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I finally finished the fit body guide! Here’s the video for my final 4 month weight loss transformation!-

One month weight loss video:
Intro weight loss video (gaining 20lbs):
My 2 week weight loss transformation:

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Zenobia Rice says:

Great job. So inspiring. I’m getting ready to start on my own fitness transformation.

Billy Somerfield says:

I think you are beautiful either way!

Bridgette Teap says:

I’m 3 weeks into working out and there are some changes but I’m still scared there won’t be many changes at the end of my full 4 weeks. uuhhhg maybe it’s all in my head

laila says:

“cheat day” lol its a lifestyle

olexia07 says:

I’m 5’3 and shot up to 167. I don’t look “Fat” per say lol my boobs, butt and hips got much bigger. My measurements became 36,39 and 41. I was not happy with my weight and just felt really uncomfortable. When I got my new job that required me to run around like crazy I dropped down to 130 something but I was eating crap but by moving so much I was burning off the calories. I stayed at 130 something for about a year and a half and then I eventually gained all the weight back. So now here I am at around 160 again. I realized I was eating when I wasn’t hungry all the time and decided to cut it out. So after about two weeks now of cutting out the random snacking and not eating like 3 hours before bed for no reason and working out about 4 days a week. Mostly weights with some cardio thrown in and also eating healthier lower calories foods, I’m down 7 lbs. I feel more motivated than ever to keep going.

Louis F. Lamas says:

Super!! You are a BEAST, Awesome!! Keep them coming!! Blessings!!!

Fitness With Cait says:

Make sure you lose weight slow love <3 You are at a healthy weight to begin with so if you lose weight too fast there's a greater chance of bouncing back:) Definitely need to look into this and see what this guide entails 🙂


And I’m just like you were. I have always been skinny and I never had any problems with my weight. I was always 119-124 pounds.( I’m 5’7) But then for 2 years I’ve gained 20 pounds!
Do you have any recommendations how to keep up with all that and what motivated you to start ?

margo vartanian says:

hey annie…i watched your cool sculpting video and was wondering how you feel about it now?? it’s been months since and was wondering if you could give an update 🙂

Cassiopeia Ernst says:

good job! you must be so happy{:

Gary Howell says:

proper weight depends on height. How tall are you gorgeous?

Sam S says:

how tall is she

•marindelaney • says:

I’m 11, about 5′, and 118 pounds

Rea Christian says:

Vegan is the best “diet” for human bodies ( it’s a lifestyle)

Candice Martin says:

I have followed this diet plan[] and advice and dropped 30 pounds in several months. I feel better and look better. It is amazing how much better the good food taste when you stop eating junk. Try it and see the results for yourself. You have nothing to lose but the bad parts of yourself. It is simple to follow and not much cost at all.

cybermetalsonic says:

Do you have more of the body shot footage from the past two months? I looked are you weigh in videos from the past two months and the footage your show in this video isn’t in them 🙁

Alex S. says:

I gained my freshman fifteen in high school lol

FMKKK says:

bruh i gained 30 pounds in 2 months . #fml

Bryan M says:

Your body is not meant to look the same from high school to death. You will change. Please let go of body conscious youtube career development and work on being a quality mother of children. Reading a book about Amish Parenting: More than Happy changed all my perceptions, plus aging. When you get middle aged, you will discover baby-rabies. It is best to prepare for it, instead of getting side-swiped by it and going crazy for the rest of your life. Blessings to you and yours.

Eleonoora _ says:

Try vegan lifestyle!

Y. Onur Yucel says:

Okay umm.. nice videos. Inspite of putting yourself and material general girl stuff in there, try to do some playlists on one issue. Like games, architecture, make-ups, dates, general, trips, philosophy, religion, robots, some global stuff etc.

roslyn vlogs says:

wow this is AMAZING!! i’m so inspired, you go girl!

Roisin Dubh says:

whats up with americans wanting to be less than 120

keeley anwer says:

You remind me of Kylie Minogue

Alice Hughes says:

Your makeup is absolutely flawless, I love it!

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