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Yomama Bin Fartin says:

Them toes is nahstee girl

Erca waters says:

‘Then I get a big dinner’ .. lol where is it ?

Penelope Obelix says:

Annie this is such an inspiration! Not even joking, I’m about 5’5″ and just weighed myself in at 140. Like you, 2 years ago I was 120. And I just started the 21 day fix, a similar program. It’s such a weird coincidence! I’m so glad to hear about your progress, I hope I follow in your footsteps!!! <3 <3

MardooGames says:

thefuck happened to your wall annie xD

FunnyTvShows says:

Damn! you look good regardless on your weight! I like girls who are nice and thick.

nena Pabon says:

bruh this pisses me off your not fat and u don’t need to loose weight ur skinny like what the hell is wrong with u

Craig Candor says:

how much of your weightloss do you attribute to Coolsculpting? Happy with the results?

chicko mod says:

Well done! You can notice the weight loss even in your face. Can’t wait for the next update X

MuffyCakeMan says:

Went from having an ass to no ass lol

Rosa Wicks says:

I started following this fat burn method [Go here ===>] from the last two weeks and couldn’t put it down!! It’s an easy read, full of information, all good things to hear and be reminded of, too! It sure made my workout go by fast too! It includes daily diet charts and exercise plans along with good healthy recipes that surely help you to burn your belly fat fast! I have recommended this to other friends whom were worried about their belly fat.. It’s very interesting and well done!!!

Christina Allen says:


Kristy Miller says:

You look amazing!!!! I’m 5’3 136 and I’m trying hard to get to 130. I’m 8 weeks into my new fitness routine. It’s a slow slow process but I’m making progress. Great job lady!!

Andrew Sauli says:

I’m 5 foot 6 and weigh 119. Trying to go to 105

James Steww says:

she post the transformation pictures at 4:15 just to save you guys from hearing her talk about bullshit

Kayla Rose says:

Annie, I totally relate to eating a bunch of good bad food before I start a program.
I’m not the only one! Haha:)
Good job on skipping the candy in October;)

MACNCHEESEiky :D says:

What did you do to lose it?

Volker Staten says:

My first bottle of *weight loss green store tea*. I bought it via paypal on Weight loss green store. I lost 10 lbs with a low diet and exercise and I feel amazing, this will help me in the future to burn off unwanted fat and toxins in my body. Also it controls hunger.

Hoàng Vinh says:

do you need VIP facebook ads account? 5k$ per day. skype: vinhht91

Little Surprises says:

guys pounds =…. KG? Cause idk really what does it mean “I lost 7 pounds a month” so how much KG she lost?

Zain shah says:

you are so beautiful :*

Bruh we f%ckin up here Cuz says:

Looked better before… sorry

Kayla Lashae says:


tweeotch says:

You’re probably having some nice poops!

Tyra Walters says:

was this one month after the cool sculpting???

theyoyoman103 says:

She’s absolutely gorgeous ❤️

Philip Gipson says:

I’m proud of you, Annie. ^_^

Carmen Sandiego says:

What is wrong with your eyes…

Fluxdeed Feat says:

1 youre not even fat. 2 your leggs are spaced in the second photo

Princess says:

you look amazing I’m so happy for you! I think I’m going to follow her programme as well now

joe shmo says:

something’s wrong with your eyes

Erin Pittman says:

can u plz gain 30 pounds.

kasiakitty23 says:

Congrats on your first month! I know once you get past the first month it gets easier, it’s getting into the habit that’s the hard part. You’re doing great! keep it up!

Marina Isayama says:

Congrats on the one month progress for weight loss! I can’t wait to see what the next two months have in store!

DestinyShaelynn says:

I’d love to try this but like how would one do these with working 40 plus hours a week. I guess I’d have to prep

laurenrobbb says:

Well done xx

Victoria says:

super proud of you!

Uty V says:

u don’t give us the recipes?

Anne Someone says:

That big dinner though lol. I was expecting like 5 more shots but that was it xD

Jh h says:

great job annie !!
super inspired by your confidence to be so open.

Dillon deBord says:

good afternoon luscious

Lizz garcia says:

Did you see a height difference? You look somewhat taller.

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