My 5 best weight loss tips for full body transformation

Here are my 5 best weight loss tips for full body transformation.
Develop calorie awareness

Simplify exercise, don’t over think exercise, just do what you enjoy so that you will stick with it.

Get rid of timeless and the desire for quick results. Focus on living a healthy lifestyle and not on “losing weight”

Research research research Educate yourself thoroughly

Work hardest on your environment


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Cell m8 says:

I just fucking exercise because i love it!

Ahammad Ali says:

Do what you enjoy. I like that.

Kerry King says:

Thank you for posting this

Triple T says:

Do you have a gmail where I can contact you ?

mercedes Hall says:

Absolutely love your videos thanks for being you!

OurJourney at OD Fitness Springfield says:

Online Weight Loss Program:
Meal Plan, Work Outs , And Nutritio n Classes
12 lbs in 6 Weeks Guaranteed As Long As You Committ.
Text “Committ” to 413-507-8958

Ibrahim Da'as says:

Always the best words …. thank you

Qazi Mansoor says:

How about me…
If i eat less carb foods If i eat less in a day then i suffer from constipation. ..
What should i do about that….
And i need to loose 20-30lbs

slorge says:

white male 53y-SW 354-CW 325. I know tracking calories works. I’ve joined planet fitness in May and have made (to me) enormous changes in my physique with only 20 lbs lost. I gravitated to your channel specifically, because we were both around the same weight, and in the music business when we started. I’m also in IT which puts me behind a desk all day. I’m currently working on the “4 first basic exercises” routine you suggest for newbies. I’ve never really “worked out” before, so this is new to me. I’ve been heavy and had a bad internal body image all my life. I’ve always been the “fat guy”, though looking back to some of my high school and college photos, make me wish I had that past body now. Thanks for your inspiration! Imma keep watchin’!

ThePhantomEvoX says:

Subbed. I’ve lost almost 40 lbs in 6 months just by changing my eating habits and drinking lots of water with fresh squeezed lemon. Seeing that opening clip of your transformation is truly inspiring. Thanks for the tips. I’m going to start exercising to try and accelerate my weight loss and then eventually put muscle on. Like you said no timeline, just trying to change my lifestyle to benefit me and my family.

Jesse Martinez says:

Thank you so much brotha

Danger Austin says:

Thank you

Renee Cristine says:

Friends i have tried this green tea and i loss 10 KG in just 20 days,

Jordan Waring says:

Man this is absolutely stellar. You’re a huge inspiration bro!

Pat Corbett says:

I was surprised that you sent a reply so quickly. Here are my two goals
1 simplify exercise
2 track what I eat daily
There were three beginning exercises that I can do.
Squats,wall pushups and leg lifts.
Thank you again for the nice surprise reply

Forever Together says:

Yeah I always have to do is Photoshop a picture Ha ha ha

The Vegan Talk Show says:

Hi where did you receive your training

Judith Aussem says:

I’m 65 years old and you just inspired my socks off, young man! I’d forgotten how great I felt when I intermittent fasted a few years ago. Switching to a shorter window for eating wasn’t difficult, even though my eating window was only 5 to 7 pm, as mandated by the weight loss guru at that time. I believe I started with a wider window, similar to yours, but I drifted into that time frame and was content with that. It worked for me and I’m going to get back to it. Thanks again for lighting a huge fire under my derriere! P.S.: For a number of years, I taught Public Speaking in various universities in Asia and Arab countries and I became a bit of a connoisseur of public speakers. There is a certain timbre of the voice that is pleasant to listen to, and you are well within the range, coupled with your genuinely healthy attitude and credibility, that blends together to build trust, but it’s your sincerity that is a rare gift. Within the last month I’ve terminated 2 contracts because it was almost painful to listen to or watch them in an online meeting and I knew that I couldn’t work with them for 12 weeks. I couldn’t tolerate their voices, diction, or presentation style. Gave you a thumbs up. Then I hit SUBSCRIBED! Followed you on Instagram too. But I won’t stalk you, so don’t worry. lol Oh, wait! Does that mean I’ll have to give up medical marijuana? Might have to make my dining from 9 pm to midnight. When I’m sitting in front of my computer before bed reading so many posts in so many places, wondering who I clicked on to get here. I can stuff my face in front of the computer late at night and not feel guilty? Man, this just keeps getting better and better!

SamHadjHassan Mahmoud says:

Please give me your email address

Tailless Swagger says:

The enviroment tip is straight facts. Good looking out brix

ImPaulLaw says:

I see you have 210 Haters Bro lol!! Not sure what they disliked about this one! Hey…BTW…Much respect to you on your weigh-loss and life journey. I have lost 200lbs and I’ve just started to officially use intermittent fasting as a tool for my last 30lbs. I appreciate that you share Bro. I learn alot, and give props where they are due…I just followed you on IG too @ImPaulLaw Continued success to you!!!

Eli Kulin says:

I’m doing omad. I’m eating ab 1500 calories a day and it says I should eat 2400 to maintain my weight. I dont exercise much. I eat clean during my meal lots of vegetables chicken and steak. I’ve lost 13 pounds in two weeks should I eat more or what.

DJDURL says:

Very good info! I am going to check out the rest of the videos since I am starting my journey and I appreciate it being from someone who has the experience

Ahammad Ali says:

And stop taking ganja

tr3slech3s says:

GREAT ADVICE man. For the longest I was looking for the fastest way to get where I want and everytime got discouraged by facts. Just not gonna stress about it and stay CONSISTANT.

Gary Holiday says:

I’m trying to lose 20 to 30 lbs, I climb poles for a living, we have a weight limit of 275lbs I’m bouncing up and down between 277 and 285 can’t seem to find the right balance of weight loss regiment I work out 4 to 6 days a week and I’ve been fasting for the last 4or 5 months. I’m 6’6 and struggling to get this weight off any suggestions? I don’t drink or smoke nor do I consume sodas need some hints getting heavier going to the gym but I’m looking and feeling great!

Danger Austin says:

U fine

Dinesh Kumar says:

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Brandon Gudoy says:

man I’m fat. im so thankful to have tips from u bro. so important to have some tips to the pros? haha

King says:

Great advices bro. Great lad. Subbed.

Jennifer Santanello says:

I realize this video is a year old, more than that even. But i needed to hear all thise tips TODAY.
Sitting in a hot bath soaking my sore body in the middle of my 4th week of a CONSISTANT workout/fitness routine. I know i must keep taking stwps forward. I know I MUST keep patient, no matter how bad I want to see results. Tonight I will begin to consciously stop focussing on results and start focussing on the journey. Thank uou Brix. You always know what to say to make me feel better.

Alpha says:

This video contains the best advice I’ve ever seen on weight loss. Thank you.

Daniel Revelations says:

Chasing ducks in the park lol.

G M says:

So I have a goal of losing weight in 4 months. I’m not insanely overweight or anything but I just want to lose 5-10 kilograms and just want to make somewhat of a difference. Is this realistic?

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