My Number 1 Tip For BEGINNERS Trying To Lose Weight!

Find out your correct calories for weight loss:

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Moosh207 says:

Thank you so much for this video. Amazing! I also linked the gym with nutrition for weightloss, and now I don’t link them thanks to your info. Weightloss is going to be so much easier now. I’m already down 2.2 pounds since watching your videos a week ago. I really appreciate you making them. And I love that quote “The kitchen is for weightloss, the gym is for fitness” it makes so much sense now.

Dietrich Tiessen says:

man you inspire me. i love listen to you because you have experience, Not like those other fitness coaches that have no clue what its like to be over weight.

Blb Hansel says:

please i would like to know, should i start taking supplements on day 1 of me going the gym when i am obese and trying to loss weight or should i first focus on losing the weight and belly fat and body fat then later take the supplement ?

madelenealvarez says:

should I count calories or fat grams? That’s something that has always confused me. You are such an inspiration!!! Thanks for all the great Infor.

Laura Schoonmaker says:

I’m on week #6 and lost 24 pounds so far. I’m am now binge watching your videos. My diet is the hardest part.

I_bombhills says:

How do you stick to a diet when all your parents do is buy junk food and fast food and they tell u if u don’t like what I get then u don’t get to eat

Adrian Wheat says:

While on the “fetching tuti space” diet plan (Google it), a few of my workmates lost around 14 lbs! Soon after hearing about their results, I decided to research this plan on google for myself, and I lost excess weight myself as soon as I began following the “fetching tuti space”.

Mistygrey says:

It’s too bad that my GF doesn’t speak a word of English. She thinks that only exercising will help her lose weight, but she is still eating junk food. I’m telling her everyday that the most important thing is to change the way she eats before thinking about exercising. She is eating biscuits, candy bars, chips and everything, and when it’s meal time, she is only eating a salad. And of course, she doesn’t understand why she is not losing weight.

MyFootIsNumb says:

Ehhh. I don’t want to count calories for the rest of my life. ;-;

Jessica Boudreaux says:

you are inspirational, thank you for your videos.. I’m subscribing.. I only have 30 pounds to lose and I watch your videos to keep me motivated so I don’t snack out of boredom, you get me pumped!!

blesswashere says:

EVERYTHING YOU’RE SAYING IS ACCURATE!!! because I’ve totally been there, but I’m in some hard times and I need all the motivation I can get. Thanks brother!!!!

Melissa Andtade says:

your so cute Lol a side from that your completely right thanks for sharing some knowelegde.

Sandra I. says:

Weight loss is done in the kitchen and fitness in the gym…I love this!!!!!!!!

jerry calderon says:

so it’s not the gym that makes u lose weight

jerry calderon says:

Wait you are right because there’s this girl on YouTube that lost all her weight lost

Sara Fouts says:

My most successful tip is to make replacements for your favorite treats. I substituted soda for sparkling water and it drastically reduced my craving for soda and now I don’t even need sparkling water anymore. I replaced fries with home made oven backed sweet potato “fries”. Things like that made a huge difference for me. Lots of drinking water. Also going to therapy during weight loss helps a lot and kept me feeling emotionally relieved during the week.

johnny pliego says:

i dont drink soda i dont eat junk food much. i run up to 80% of what i can for 20 min i do wights i started to eat more​ vegetables and eat less then wat i use to and i don’t gain wight or lose it. when i go to the gym i go to gain mussel but I’m getting frustrated because im not losing wight. i don’t know how to build a good diet

Hank The Hick says:

Ok man. I’ve been eating chicken every damn day, eggs in the morning. But I’ve only lost 4 lbs in 2 months. And yes every other day i hit the gym weights& elliptical. Anyone have any tips please?

kamia tabels says:

thanks for posting this video it has a big I npacked on my began weight lost journey…

Brittany McKee says:

what if youre not over weight but you have a little bit of a tummy. I’m 5’5″ and 134lb. I don’t eat fast food, or soda, and I watch my calories but I cannot get rid of my lower stomach pudge. at that point would it be more gym or still diet? thanks for any one who helps. 🙂

TheNrodr690 says:

You are adorable!!! thank you so much, I am on my mission to be a better mommy by taking care of myself and really focusing on losing this weight!
I started March 31 2017 @231 pounds, and I am only 5’2! As of today 5/14/17 I am currently 219 pounds. I am really sticking to 1200 calories a day, drinking 3 liters of water no soda, no juice, just water coffee and tea (with no added sugar) and just getting in as much walking as I can. I am trying to at least walk 10,000 steps a day for now and dancing with my two girls for 30 mins on the weekends. Since I do have an office, I close my door and take 3 ten min breaks a day and do squats and jumping jacks! 🙂 so at this time my goal is to go down to 200, next goal get to 180, and soon 140 (Goal wight is 125-130) Here I go, and thank you again for the inspiration.

Allena Rust says:

Thank you 🙂

Jen Caroline says:

I know it seems common sense to “Eat less, duh!”, but there’s a huge difference between eating less and eating smart. There’s a huge difference between eating one donut for a snack versus 2 apples. Is the donut a healthier snack because it’s just one item? No.

Lisa Willett says:

I am starting my weight loss journey, and you are inspirational. I came accrossed you when I looked up herbalife. Herbalife looks like it’s not good, so I might pass on that. I seriously just wrote down ur supplement list, and your food you bought at the store lol. I have NO idea how to lose weight or I should say where to start. Thank you for your info, energy, and motivation. YOU ROCK!!!!!!

Marisela C says:

I definitely know that diet is the main thing and its extremely important. I dated a guy once who was working on losing weight and working out was not something he was doing but he was so successful with his weight loss because he was focusing on his diet. I struggle with that because I have a ton of bad habits that I sometimes feel like I can’t change.

Ernie Lopez says:

What’s your opinion on creatine?
Should It be taken while trying to loose weight ?

Dinglehopper Day Dreamer says:

Thank you x

Rated Jay says:

I love you man you have been my push. I am just starting out and I have to lose 300 lbs and your videos are a huge help as I try and work this all out. Thank you for doing these videos

Cymric says:

I miss the goatee

Oh Snap Jeff says:

Thanks for sharing this bro. I just lost my first 5 pounds by eating healthier and walking 30min only every day. I went to two different gatherings last week and skipped the sweets and soda. I would I also get a lot of calories from sweet suger filled drinks. I have never been this motivated. I was 335 and now I’m at 330.1 man in less than 2 weeks. These videos are helping.

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