heavier than I was when I was pregnant with either of my kids. My issue is sugar craving especially Ice cream…This year I WILL eat healthier, lose weight, become fitter, thinner and healthier, with God’s help!

KhaoticKlitoris says:

I have thyroid issues (everything you said resonates with me and I have 99% of listed symptoms) and after seeing this, I immediately bought the supplement. Was thinking about buying some a while back but I really hope it helps. If so, you’ll be even more of a life saver. Thank you so much Hannah!

Alida van wel says:

thank you!!! This is such a great video with such great information, thank you! xx

Kittenpurrrs whenLoved says:

sleep is the the most important thing to lose weight. If your not going to be sleeping you won’t lose much if any ….. when ppl work out they don’t lose weight during the work out or build muscle as they lift weights …we do it while we sleep when the body is repairing itself. Just thought I’d mention that for ppl starting a weight loss journey.Also if your stressing or have stress you won’t lose much …your body will release cortisol and then your insulin will rise and insulin is the fat storing hormone …we don’t want high insulin. So like she said ..think positive thoughts and try not to worry or get really stressed about your life or diet etc. …… the body and mind are so amazing lol…

pretty kitty says:

why do I feel nauseous on the thyroid energy

Lila Schmitt says:

million response minister poor roll paper compromise.

PamelaOhh says:

I was sent here and I am so glad 🙂 You share some great tips, I am interested in going Vegan and you make it seem so easy !

Charms says:

Hey Hannah! Do you have any recommendations on any recipes or any foods I should keep in my mini fridge as i’m a college student and I’m really trying to eat healthy with whatever my cafeteria offers me but it’s a bit tough to differentiate and I end up going for pizza. Thank you!

Ginger Marie says:

You’re pretty, and you look like Mariah Carey only YOU are prettier! Jesus Christ loves you!

Stephanie Hickman says:

How can I help my brother lose weight fast because he’s gaining a lot of weight and I’m concerned for him.

Katie Lunafish says:

I’ve heard that a lot of the reason why people on plant-based diets have digestive problems is caused by the way they combine their foods. My husband and I are making it our goal to switch to the plant based lifestyle and both of us are having the digestive problems. We don’t want to take supplements like probiotics so we’re going to try the other thing we’ve heard works and that is to not eat raw foods combined with cooked foods. Because what supposedly happens is that since both raw foods and cooked foods digest at different rates of time it causes the raw foods to rot in our stomachs while it’s digesting the cooked foods which lead to upset stomachs and other digestive issues. What is recommended is to eat raw foods early on in the day and then to allow at least 4 hours for it to digest before you eat anything that is cooked. That logic makes sense to me so that’s what we’ll be trying out. Maybe you’d be willing to give it a try too? I’d love to see a video from you on if that way works or not. I’m sure it may take a while to get your body used to being off the probiotics but maybe it’ll be worth it in the long run.

Ladyinred Love says:

what camera do you use for your videos?

Kittenpurrrs whenLoved says:

too low of calories or getting enough carbs can release hormones that mimic hypothyroidism….. don’t mess with your thyroid if you think you have something the matter have it tested…. i was tested and had a tumour and then had it removed … then it ended up messing up my pituitary gland …thyroid is the master gland and controls sooooo much in the body …like she said ..go to the Dr ….Don’t just take supplements …when you take supplements your body will stop making it on its own because YOUR supplementing it …so it will think “i don’t have to work as hard , she’s got me” lol Our bodies are sooooo smart.

Lina: Vlogs - Food - Nutrition -Vegan says:

i eat a plant based diet…yet i still not losing the weight i want…do you have any suggestions??

Rebecca Ann Sinkula: Mystic Angel Healing says:

Thank You honey. I just ordered that thyroid supplement. Thanks for the tips!

BlipTip says:

How much do you weigh now?

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